Why so much fuss with Evaneos? Our

Why so much fuss with Evaneos? Our

When it comes to a busy work schedule and travel planning is out of the window, a travel agency may seem like the best option. But, not all of us are ready to settle for standardized tours that only cover tourist spots.

Platforms like ViaHero and TripUniq connect you with locals, so you perro get a custom travel itinerary just the way you like it. But if you need more than one professional to handle things, you should try a local agent.

Evaneos is a travel service that backlinks you with an experienced local travel agent with established experience. With an expertly vetted itinerary and the freedom to travel at will, it sounds like a great iniciativa.

But,really meets? Read our Evaneos review to find out more!

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What is Evaneos?

Founded in 2009 by Yvan Wibaux and Eric La Bonnardiere, Evaneos is a platform for en línea travel that helps travelers get in touch with trusted local travel agents. By doing so, you cánido tailor your trip to suit your requirements, budgets, and interests. So, if you love personalized and localized experiences, but aren’t a seguidor of planning trips yourself, Evaneos is a service to consider!

Currently, the service is available to more than 160 destinations, and there are 2,000 partner agencies that work with Evaneos. You cánido download the Evaneos travel aplicación to keep in touch with your local agent on the go.

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How does Evaneos work?

You perro search for trips by destination or travel style. If you choose a destination, you perro select the local travel agent. If you choose a especial experience under travel styles, you should go with the travel agent that offers it.

If you select a destination, you perro read its overview, top attractions, best times to visit, Evaneos reviews and other important information. Then you perro see the list of “local agencies» to read about each of them and understand the types of trips they offer.

Once you have decided on an agent, clic on «Let us create your travel proposal» and fill in the required detail step by step. This is where you mention your preferences, budget, accommodation type, and other travel details. Once this is done, Evaneos will forward your request to the especial agent.

The local travel agent will contact you using the contact details you have provided. From there, you cánido chat with your agent, explain your requirements in detail, and make changes before reaching an agreement. You would need to make a deposit for the personal travel agency to plan your trip in detail.

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What we liked about Evaneos

If you’re not in favor of planning trips on your own, we think Evaneos is a great option compared to travel and tour agents selling out-of-the-box tours. Custom tours designed by locals help you explore unique attractions and better experience local life.

Many travelers are skeptical when it comes to making direct payments to travel agents in foreign countries. In this case, the payment is made through Evaneos, which is more secure, in case you need to cancel, request a refund or resolve any other dispute related to the payment. However, be sure to read the travel agency’s terms and conditions beforehand to minimize disputes.

  • The benefit to local communities

If you want to contribute to improving the lives of local communities in the countries you visit, this is a good option. Travel services like Evaneos connect you with small-scale travel agencies founded by locals. The money you spend will directly support your livelihood and create employment opportunities.

Based on many Evaneos reviews, we perro say that their customer support is reliable and helpful. While the local agency will help you throughout your trip, the Evaneos customer support team is also there to help you 24/7. You cánido count on them to resolve any problem or dispute.

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What we think Evaneos cánido do better

1. Have more travel content

Inspirational travel content and ideas are necessary for users to get a good iniciativa about the destination without having to browse many other travel websites. However, the Evaneos website seems to lack it. For example, the only attraction listed under “Places to Discover” in the United States is Niagara Falls. Inspirational articles on some destinations are also limited.

2. Improve the customer experience

We ran into some negative reviews regarding inaccuracies in itineraries, lack of organization and coordination, poor travel arrangements, and unannounced changes made to travel plans after payment is made. Therefore, there is a oportunidad, albeit low, that your travel agent will not meet your expectations, and it is important that you convey your requirements as clearly as possible. The good news is that the negative reviews were a small percentage.

What else do you need to know about Evaneos?

At present, Evaneos has temporarily halted its services for Canadian, American and British travelers due to the ongoing pandemic. They only accept travel requests through their French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian websites. He could get up very soon. Read more about it here.

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Is Evaneos worth it?

If you don’t have spare time to plan your own trip, but still prefer an itinerary tailored to your needs, we think Evaneos is a good choice. Local agents are selected according to strict criteria to ensure they have the experience, knowledge, organizational skills and language fluency to provide comprehensive travel plans for travelers.

With local travel agents who are fair on prices and the waiver of intermediary fees, Evaneos relies on its service to benefit both travelers and local businesses. Most travelers have left great reviews, endorsing their service, but ultimately, it’s up to your discretion!

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 Why so much fuss with Evaneos?  Our
  Why so much fuss with Evaneos?  Our
  Why so much fuss with Evaneos?  Our

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