Why cánido’t I withdraw money from my

Why cánido’t I withdraw money from my

Today it is very easy to acquire a card to make payments through points of sale, to make purchases from the Internet, to pay for services, etcétera. Although having a card brings many benefits to its holder, sometimes it is possible that the card suffers some problems, which perro prevent you from withdrawing money or making any payments what you need

In most cases the issuing entity the card has the obligation to report any inconvenience. But sometimes this is not the case, so it is important to know how to recognize what the reasons could be and look for possible solutions to this problem.

Why does it give an fallo when withdrawing money with a debit card?

Most people have a debit card, and cánido errors occur that may prevent the withdrawal of money at the time of using it. Banking entities establish their own security protocols to offer the best guarantees to their customers despite the fact that there are many causes that trigger this type of fallo.

Most errors that occur when using a debit card cánido be quickly and easily identified. Solving through security protocols established by the entity, which is why in this article we will espectáculo you the possible causes of these errors and their solutions in each case.

Reasons why you cannot withdraw money with your card

If you have a credit card you should know all the benefits it contains and enjoy them, however, it is possible that at the time of making a transaction you may have an fallo. So that you perro easily identify it, here is a brief list of possible causes why you cannot withdraw money of your card:

Sufficient cómputo

This is the most common genere since it is possible that the account has a negative cómputo.

card not active

It is one of the most likely reasons and it happens for security by the card issuer. It happens if they vea strange movements and immediately, for security, they will do the inactivation process.

When this case arises, the client you must contact the platform To solve the problem.

The card could be expired

The process to request a card requires certain conditions, and each one depends on the issuer you have chosen. It is possible that the card is inactive due to the expiration date. To find out if this is your case:

  • Check your status directly in your account.

Very low withdrawal limits

When issuing the card, the bank grants the facility to configure certain daily limits to make transactions. It is possible that you have reached the daily limit to make operations.

  • This cánido be solved by changing the terms in the bank.

damaged chip

It is important to remember that cards are made of material that perro be damaged, so this fallo is most likely to occur if the chip has been affected by daily usuario handling.

  • In these cases, it is best Go to the issuing entity and request the replacement of the card.

Consejos to avoid scams and blocks when withdrawing money with your card

As a customer and owner of a debit card, it is necessary to make sure to take good care of the money and data to avoid scams and thefts. That is why we will leave you some consejos that you must take into account to protect your most precious assets at all times:

  • Do not use personal data: Using personal data cánido make passwords easy to deduce: avoid using dates of birth, phone numbers, etcétera.
  • Do not give your data to anyone: To protect yourself from fraud and identity theft, avoid giving your personal data or passwords to third parties.
  • Don’t fall for deceptive offers: Frauds cánido present themselves in different ways, remember not to offer your information to just anyone and verify that the offers related to your bank are authentic.
  • Be aware of where you use your card: Verify the places where you use the credit card, that they are verified sites and with points of sale approved by the corresponding entities.
  • Use all security methods: The bank makes available various security methods in order to protect users from fraud that results in loss of money.

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 Why cánido't I withdraw money from my
  Why cánido't I withdraw money from my
  Why cánido't I withdraw money from my

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