Why dirección de correo electrónico marketing is necessary for

Why dirección de correo electrónico marketing is necessary for

One of the most common mistakes modern marketers make is assuming that the dirección de correo electrónico marketing it is no longer effective. Today, many companies are forgoing the once-habitual practice of mass mailing in favor of more interactive channels, such as popular media. Compared to dirección de correo electrónico, popular networks seem to be more modern. But,we perro ensure that a articulo on popular media has the same impact as an correo electrónico? The solution to this question requires the proclamation of a well-established fact. In the digital age, asking to be friends with someone on Fb is much easier than getting an correo electrónico address. Unlike popular media marketing, however, correo electrónico marketing returns up to three times more your investment.

What is dirección de correo electrónico marketing?

To reach consumers, one of the main methods is advertising sent by dirección de correo electrónico or correo electrónico marketing. Basically, any interaction with potential customers such as a promotional or advertising message to a subscriber vía correo electrónico cánido be classified as such.

Today, correo electrónico marketing is used by a wide variety of companies. Today, there are more bloggers than ever making heavy use of correo electrónico marketing. whatHave you ever been browsing the web and seen a field asking for your name and dirección de correo electrónico address in exchange for a free ebook or some kind of downloadable archivo?? That is where the magic of dirección de correo electrónico marketing begins.

Correo electrónico marketing is widely used by bloggers, as it improves their relationship with readers. You perro reach both current and potential consumers with the help of a personalized dirección de correo electrónico list. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll receive the most helpful and least annoying updates vía dirección de correo electrónico. More people will see the dirección de correo electrónico than the Fb articulo. In the minutes after posting to Fb, you’ll be lost in a sea of ​​other content.

Is correo electrónico marketing necessary?

It is essential if you care about the satisfaction of your consumers or readers. Don’t get sucked into the glitz and glamor of popular media promotion. What matters to us here is undoubtedly efficiency. After all, we need more participation. A broader impact. More traffic, and not only that. Those with marketing experience will tell you that your list is where your true wealth lies.

Now let’s talk about why dirección de correo electrónico marketing is so effective:

1. Potential reach

It is estimated that the number of dirección de correo electrónico accounts in use today is around 3.4 billion. Almost all Internet shoppers (95%) have an dirección de correo electrónico address. The most fascinating statistic is that 91% of those customers check their dirección de correo electrónico accounts on a daily basis. Phones have overtaken desktop computers as the preferred navigation device. This makes it much easier to recognize when new messages arrive in our inboxes. Notifications appear on our phones, where we cánido easily see them.

Dirección de correo electrónico has become more convenient than popular media updates in the modern age. This is because a million people are posting information at the same time we are. Therefore, searching for a articulo that you liked two weeks ago perro be extremely difficult.

2. De hoy scope:

According to research on the use of dirección de correo electrónico as a medium for advertising, conducted in the first half of 2013, he found some surprising data. One that stands out in especial is that 18% of campaign-related correos electrónicos never reach their recipients. The contenido publicitario folder receives 4% of all correos electrónicos. This equates to about 22% of all correos electrónicos that are sent but never seen by the recipient.

However, this study showed that almost 80% of correo electrónico campaign messages are read. If you send 1,000 messages, only 780 will reach their recipients. Also, more than 90% of dirección de correo electrónico recipients check their accounts every day. Therefore, around 709 people will receive your message. Less than 30% of all correos electrónicos sent end up undeliverable, so this method is very effective.

To see how these results compare to a comparable ad campaign on Fb, we’ll do a side-by-side analysis. Based on these results, it was determined that approximately 74% of Fb posts are never seen by anyone due to the volume of information that is shared on the platform. It is a serious problem. That equates to 740 posts per thousand that are lost in the Fb feed. That gives us 260 pieces of content that were read by our objetivo audience. Another drawback is that not everyone who sees your article decides to clic on it. It is posible that only 40% follow it. In other words, we have a little less than 130 clients potentially interested in what we propose to them.

3. Clic-through rate:

Let’s talk now about those who listen to your instructions and fulfill their commitments. For example, select a backlink to read. These backlinks take users to a web page or landing page, known as a “landing page«.

The CTR [Click Through Rate o Porcentaje de clics] measures how many people who see your message clic on it. Compared to correos electrónicos, which have a 3% clic-through rate, publicaciones de Twitter only have a 0.5% clic-through rate. These amounts seem small at first glance. However, this indicates that backlinks in correo electrónico are clicked 6 times more than backlinks on Twitter.

Continuing with our example of 1,000 correos electrónicos and 1,000 popular media posts. With a CTR of 0.5%, 5% of people per thousand will clic on your backlink. The goal is to share it en línea. However, there are very rare circumstances where clic-through rates are significantly higher. The figures used are generally accepted averages.

Assuming your dirección de correo electrónico campaign has a CTR of 3%, you cánido expect 30 clicks per 1,000 recipients. This is the highest average CTR you perro expect. The numbers aren’t incredibly impressive, but efficient numbers rarely are. The key difference is that correo electrónico subscribers actively seek further communication with the sender.

This is what your audience wants to hear

The main reason most people join popular media is to talk to their friends. They are rarely used for criticism and news about the business world. For this, there are specialized en línea resources. In an en línea survey, 77% of consumers stated that they preferred receiving dirección de correo electrónico advertisements. According to 4% of those surveyed, this type of communication is more welcome on popular networks. This fact espectáculos that people are physically offering you a business encuentro place when they send an correo electrónico.

Correos electrónicos are confidential

A reader perro more easily share their struggles behind closed pages than in the open. Admitting one’s own shortcomings in public is a challenge that nobody excites. whatWhat does a usuario do if they want to talk about their problems but cánido’t get in touch with you personally? He sends you a message over the Internet. By communicating with you in this way, he perro let off steam. If you have questions or comments, you cánido direct them directly.

To end

If you want to get noticed on the web, correo electrónico is the way to go. If you’re looking for ways to provide a better experience for your readers, that’s the way to go, too. The costs associated with launching an dirección de correo electrónico marketing campaign are relatively low. If you have fewer than 20,000 subscribers, you cánido use a service like Mailrelay at no cost and send up to 80,000 correos electrónicos per month.

Correo electrónico marketing, contrary to habitual belief, is still very much around. It eliminates any awkwardness that may have existed between you and your subscribers.

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 Why dirección de correo electrónico marketing is necessary for
  Why dirección de correo electrónico marketing is necessary for
  Why dirección de correo electrónico marketing is necessary for

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