Why do we pay taxes? Know the

Why do we pay taxes? Know the

taxes is the money the government collects from citizens to improve services public, make infrastructures, or cover any cost of common and basic needs of society.

Without these taxes or money collected on a mandatory basis, no government could carry out its plans to improve the estándar of living in the country.

Nor could they count on economic strategies that prepare them for eventual economic change.

This is -in essence- the theory that explains why we pay tribute to the government.

In this article, we will discuss what our taxes should be used for and whether you are required to pay them.

What are taxes used for?

We already know that taxes are the money collected by the citizens of a country.

Although at first glance, it seems to be little, in reality these tributes become millions.

Tax money must be used to do the following:

  • Create hospital services.

    This is a right that all or most of the citizens must enjoy, the government must provide accessibility of quality free hospital services.

  • Provide access to education to all citizens. To this end, it invests in the creation of schools with accessibility for those with low resources.
  • Build decent homes.

    This infrastructure construction must be accessible to all citizens, especially those with low resources.

  • Creation and maintenance of spaces. Maintenance of shared spaces, roads, squares, parks, monuments, etcétera.
  • Greater police presence. Taxes make it possible to guarantee security in the country.
  • Purchase and maintenance of public transport.
  • technology and comfort.

    Beautification of the country and its development with advances in technology for the benefit of a better service of televisión, Internet, etcétera.

  • Safe recreation sites.

    Creation of sports spaces for children and young people.

Is it mandatory to pay taxes?

Each country has its own tax law.

However, at a general level we cánido highlight two types of taxes, which are: direct taxes, in which a percentage of what is received as income must be declared, and the indirectis that it is paid after consumption, and it is the value added VAT.

Depending on the country, there may be voluntary or mandatory taxes in which a payment date is established, and if not paid there may be a fenezca.

But, at a general level, we cánido highlight that taxes are necessary to sustain the quality of life.

Therefore, It cánido be said that their existence is mandatory, as well as their payment.

What happens if I don’t pay the taxes?

Despite the many benefits of taxes, many people choose not to pay.

The reason for this is that sometimes the government entity becomes corrupt, and this brings frustration and anger.

Although, we understand these feelings, it is important that you know that if you do not pay taxes you will have negative consequences. We will indicate them below:

  • Surcharges. If you are late, either intentionally or “because you forgot” you should know that you will be recharged to the sum of each month of delay 1.47%.

    To avoid this type of oversight, the SAT or tax collection entity will kindly send you exhortations or letters reminding you that you are behind in payments.

  • Objetivos. These objetivos will depend on the type of tax and the delay.

    They perro get very high if you are late for a long time.

    This cánido bring an additional consequence, and it is the impoverishment of your estándar of living.

    You will have less money for your basic expenses.

  • liens. This is one of the saddest situations.

    The SAT (or tax entity of your country) will take all your possessions as a guarantee of payment.

    If you still don’t pay, then they will sell them.

    This means that you will be left with nothing.

  • Audits and jail. These last two consequences are very tragic.

    In the first one, a SAT worker will review all your accounting, for example, account statements, declarations, among many other paperwork.

You may also need to take those papers to the SAT office for review.

If they get a tax crime basis, such as tax evasion (which is a serious crime in all countries that demand taxes) you will go to jail.

Isn’t it better to pay tax bills on time?

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 Why do we pay taxes?  Know the
  Why do we pay taxes?  Know the
  Why do we pay taxes?  Know the

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