Wingly: the jet booking platform

Wingly: the jet booking platform

You’ve probably heard of ride-sharing aplicaciones that help you disminuye the cost of transportation by traveling in groups.

They’re super useful for backpackers on a budget who need a more reliable mode than public transportation.

Now, how would you feel if there was a afín aplicación that helps you share private flights to make air travel cheaper?

Wouldn’t it be nice to book a private plane for a sightseeing trip, without worrying about your bank account for once? Well, that’s what Wingly offers you.

Wingly is a platform that promotes the concept of vehicle sharing in the air! But,is legit? whatIt’s really a cheaper way? whatwhere it works?

What is Wingly?

Founded in 2015 by Emeric de Waziers, Lars Klein and Bertrand Joab-Cornu, Wingly is the platform for shared flights biggest in the world.

While France, Germany, and the UK are the largest markets for Wingly, it is supported worldwide.

At present, there is only a web version for you to use their services.

The company aims to bridge the gap between the oversupply of private jets and limited passenger demand.

As the private flight is mainly a luxury offered by a small faction, most of the seats are not reserved every year.

With Wingly, pilots cánido accommodate more passengers, sharing the total cost between them.

ohIn turn, passengers cánido also fly in a private plane at a fraction of the cost.!

How does Wingly work?

Private jet owners are supposed to fly a mandatory number of hours per year to keep their pilot’s license.

However, the cost of flying is expensive.

By sharing the cost with passengers (the number varies from 1 to 6 depending on the size of the aircraft), pilots perro complete the requirement at a much lower cost.

Private jet pilots are not allowed to make a profit through this method.

Now, for passengers, this means the opportunity to fly at a much lower rate compared to commercial flight services.

Wingly connects pilots with passengers.

Pilots perro offer their flight tours on the website, and interested parties cánido book them.

Wingly earns a commission for every tour booked through it.

How cánido I use Wingly?

  1. Visit the Wingly website and entrar the «departure city«.

    You have to create an account to make reservations, but anyone perro browse the tours.

  2. You will get the available flight travel options from that city.

    Please note that the choice varies depending on the availability of drivers in the city.

    You perro filter the options by type, seats, date, price, destination and type of aircraft.

  3. Select and book a trip that meets your needs and wait for confirmation.
  4. If the flight you are looking for is not available, you perro create a flight request by specifying the departure aerodrome, aircraft type, flight type and distance.

    The request will be sent to a pilot whose profile matches the passenger’s requirements.

    If the pilot agrees, they will accept it and contact you for further planning! (Only available for Wingly Pro)

Image courtesy: Wingly

What we liked about Wingly

A private flight is a great way to enjoy a panoramic view of breathtaking landscapes.

If you are traveling with a group of friends, booking a 4-6 passenger plane tour by pooling the cost would be a inolvidable activity.

Another advantage is that these smaller aircraft cánido access areas that larger aircraft cannot.

Most past users have also highlighted how their pilots added value to the experience by sharing their local knowledge of the location.

You perro also book a flight tour as a gift for your loved ones or friends.

Lots of travel options

Wingly is very useful for travelers in Europe because the options are many.

There are sightseeing trips, excursions, and one-way trips offered by pilots in the Wingly community.

You perro read the comments left by previous clients to see if the tour is worth it.

The possibility of getting a flight trip customized to your liking is also another advantage! However, the options available for other destinations are limited.

A cost effective way to fly

Wingly has made private flights more accessible for travelers, and it’s one of the reasons why the platform has become habitual, especially in Europe.

Cheaper than commercial aircraft services, it has proven economical for both pilots (with a passion for leisure flying) as for the passengers (who love a plane).

Most flights are less than €200, and you perro even find tours under €100.

For example, a sightseeing tour in Paris, which covers 14 castles and other landscapes in one hour, costs only €76 per person.

Flights available from La capital española

‍What we think Wingly could do better

Improve security concerns

Wingly has faced its fair share of criticism and backlash from those who criticize the concept.

One of the things that stood out was the difficulty of measuring the experience and skills of the pilots, as well as the working conditions of the aircraft.

Although Wingly requires that all of its pilots have completed a predefined number of flight hours, there is always a risk aspecto.

One is that they don’t fly as often as commercial pilots.

Agregado, they don’t go through the rigorous aircraft maintenance rules that commercial flights are subjected to.

You have to check your pilot’s credentials thoroughly beforehand.

Flights cánido always be cancelled, even at the last minute, depending on factors such as bad weather conditions, pilot availability, or problems with the aircraft.

Therefore, if you have booked a flight to travel to a especial city, it is better to have another transportation option on standby.

It is also worth noting that small private proyectos are not spacious, and luggage could be a problem at times.

How to make money with Wingly owning a small plane

As an aircraft owner, you perro offer your flights on the Wingly platform and allow passengers to reserve seats on your aircraft.

By doing so, you perro share the costs of the flight with the passengers and earn money.

Wingly offers a way to disminuye flight costs for owners of private jets and small aircraft by allowing owners to share the cost of the flight with passengers.

The owners cánido equipo their own price per seat and the number of seats they want to offer on each flight.

In addition, Wingly takes care of booking and payment management, making the operation easier and simpler for owners.

However, it is important to note that private jet owners must meet certain requirements and regulations in order to offer their flights on the Wingly platform.

For example, they must have a valid pilot’s license, carry adequate insurance, and meet safety and maintenance requirements for their aircraft.

Just go to the platform and register an account.

Is Wingly worth it?

If you are looking for flights that are a little nicer and more luxurious with a lot more room for you, then Wingly is definitely for you! Agregado, it’s definitely a lot cheaper to book a flight with Wingly than it is to charter a private jet for a weekend getaway or faraway excursion.

However, if you are looking for cheap commercial airline tiques, we have a different recommendation for you.

Why not check out our Going review to see if these sites cánido provide you with the cheapest tiques to your dream destination?

No matter where you’re going or who you’re going with, you’ll need a plan.

Read our guide on the best trip planning aplicaciones.

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 Wingly: the jet booking platform
  Wingly: the jet booking platform
  Wingly: the jet booking platform

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