Why you should invest with a broker

Why you should invest with a broker

The financial world offers many opportunities to invest your money and all of them cánido be accessed regardless of where we are, that’s one of the benefits of globalization.

Therefore, if you live in La capital española you perro invest, for example, in the American dollar: being aware of when is a good time to buy and sell this currencyaccording to their appreciation and depreciation.

Being connected, we have access to many financial instruments from around the world and many possibilities. However, you always have to be safe when investing and for this it is best to complejo turístico to a trusted digital broker that is regulated by an official financial body.

An example of a regulated broker is Vestle, which operates and offers trading to many clients from almost all of Europe.

There are several types of instruments that cánido be traded, and with which you cánido make big profit as long as the trader, or investor, is informed of how this investment market works and has good training in trading.

These instruments are: stocks, commodities, indices, currencies and cryptocurrencies. Most brokers offer training to their clients. Continuing with Vestle’s examplethis digital broker offers analysis, news, PDF guides, vídeos and much more educational material.

These investments have been with us for a long time, they are nothing new in the world of investments. Which yes it has changed is the access to themThanks to the existence of digital brokers, anyone perro operate in financial instruments: all you need is an Internet connection, a computer, a Tablet or a mobile.

Of these financial instruments mentioned, the foreign exchange market, aka Forex marketis the most used according to information provided by Vestle.

These instruments are very volatile because their value is influenced by the decisions of politicians around the world, mainly from the first world powers. Take, for example, the referendum in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, Brexit.

This event has changed the value of the pound sterling During the last months. In fact, every time British Prime Minister Theresa May makes a decision on the matter or meets with the European Commission to negotiate, there is some change in the value of the pound.

The same happens with the rest of the financial instruments, a broker like Vestle puts them within our reach: but we are the ones who have to be aware of the opportunities offered by each financial instrument, expand our trading knowledge, and take advantage of the changes in the value of the instrument that interests us to obtain profits.

Any movement that occurs in the value of financial instruments symbolizes an investment opportunityeither to sell the instrument when the price is higher than it was when it was bought, or to buy when the price has fallen and wait for it to rise again to sell it.

In addition to being aware of changes, it is necessary training in trading and operating with a regulated broker.

5 advantages of investing with a digital broker

Although it may seem that a traditional broker and a digital one are the same, in reality there are big differences between the two What you should know to get the most out of your investments.

1. Rates are lower

One of the clearest advantages of using a digital broker is that the transaction costs and high commissions associated with traditional firms they look very small.

According to a Bloomberg report, investing en línea cánido do it from as little as $5 or $10, while with a traditional company the initial investments are usually much higher (minimum of $100).

2. More control and flexibility

The time when you had to pick up the phone and call a broker (or even go to their office) to tell them what assets you wanted to buy or sell it is in the past.

Now, thanks to en línea brokers, you cánido yourself escoge what you want to invest in, when, and from where without wasting time. If you want to buy shares of a company, you only have to go to your computer and with a couple of clicks, you will have already achieved it.

And what is even better: you cánido do it at any time of the day because there are no office hours that limit you, and do it anywhere from your móvil with the application offered by all digital brokers.

3. You operate for your own benefit

By trading yourself, and being in control of your trades and the assets you buy and sell, you avoid falling into the hands of brokers who only seek their own benefit.

Most seek their clients to make a profit, but there are also many brokers who give financial advice. to benefit themselvessuch as when they advise you to invest in a specific product because they get special commissions for selling specific mutual funds.

In digital brokers there are no intermediaries, there is only you and the platform, and you you operate thinking about the benefits you will get for yourself, and not for others to take a commission from your money. So it’s a big agregado.

4. You have access to en línea tools

Most en línea trading platforms not only provide you with a place to trade, but also often offer valuable tools so that your operations have a higher percentage of success.

Vestleas I told you before, offer for example an economic calendar, PDF guides, vídeos to improve your strategies, and financial analysis so that when you carry out your operations, you cánido do them with greater knowledge and success.

Traditional brokers that work outside the en línea world will never offer you something like this: you should leave your luck in the hands of the broker assigned to you, and pray that it is good so that you do not lose all your money that you have invested.

5. You cánido monitor your investments in real time

Imagine that you have gone to a traditional brokerage firm, you have done some operations with them, and you want to know how those actions are going. If you call them at 10 in the morning, they will surely be able to update you on all the new movements that have occurred.

But what if you want to know How are your investments at 8 at night?, For example? Probably when you call your broker’s office, no one will answer because everyone will have left the office.

Until the next day you will not be able to know in what state your assets are until the next day in the morning. And in trading, a few hours cánido orinan a lot of price ups and downs, or even worse.

Instead, with a digital broker you cánido know at any time of the day (even at 4 in the morning) what state your operations are in. You just have to entrar their page with your nombre de usuario, and see what’s new.

It is true that an en línea broker also has some disadvantages compared to a traditional one, but the advances it offers are much bigger and better than traditional brokerage firms, and above all, you have the main control, you do not leave it in the hands of others who do not know what they will do with your money.

And you, what do you prefer, a digital broker or a traditional one? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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 Why you should invest with a broker
  Why you should invest with a broker
  Why you should invest with a broker

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