Widilo Cashback: What it is and how to earn money

Widilo Cashback: What it is and how to earn money

Widilo Cashback is a French platform specialized in a very habitual system of discount coupons and promotion codes that are used in different en línea stores.

Before, it only used these two services already mentioned, but over the years it has implemented the famous cash back system specialized for thrifty people looking to get some plus money from their purchases.

This Cashback system is what allows us to accumulate points, which is nothing more than a refund that we get on every purchase we make.

This refund perro be withdrawn by PayPal and bank transfer when we reach a total of €15 in validated cómputo.

Widilo is in Spanish and for now it is available for countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Like other platforms like Beruby, ConPermiso and Picodi, Widilo It is characterized by having the best offers on the market, which it promotes thanks to the association with thousands of en línea stores.

The most interesting of widilo cash back is your great welcome plus that is nothing more than €5 just for registering! So if you are interested in knowing more about this platform, stay and in this article I will explain everything about it.

What is Widilo CashBack?

as i was telling you before widilo It is a platform where you cánido earn discount coupons, promotional codes and also save and earn money through your purchases.

On the other hand, it has a magnificent bidding systema referral system and as if that were not enough, it gives you a welcome plus of €5 just for registering!

Before continuing, it is necessary to mention the main aspects of this platform:

  • Recommended: Yeah
  • Creators: AFFILIATE SAS
  • Activity: earn and save money, receive offers, free coupons and promotional codes for Amazon and other stores
  • Record: free and win €5 of welcoming
  • Accepted countries: Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom
  • Language: Spanish
  • Minimum payment: 15 euros
  • Payment method: PayPal and bank transfer
  • Referral system: Yes.

    You earn €3 for each usuario who registers with your invitation backlink and gets their first cashback

How do I sign up for Widilo Cashback/ €5 free welcome

If you live in one of the countries mentioned above and you are 18 years old, there will be no problem to register with Widilo.

To register, the first thing you should do is go to the official Widilo page. com and clic on the option “Register now”.

When you clic it, a pop-up tab will appear, in which they will ask you if you want to sign up through Fb, Gmail, Google plus or with Apple.

Choose the one you want, accept the conditions and clic on sign up for free.

In any of these correos electrónicos you will receive a confirmation backlink, which you must clic for your account to be activated.

Once this account is activated, you just have to start the section.

Once all this is done, when you start the section you will receive your great welcome plus from €5, which will be immediately credited to your cómputo.

Remember: This plus perro be exchanged for multiple prizes or for real money that you perro withdraw by PayPal or bank transfer.

How does Widilo Cashback work?

widilo It is a platform that is in Spanish, has free registration and is available for countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The operation of Widilo Cashback It is very afín to other pages like Picodi, BeRuby either CashbackDeals. Therefore, if you have used some of these pages, you must have experience with how they work and if you don’t have it, I will explain what it consists of step by step.

These platforms use a habitual en línea store system, that is, you cánido make purchases in your favorite virtual stores, but this does not only stop here.

Also, these sites are characterized by being mediators of these stores, therefore, it is obvious that they must sell cheaper and offer people more discounts.

If you think about it, this is a way to accumulate more customers, since people will buy more and become active customers in these stores.

Similarly, the advantage of these platforms is that they offer a cash back systemwhich is this, because when you make a purchase on a site that specializes in Cashback you will get a percentage, which cánido be exchanged for real money, when you reach the minimum amount.

So, widilo it specializes for this, but also, they distribute rewards for inviting friends, commenting, giving opinions and doing other things.

Habitual stores and brands to save on Widilo Cashback

As you know Widilo Cashback It has the most habitual stores and brands in the market, some of these are:

  • FloraQueen
  • Pixum
  • Colvin
  • wanapix
  • interflora
  • wonder box
  • ebay
  • AliExpress
  • Amazon
  • hofmann
  • converse
  • Dell
  • Calvin Klein
  • Barcelona
  • Unleavened

These are some of the habitual stores and brands that we perro find in Widilo Cashbackthese are distributed by categories, some of these are: travel, sports, technology, fashion and beauty.

How to earn money on Widilo cash back

As you know widilo not only specializes in savings through en línea shopping, but also allows you to earn money while performing a series of tasks en línea.

Next I will explain how to earn money in Widilo:

Discount coupons: This is not a legitimate option to earn money, but it is to save while you shop en línea.

In different stores you cánido use various coupons and promotional codes that Widilo gives you.

widilove: This is an option that allows you to earn money without even making a purchase.

This consists of creating a Cashback backlink and sharing it with your family members.

When people use that backlink you will get 100% of the profits.

Reviews: when you make a purchase and receive a return, they will ask you to write a review with 150 characters, for this you will get €0.10 to €0.25.

The best discount coupons and Widilo Top Cashback

This platform has a top discounts and Cashback that without a doubt you cannot miss, in these offers you will find stores such as: Pixum, Colvin, Wanapix, Interflora, among others.

Next, I will detalla some of the best discounts and promotional codes that you perro find:

  • 14% discount on Pixum + two cumulative promotional codes
  • 10% at Hofmann up to + Cashback percentage
  • 12% in Colvin
  • Receive up to 12% on Wanapix
  • Get 6% on Wonderbox + cumulative discount codes
  • 8.7% on AliExpress + 13 cumulative discount codes
  • 4% on ebay + 2 cumulative discount codes

As you perro see Widilo Cashback It has a fantastic system of offers, coupons and promotional codes, which undoubtedly allow us to save money while we shop.

These offers may vary, depending on the season, month, stores, etcétera.

Since this is a system that is always in constant change and evolution.

Widilo Cashback extension for Google plus Google chrome browser

widilo like Picodi It has an extension for the Google chrome Browser, which will notify you whenever an offer, discount coupon or promotional code is available.

This extension is very necessary, since it prevents you from entering the main Widilo page, In other words, if you find a store associated with Widilo, you perro activate Cashback from this extension without any problem, as long as this store has this offer included. Of course!

Install the Widilo Cashback extension by clicking here

Great referral system at Widilo Cashback

As if that were not enough, this platform has another way to earn money is through a great referral system.

This allows you to invite many people and earn from €3 to €6every time one of your guests generates their first validated cashback.

The only requirement of this Cashback system is that to enjoy its benefits you must make your first purchase in one of the stores provided by Widilo.

The invitation backlink perro be found in the section of “Refer a friend” remember that you will not see it until you make your first purchase.

System of Cashback at Widilo

The Cashback system at Widilo It is the main way to earn money en línea.

Through this system is that you get great profits.

It turns out that every time you buy, they give you a budget in Cashback which perro be exchanged for real money through PayPal and bank transfer.

for this system widilo use a series of categories, such as: sports, fashion, travel, technology, home, beauty among others.

These exist to make it easier for you to find stores, that is, if you want beauty products, you just have to clic on this category and that’s it.

As you perro see in the image, each offer reflects the discount that they will give you for each purchase.

When you open one of these, a pop-up window will appear in which you will be explained what the offer consists of.

In order for the Cashback percentage to be made on each purchase, you must activate it, you do this by clicking on “Activate Cashback” it is necessary that you do it every time you buy in one of these stores.

It is important that you know that Widilo has some conditions when making these purchases, one of these is the purchase status.

It turns out that for this three conditions are implemented:

  • On hold: It means that the store is verifying your order
  • Earring: This is the term to validate your order, it takes approximately 30 to 90 days
  • approved: the purchase has been approved and you will receive your refund to your cómputo, which you cánido withdraw when you have 5 euros
  • Rejected: your purchase has been rejected, it means that you did not meet the established requirements

If you activated the Cahback in any purchase you made, you must wait for it to be approved, if so, in 24 hours you will see the amount saved reflected in your Widilo account.

However, to withdraw this amount you must wait 30 to 90 days for it to be validated.

Note: until it is validated you will not be able to withdraw it.

So you only have to wait 30 to 90 days to withdraw vía PayPal or by bank transfer.

VIP shop the new in Widilo

Widilo Cashback It also has a specialized VIP area mainly for active users on the platform.

Many prizes are distributed in this area and it is divided into different levels, which are:

  • Bronze: We all start at this level, in which you will receive 25% of the cashback, €0.10 for each review and €3 per referral.
  • Silver: At this level you get up to 50% Cashback, €0.15 for each validated opinion and €4 per referral.
  • Gold: Here you get 75% Cashback, €0.20 for each validated opinion and €5 per referral.
  • Platinum: To get here you must accumulate €100.

    You get 100% Cashback, €0.25 for each validated opinion and €6 per referral.

These are the benefits you will get for being an active usuario, obviously this means making a maximum of 5 withdrawals.

In my opinion, it is a great benefit to get great rewards.

How to withdraw my earnings in Widilo Cashback?

Withdraw your money in Widilo Cashback It is very easy, you just have to go to the section of “Payments” and when you have an accumulated €15 in validated cómputo You perro withdraw it vía PayPal and by bank transfer.

Before making this first withdrawal, you must entrar a postal address, a telephone number and your IBAN code or your PayPal address.

Widilo is reliable.

Does it pay?

Widilo Cashback is a platform that has been running for many years and has not fallen, not to mention the reliability of the company that manages it, which means that it is undoubtedly paying and will continue to pay.

Now, the only thing you have to remember is that this site is based on internet purchases, which means that you will earn money only when you buy in a Widilo sponsored store.

But this system is great, since in reality if you want to make a purchase in any store, you cánido do it vía Widilo and earn an plus commission.

And it is not necessary that you entrar the platform, it is enough that you install its extension to realize the offers and obtain the Cashback, which means that you will earn a budget back.

Advantages and disadvantages of Widilo Cashback

Positive aspects

  • many stores available
  • They give you coupons and promotional codes for free
  • It’s paying
  • It is reliable and trustworthy
  • legal company
  • Cool Cashback system

negative aspects

  • Not available for Latin America
  • The cómputo takes a long time to be validated
  • Withdrawal takes a long time

Opinions and conclusion about Widilo

Buying en línea is one of the best options, since you don’t leave your home and you only need internet and a device.

Widilo is a great platform to do this and also allows you to get an plus budget through its cashback system.

But, obtaining this income is death and the passion of Christ, but since it is free money, I recommend that you wait.

Anyway, I hope you liked this article, if you have a question or concern, leave it in the comments.

Go, run and sign up for Widilo Cashback

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 Widilo Cashback: What it is and how to earn money
  Widilo Cashback: What it is and how to earn money
  Widilo Cashback: What it is and how to earn money

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