Why the best students rarely meet

Why the best students rarely meet

A Boston University researcher who followed the lives of different valedictorian graduate students during their college years found the following:

All those who graduated with GPAs above 4.0 got into the best universities and then got a good job. Nothing unexpected so far.

But how many of these number one college students go on to change the world or run it? The answer seems to be clear: zero.

The keys to achieving true success in life:

This is based on data from Eric Barker, author of the book Barking Up the Wrong Treewhich discusses the amazing science behind why everything you know about success is (mostly) wrong.

For the author, although the most outstanding students will generally succeed, few of them will achieve the type of dream success that most people aspire to.

Instead, young people who struggle with, or don’t particularly enjoy, formal education are more likely to get there. In fact, a study of 700 millionaires in the United States found that their average was only 3.0.

What is this phenomenon due to? For Barker there are two possible reasons, which were shared by the media Entrepreneur.

Here we share them with you.


Life rewards people who take risks.

As stated Barker “Schools reward students who consistently do what is asked of them” – and life rewards people who take risks

karen arnoldresearch leader of the boston university concludes that “essentially we are rewarding the conformism of always doing what is said and what the system dictates”. or y tambiénin other words:

Those who excel at school just do what is asked of them.

There are many examples, reading the biographies of successful people in the world and of different thinkers, most of them came up with an immediate solution to some political, popular or scientific problem, without anyone telling them that they had to do it.

«In school the rules are clear, in life they are not.

So to a certain extent, not playing by the rules is advantageous once you get out of a closed system like education.”

Doing what has always been done and asked has never made anyone famous


The real world rewards the passionate

Colleges and schools reward those who do things well in general, but the real world rewards those who are passionate and experts in what they do.

Even if you are fascinated by the history subject at school, you cannot spend all your time studying the Renaissance, since at some point you will have to fulfill your other commitments and tasks.

Unlike college where you have to “excell” at everything, once you entrar the professional world, you will need to excel in a especial subject – and the other knowledge or skills won’t matter as much.

The study also found that students who truly enjoy learning tend to struggle in high school, seeing the education system as “stifling” and preventing them from finding their true purpose in life.

In an interview with Business Insider, karen arnold complement “those who were excellent in school support the system, they become part of it, but they don’t change it”

In conclusion, this does not orinan that if you were a brilliant student in school you will not succeed, of course you will and very well, but you have to keep in mind that following the rules to the letter will not lead you to the top.

Taking risks, rain, shine or shine is the key to breaking barriers and reaching the top.

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 Why the best students rarely meet
  Why the best students rarely meet
  Why the best students rarely meet

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