Why doesn’t Spotify load the lyrics of the songs?

Why doesn’t Spotify load the lyrics of the songs?

Spotify is the largest uso contínuo music and audio service out there, with 406 million users and 180 million paying subscribers in total monthly active users reported by the company at the end of 2021.

So it’s no wonder Spotify doesn’t load its features or crash more often than others due to its huge usuario base.

If you’re having trouble, here are some of the most common solutions.

The fact that Spotify won’t load song lyrics it is due to a programa glitch due to its large usuario base.

Therefore, for Fix Spotify Lyrics Not ShowingPlease try updating to the latest version of the aplicación.

You should try clearing the cache and data of the aplicación or try reinstalling the aplicación from the google plus google play store.

You cánido also download the aplicación – musixmatch to add lyrics to Spotify songs for free.

We all agree that Spotify is one of the best, if not the best, aplicaciones for consuming music.

Despite having a free version and a paid version of Spotify, Spotify does not discriminate between the two and gives important features to both versions.

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Therefore, Spotify is the most famous music platform in the world today.

Why doesn’t Spotify load the lyrics of the song?

With 406 million users worldwide, Spotify is one of the leading music uso contínuo aplicaciones with an extensive list of music created by talented artists.

However, with so many features, users have complained that the aplicación doesn’t display lyrics.

Therefore, if Spotify is not showing lyrics, it is most likely due to a programa glitch that often occurs due to the huge usuario base.

So how perro we say lyrics are only displayed on a limited number of songs.

But we hope to find more in the future.

Some of the possible reasons for Spotify not loading lyrics are as follows:

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Genere 1: Due to errores and viruses

Since Spotify is an en línea search engine, the chances of errores and viruses getting into the aplicación are much higher.

Due to errores and viruses many problems cánido be caused like; Frequent aplicación crashes, crashes during playlist making, and lyrics not loading.

Ocasione 2: Lack of space

Mostly on Android devices, lack of space becomes a major problem over time.

When Spotify cánido’t get enough space it needs to work, it cánido start to crash and become slow, and often crashes outright, causing Spotify to fail to load lyrics.

Ocasione 3: Spotify Server Down

Since Spotify is not a popular media platform, but a virtual search engine, the chances of Spotify’s server not being able to handle all the data changes in the aplicación are significantly higher than other aplicaciones.


Due to this many users from different parts of the world may have to face various problems like; not being able to log in to Spotify, Spotify aplicación crashing, unable to create or share playlist, and lyrics not loading.

Genere 4: Poor Internet Status

As Spotify is totally based on en línea sources, it is very important to have a good internet source or Wi-Fi connectivity.

If the internet quality or Wi-Fi status is poor, then it will ocasione a lot of problems while using Spotify.

Some problems perro be: slow loading of songs, problems opening playlists/songs, and taking longer than it should to send the playlist to your friends.

Ocasione 5: The device does not update

Often when the device is not up to date with its recent programa update, it perro ocasione difficulties in Spotify working.

Since Spotify is optimized to work on a newer version of the programa, an older version may create some problems, such as Spotify not opening, songs loading slower, lyrics not loading, and many more.

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Ocasione 6: The browser is not updated to support Spotify

Not all browser versions and types are supported by Spotify, Spotify releases its updates often in coordination with the new version of the browser.

When the new version of Spotify works on the old version of the browser, it perro ocasione crashes and often Spotify doesn’t work as it should.

This perro lead to problems like: taking a long time to load a song, not being able to load songs, frequent crashes, lyrics not loading, etcétera.

Ocasione 7: Spotify aplicación not updating

It is a common mistake for people who use Spotify on their teléfonos inteligentes, as not keeping Spotify perro ocasione various problems such as;

Errores are not being fixed which perro lead to Spotify crashes and glitches, problems adding songs to playlist, problems sending a playlist to friends, lyrics not loading, and so on. successively.

Fix Spotify Won’t Load Song Lyrics

There are a few things you cánido do if Spotify no longer espectáculos lyrics on IOS and Android.

Access Spotify from another account

  • The first thing is to sign in to Spotify on your device using someone else’s account.
  • Then log in with your original account and check the lyrics.

    This cánido display lyrics from Spotify.

Reinstall the Spotify aplicación

If you still don’t see Spotify lyrics or perro’t see them on Spotify, please reinstall the Spotify aplicación.

Update the Spotify aplicación

You cánido also update the Spotify aplicación and reboot your device before opening the aplicación to reboot the system.

Clear Spotify cache

The cache is where Spotify saves your data so that it perro work faster and more efficiently in the future.

Sometimes the cache data gets corrupted and you experience usage issues.

Fortunately, Spotify makes it fácil to clear the cache, allowing the aplicación to rebuild a fresh equipo of uncorrupted data.

Here is the following process to clear the cache.

  1. Open Spotify: Open Spotify on your device.
  2. Go to Settings: Tap on Settings (gear icon) located at the top right.
  3. Clear cache: Clic on Clear cache.
  4. Confirm Clear Cache: An option to clear the cache will appear, so tap on Clear cache.

Check server problems with Spotify

If you’re still having trouble playing music and podcasts on Spotify, it may be due to your internet connection.

Check if your device is connected to the Internet by opening the “Settings” menu and viewing your network connections.

Check your enrutador because if you are not connected to a mobile network, the network may be congested.

Moving to another location perro alleviate the problem in both cases.

Check the date and time settings

It seems strange, but Spotify’s servers may have trouble syncing with your device if the time and date are equipo wrong, so check the time and date on your device.

This issue is most common on laptops and tabletas that move between time zones without automatic time zone adjustments.

Your device should sync to collect date and time information from the towers it connects to.

This rare issue is one of the strangest reasons why Spotify is not working on many smart devices.

If the setting is on, turn it off and turn it back on.

Alternative to upload song lyrics to Spotify

You cánido access song lyrics on Spotify with the help of the application given below.

We also have a step by step process on how you perro easily use this aplicación on your device.


With the aid from MusixMatch, you perro add lyrics to Spotify songs for free.

It’s the best way to access lyrics if you perro’t find them in Spotify songs.

It will sync the music and display the lyrics in real time.

Furthermore, it is also coincidente with other music uso contínuo like iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Now, let’s see the working process of MusixMatch to get free lyrics on Spotify.


An incredibly habitual site in the digital media space, Genius was founded in 2009.

Its core content is created by song lyrics, but it goes further by also offering associated information such as reflections and track analysis.

All users have permission to add and editar song lyrics, but you’ll need to sign up and familiarize yourself with their guidelines before doing so.

You perro also get the Genius aplicación on Android phones and use it just like you would the web version of Genius.

How to access Spotify song lyrics?

After hearing about Spotify’s lyrics feature, you might be itching to get down to business, right? Who does not want to have the songs and their lyrics on the same platform?

It’s a good thing because you don’t have to download song lyrics every time you hear a new one.

Now, you cánido view Spotify lyrics on various devices like:

How to Find Song Lyrics on Spotify Using Teléfonos inteligentes/TabletsHow to Find Song Lyrics on Spotify with Computers/LaptopsHow to Find Song Lyrics on Spotify Using TVs.

How to find song lyrics on Spotify with teléfonos inteligentes/tabletas?

Spotify is mostly used on teléfonos inteligentes and tabletas as the aplicación version of Spotify is easily accessible.

Below you perro find song lyrics on Spotify from your móvil or tablet:

  1. Open the Spotify aplicación on your device.
  2. Play a song.
  3. Scroll up to view lyrics: In the artist interfaz of the song, scroll up to view the lyrics of that especial song.
  4. Expand the letter: You cánido also expand the letter to access it in full screen.

Now, view Spotify lyrics and sing your favorite song on your móvil or tablet.

How to find song lyrics on Spotify using computers/laptops?

If you use Spotify on your computer or notebook, either Windows or Mac, you cánido use the web version or download Spotify on your device vía browser and use it.

The steps to find lyrics on Spotify using computers/laptops are as follows:

  1. Open the browser and search for Spotify: Open your default browser on your PC or notebook, there you will see a search bar.

    Clic on the search bar and search for Spotify.com.

    *If you have the desktop version of the Spotify aplicación, you perro also use it.

  2. Log in into your account: Since you may be new to Spotify, you need to sign in to your account if you haven’t already.

    * Make sure you’re logged in, no matter if you’re using Spotify web version or Spotify aplicación version.

  3. Play a song: Select a song you want to listen to and play it.
  4. Clic on the microphone icon: At the bottom of the screen, in the section “playing“, you will find a small icon of a microphone.

    Just clic on the microphone icon and the lyrics panel will open.

By following these steps, you cánido upload song lyrics to Spotify from your computer.

How to find song lyrics on Spotify with a smart televisión?

Using the Spotify aplicación on a smart televisión is very easy and fácil.

You cánido easily find song lyrics on Spotify using a smart televisión.

The steps to access lyrics on a smart televisión are as follows:

  1. Open your televisión: If you want to use Spotify on your televisión, open your smart televisión.
  2. Go to Media: Using the remote control of your television, go to the multimedia campo.

    * This will open your televisión’s smart panel where you cánido find aplicaciones like YouTube and Spotify.

  3. Open the Spotify aplicación: Find Spotify on the smart panel and open the Spotify aplicación.

    * Sign in to your account using your login credentials if necessary.

  4. Play a song: Select a song you want to listen to and play it on your smart televisión.
  5. Clic Espectáculo Lyrics: Once you clic and play the song, the entire song panel will cover your screen.

    In the left corner of your screen button, you will find an option called espectáculo lyrics.

Simply clic on it and you will find the song lyrics on Spotify using Television.

Frequent questions

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about why doesn’t spotify load song lyrics.

Why perro’t I see the lyrics on Spotify?

If you cánido’t see Spotify lyrics anymore, they may not be available in your country or region yet.

How to change Spotify nombre de usuario?

You cánido change your Spotify nombre de usuario by going to your Spotify settings.

Next, clic on View profile.

Then tap Editar profile and tap your display name.

Finally, type a new nombre de usuario and press Save to make the changes.

How to cancel the Spotify Premium plan?

You perro cancel your Premium plan on Spotify whenever you want.

To do this, you just have to access your Spotify account and, in the Your plan section, clic on Change plan.

Lastly, locate Spotify free and cancel your Spotify account.

How many people perro use Spotify Family Premium Plan?

Six people from the same family cánido use the Spotify Premium Plan without any problem.

You’ll also get free excess of the Spotify kids aplicación that includes the six accounts that will gut the Premium.

Last words

Finally, Spotify is a great aplicación to listen to all kinds of music every day.

So if you Spotify does not espectáculo the lyrics of all songs, Don’t worry; she will in the future.

Until then, use our other alternatives to access Spotify song lyrics.

If you have any questions, leave your comments below.

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 Why doesn't Spotify load the lyrics of the songs?
  Why doesn't Spotify load the lyrics of the songs?
  Why doesn't Spotify load the lyrics of the songs?

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