Widilo: cashback with €5 free

Widilo: cashback with €5 free

widilo It is a totally free platform designed for save with your purchases.

If you are one of those who like to buy elementos en línea and also look and look for the cheapest site and where you cánido earn money for your purchases widilo cashback It’s your page.

widilo is a European company belonging to sharpens, parent company that has spent years working with the main media in Spain, France and Belgium.

In addition to offering coupons and discounts on thousands of brands, they have wanted to advance the system cash back.

If you have come this far you will already know what this system consists of.

Surely you will know pages like Berubyin which we will earn a few euros for each en línea purchase we make, being able to choose from thousands of pages and products.

In widilo They collaborate with the main en línea stores in the market.

The stores are the ones that are going to give us a commission for each sale they make through widilo cashbackexist widilo amazon, widilo ebayetcétera… As in other systems cash back It is a great way to get plus discounts when buying en línea.

Register in Widilo with your first €5 free

Registration on this page is extremely fácil, you only have to be over 18 years of age and be a resident of Spain, Belgium or France.

The account is created in a few seconds and as always, it is totally free.

As you perro see in the image above, you only have to fill out a fácil form with your name, correo electrónico and password.

If you prefer, you cánido register with a popular network like fb.

Once registered, they will send you an correo electrónico to the dirección de correo electrónico with which you registered.

With that dirección de correo electrónico you must activate your account and in this way you will receive your plus of €5 totally free.

They actually credit 50 points to your account.

With these points you perro either keep them to exchange them for gifts or Amazon, Zalando or Netxflix checks or you cánido exchange it for the €5 free of which we have spoken.

How does Widilo work?

Once you have completed the registration, you will have access to your main panel.

This panel is quite fácil and in it you perro see that widilo it is more than just a cashback page.

widilo rewards us for using and participating in it.

With each purchase we perro add points to get prizes and gifts.

Let’s see it point by point.

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cash back system

In widilo We have almost 1,000 associated stores at our disposal where we cánido get cashback on each of our purchases.

The stores are sorted by categories: travel, fashion, electronics and technology, home, sports, etcétera…

To get your refund you will only have to access the store where you want to make the purchase in a completely habitual way.

You make your purchase and within 24 hours the amount saved will appear in your account widilo.

Take into account all the conditions and requirements to be able to obtain the cashback.

In each store they explain everything quite clearly.

It is convenient to read it well (it does not take more than a minute) so that there are no misunderstandings.

Coupons and promotional codes

In addition to the corresponding cashback that is received in our purchase, in each section of each store you will find a list of promotional codes.

You cánido mezcle them with cashback, in this way you will get greater savings on your purchases.

To apply them, just use the code provided and add it in the purchase process.

By activating cashback and if the coupon is coincidente, you will get plus savings on your purchase.

VIP shop

The VIP store is one of the strengths of widilo than other pages cash back as Beruby they do not have.

For each purchase we make, in addition to the corresponding cashback, you will receive points that you cánido redeem in your store for gifts.

Gifts cánido range from gift cards (Netflix, Ikea, Amazon), to physical prizes such as t-shirts or games for consoles.

The number of points you get will depend on your usuario level.


The opinions of the purchases of other users is very important in the en línea world.

In the case of widilo, when you make a purchase, you cánido comment on the process of it.

If it is validated, you will receive up to 25 cents for each of them.

The reward you will receive will depend on the usuario level.

Referral program

widilo They have a good referral program.

To each friend that you bring to the page and who validates their first purchase with cash back you will receive €3 in your account.

This amount may be higher, depending on your usuario level (WIP Status).

To get the affiliate backlink you will need to make your first purchase and have it validated, until then you will not be able to refer other friends.

As they say, how are you going to recommend a service if you haven’t tried it yet?

It is the typical extension that you perro have in your browser to inform you of all the offers and cashbacks that are offered, as well as the widilo points that we perro get by buying a product in the different en línea stores that we browse.

It is an extension that will inform us at all times and in real time if the store we are in has cash back to offer or any active promotional code.

It is a very light extension and highly recommended to install.

It will take up very little space, it doesn’t bother you when you start your computer and thanks to this extension we will be well informed of the possible offers that the store has.

Installing the extension does not take more than two minutes and believe me it is very interesting, since in this way we are not going to lose a penny of cashback.

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Usuario levels: what are they?

As I have told you a little above, this platform rewards us for participating actively.

That is why they have developed usuario levels.

In all of them we will receive the same amount of cashback, but in each of the levels we will have a series of advantages that we will not have in the lower levels.

As you cánido see in the image above, there are four usuario levels.

It goes up from one to another according to the money you have spent in the stores associated with widilo.

I will explain them one by one:

  • Bronze.

    It is the initial level, in which we all start on the platform.

    25% of the purchases you make are received in the form of points for the Vip Club.

    They will pay us 10 cents per comment and €3 per referral.

  • Silver.

    Here you must have spent €25 on cash back (excluding the initial €5).

    Here you will receive 50% of your purchases in the form of points, 15 cents per opinion and €4 per referral.

  • golden.

    We will upgrade to this usuario level when you have accumulated €50 in cash back.

    They reward you with 75% of your cash back generated in the form of points, will be 20 cents per opinion and €5 per referral.

  • Platinum.

    It is the last and highest level.

    You must have accumulated €100 in cash back valid.

    We will then get 100% of your cash back generated in the form of points, 25 cents per opinion and €6 per referral.

As you cánido see, it is a very interesting system, in which the more faithful we are to the page, the greater our reward.

Payment methods on Widilo

To withdraw our benefits in widilo cashback we will have to go to the section “Payments” in the drop-down menu.

There you will be able to see all the information related to your cómputo: total earnings, cómputo awaiting validation, validated cómputo and earnings since your registration.

To be able to request a cómputo withdrawal you must have at least €15 in your validated cómputo.

You cánido withdraw that money through a Paypal account or bank transfer.

To withdraw it, you simply have to provide a postal address, a telephone number and your IBAN code or your PayPal address.

Security is very important to Widilo, so when you make a withdrawal, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico to confirm that it is really you making the withdrawal.

Widilo Opinion

If you are a seguidor of en línea shopping, widilo and its extension should not be missing from your computer.

thanks to platforms cash back as widilo and many others, we perro earn money with our purchases and thus make payments more bearable.

widilo wants to be one of the big ones in the system cash back in Spain and other countries and that is why he wants to give away 5 euros just for registering.

In addition, its system of users and rewards for bringing new friends to the platform makes it very complete and encourages us to use it and use its browser extension.

For my part, I already have the extension installed, it doesn’t bother anything and it’s very interesting to see what you’re going to get back for making your purchases en línea in hundreds of stores, don’t hesitate and register on the platform, don’t think about it anymore and register on the platform.

You will see that sooner than you think you perro request your first payment.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Widilo: cashback with €5 free
  Widilo: cashback with €5 free
  Widilo: cashback with €5 free

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