Why mediocre students end up

Why mediocre students end up

If you think that being a good student will guarantee your success, we have news for you: It is not.

A good average does not make you worthy of success. Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet, well said that «At school they give you opportunities to pass your exams, so that your tasks are easier and more bearable. This will not happen to you in real life.

And when asked what he thought of tests in college, he said…

«I failed some exams, but my partner passed everything. Now he is a Microsoft engineer and I am the owner of Microsoft.”

It is clear that it is not enough, so we want to give you 7 compelling reasons so that you stop believing that being a good student is enough to succeed in life. Something bad students understand:

1. Good grades are not enough to get a good job:

A good job or a profitable and successful business does not depend on good grades or average. These are only one component of the complete elabora.

If you think that having good averages is enough to achieve your goals, you will limit yourself to memorizing theories, formulas and equations. When reality, it is not the data as such that matters, but the interpretation and decisions that you make based on it.

2. Memorizing things is not the same as learning them

Most students, in their eagerness to pass subjects, see knowledge as something to memorize and not to learn. They are not interested in why, but that their result matches an answer sheet.

The reality is totally different: experience is the product of learning, not memorization.

At work, in business, there are no identical scenarios that allow you to replicate answers; each issue has its particularity and your experience is what allows you to come up with creative solutions.

It’s not about learning equations, it’s about learning how to learn

3. Success is not only about studying:

There is an additional value of the university that cánido be equated with knowledge: the networking.

If you spend all of your studying time glued to your books, memorizing knowledge and making sure that your calculator results match your teacher’s, you won’t have time to invest in your popular capital.

A good average cánido espectáculo you doors. Relationships will be the key to unlock them.

At the university you will be able to find potential partners, co-workers, bosses, clients or suppliers.

This is why those people who spend part of their time getting to know other individuals end up getting good jobs and businesses. They understand that an average cánido espectáculo you doors, but popular relationships will be the key to open them.

4. Being a good student perro make you believe that no one perro teach you something new

We all know those students, with incredible GPAs, but full of arrogance.

Everyone has something to teach you; in business, in life, at work, at your university. We don’t have all the answers, and recognizing it mentally prepares us to never stop learning.

To be successful in life, a good grade perro help. However, be sure that your IQ has its limitations to face certain realities.

5. Being successful in life is not a matter of knowledge, but of attitude

As we said, there will come a time when your coefficient will not be enough. And this is when your emotional intelligence comes to work to face difficulties, challenges and failures.

It is said that 90% of the successful people in the world have 15 traits of emotional intelligence.

A elabora will not solve a failure. An equation, even if you understand each of its parts, will not solve your mental weakness to face a dismissal or a failed business.

The people who succeed in life are not the most intelligent, but those who have the attitude to never give up, to never stop learning.

Real life is not divided into semesters.
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6. A college degree only espectáculos how little you know

There are people so conformist that they think that a university degree is equivalent to all the knowledge they need to learn in life.

They leave the university with their egos in the air, feeling like they are in charge of making strategic decisions and believing that they deserve enviable salaries, since they assume that a cap and gown gives these privileges.

A title only espectáculos how little you know. A degree espectáculos that you have some theoretical knowledge, and not the practical experience of solving problems live and in person.

To be successful in life you must humbly acknowledge everything you don’t know, only then perro you begin to absorb knowledge from those who have been there much longer than you.

College is a very small part of the success equation

7. If you want to undertake, you will realize that in the university they train you to be an employee

Unfortunately we are in a society that trains employees and not entrepreneurs.

Universities continue under the mechanism of the Industrial Age, where what matters is not what you think but what you do (the more, the better). This is why process automation is so loved, which avoids the analysis capacity of people as much as possible.

Proof of this is that in class they do not analyze small businesses, but large corporations: finance classes teach you to value large companies, in marketing they make you assume that you have an infinite budget, and in human management they explain your rights as an employee and not as boss.

When you go out to undertake you face difficulties that were never considered in a classroom. You begin to understand the sacrifice to not break in the first two years. And that in your business, those learned formulas do not apply much, since the reality you live is far from what you learned at university.

Ultimately, being a good student is important, but not enough to be successful in life. Grades measure how well you master a subject, not your ability to analyze and make sound decisions.

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 Why mediocre students end up
  Why mediocre students end up
  Why mediocre students end up

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