WIN 800 TRON FOR FREE!! with TRX.Blue –

WIN 800 TRON FOR FREE!! with TRX.Blue –

Earn Free Tron with TRX.Blue. If you were looking for a platform where you perro mine this Tron cryptocurrency for free, you have come to the right place, in this article I will espectáculo you everything you need to know about this cloud mining platform.

What is TRX.Blue and how does it work?

It is a platform for cloud mining in which we are going to win a plus of 800 Tron just by registering in it, it should be noted that this money cannot be withdrawn, rather that welcome plus is given to you so that you cánido start earning without having to invest.

To start earning this Tron cryptocurrency you just have to go to the TRX.Blue official page and Register in itonce registered you will start mining this Tron cryptocurrency.

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.Table of Earnings in TRX.Blue

✅Cumulative recharge from 5-30000 → → earn 3.0% every day✅Cumulative recharge from 30001-100000 → → earn 3.5% every day✅Cumulative recharge from 100001-200000 → → earn 4.0% every day✅Cumulative recharge from 200001-500000 → → earn 5.0% every day✅Cumulative recharge from 500001-1000000 → → arns 6.0% every day✅Cumulative recharge from 1000001 → → earn 7.0% every day

Fixed investment projects in TRX.Blue

After the end of the fixed investment cycle: you cánido withdraw the primordial + income in fullThis project has five cycles: 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days.

The details are as follows:

1. 7 day cycle income: Minimum investment is 200TRX-3000TX and daily income is 2%. (Each person is limited to 3 inversions).

2. Income per 30-day cycle: The minimum investment is 2000TRX and the daily income is 3%.

3. Income per 60-day cycle: The minimum investment is 5000TRX and the daily income is 5%.

4. Income per 90-day cycle: The minimum investment is 10000TRX and the daily income is 6%.

5. Income per 180-day cycle: the minimum investment is 50,000 TRX and the daily return is 8%.

The longer the investment cycle, the more lucrative the returns.

Note: After investment, the investment cycle * 24 hours, the primordial + income perro be withdrawn after the expiration date.

TRX.Blue Referral System

This platform has a referral system, in which if you recommend your friends to register you cánido earn 13 TRX, refer friends to upload to get 13% of the reload funds.

  • First-tier sin conexión users 13%.
  • Second level users 5%.
  • Third level users and 2% investment commission.

The minimum investment is 5 TRX. The higher the amount you deposit, the higher your income will be.

Does TRX.Blue pay, is it a scam or a fraud? Updated

Currently, the TRX.Blue platform stopped paying a few months ago.

Proof of payment of TRX.Blue More than $2,900 collected

In the following vídeo I espectáculo you one proof of TRX Blue payment over $660I also espectáculo you how do i earn $30 a day on this platform that continues to pay to date.

NOTE: TRX.BLUE stopped paying.

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 WIN 800 TRON FOR FREE!!  with TRX.Blue –
  WIN 800 TRON FOR FREE!!  with TRX.Blue –
  WIN 800 TRON FOR FREE!!  with TRX.Blue –

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