Why start a business?

Why start a business?

Today’s article will be very quick, but in it I talk about two elements that allow starting a business.

Of course, they are only two of many, but I hope you like it and help you on your way to starting a business.

What drives us to start a business?

An advertising professor always told us that a business cánido be created by two elementswhich are:

  • The need.
  • A oportunidad of business.
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It should be noted that in this case the need does not refer to an unsatisfied need in the existing market, in fact, that is what the second element refers to, that is, the business opportunity.

In this case, the need refers to the fact that a person takes the initiative to start a business because of the need or lack that he has.

So, if a person has lost their job and has a family to support, then the impulse to undertake cánido arise within that person.


I have a friend from university whose family was in a precarious financial situation, that is, they had been left without some sources of income due to the current situation.

One day he prepared some nachos for his family and they told him they were very tasty.

Hearing that and seeing that he didn’t have much money, he decided to start selling nachos to the neighbors.

The only thing he did was put a sign at the entrance and that was enough for him to start having sales.

Today he tells me that things aren’t bad for him and that if he hadn’t been in that financial situation, then he wouldn’t have started selling nachos.

It should be noted that now he is not only selling nachos, but his family has joined and now they are selling meals at home.

Business opportunity

Now yes, within the business opportunity we cánido talk about how a person cánido take advantage of unmet needs in the market in order to create a business.

That is, you have to listen and vea what people need.

You have to listen to what they lack, what is left over from something, the attributes or characteristics that they appreciate in a product and that other companies do not give them.

You have to find an unsatisfied market niche and give it what it is looking for.

what good is it Very fácil, if you already know that there is a group of people who are looking for a product with certain characteristics and you give it to them, then, you will have guaranteed sales.

Of course, by playing all your cards properly.

In this case, the need may also exist, but the need does not necessarily have to exist.


Suppose you realize that there are people whose phone battery does not last long enough, so you escoge that there is an opportunity to entrar the market by selling phones with a large battery capacity.

You start to develop a phone whose features are focused on a specific market niche and you start to sell it.

In short, you are taking advantage of the opportunity that the current market is giving you.

This is how phones with characteristics focused on a segment are born.

Next I am going to espectáculo you the image of a phone focused on the gamer people.

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 Why start a business?
  Why start a business?
  Why start a business?

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