Why cánido’t I buy with my credit card?

Why cánido’t I buy with my credit card?

When a buy en línea, there is a probability that the transaction will be rejected. Given this possibility, we must analyze what the possible causes could be.

The most frequent is the insufficient fund, then when making a purchase you should check the bank availability. It should also take into account how many failed attempts you have and the time it takes to complete the payment process for your purchase.

Other causes would be:

  • The entry of some erroneous data, then verify that all the data is correct before buying.

  • The preventive blocking by the bank, motivated by the high rate of fraud.

Currently, the banks have created security mechanisms to carry out this type of en línea operations. We recommend you review the bank’s policies for this type of purchase. Blocking or unlocking to make these purchases is Easy and fast to do. It perro be done from the same page of the bank.

Another ocasione could be that the connection of the payment platform is failing, it is not frequent but it cánido happen. If you want to know more, we invite you to continue reading.

Have you made sure that your card has a cómputo?

A debit card is a financial instrument that is linked to a savings account or a checking account, and the charge is made directly to the existing funds in the account associated with the card.

If you do not have funds in your account or they are scarce, you will not be able to make the purchase, since the bank will reject it immediately. Before buying you will have to check how many euros you have in your account to avoid inconveniences at the time of purchase.

Does your card have en línea services authorized by the bank?

Most banks have invested in security systems to prevent their customers from falling into the hands of people who want to empty their accounts.

For this reason, many banks have different security systemssuch as blocking or unblocking the debit card to buy en línea.

Other banks authorize the purchase through a security code that they send to your correo electrónico or mobile.

There are also some banks that require you to call in advance for an advisor to authorize you, this will always depend on the policies of the bank where you have your account.

Some banks do not have any type of restriction.

You cannot exceed the daily trading limit

Many banks, to avoid any diversion of your money, have implemented limits for daily operationsThat is why you should check how much is allowed before making any payment to avoid the purchase being rejected.

However, you perro ask the bank to modify the amount allowed daily. On some occasions, you cánido do it from the bank’s page, or you must call one of its analysts to have your limit increased.

Session time (security)

Many platforms, to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands, have implemented a time so that you perro complete the entire payment process for the purchase of a product.

If you exceed that time, it will automatically log you out of the system and you will have to start over.

So try to have all data by hand so that you do not waste time and thus complete the transaction successfully.

Do not exceed the maximum number of attempts allowed

You must take into account the amounts allowed that the bank gives you to make the payment.

If you reach the allowed limit, you run the risk that the bank will make you a preventive blocking to protect your money in case of theft or incorrect use of the card by a third person.

If this happens to you, the purchase is rejected due to bank blocking and you must request activation of the card again. You cánido do this: through the bank portal, through call the financial institution or by showing up at one of their offices.

Making purchases with your debit card is very easy thanks to technological advances that every day improve the conditions of security and trust in electronic payments.

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 Why cánido't I buy with my credit card?
  Why cánido't I buy with my credit card?
  Why cánido't I buy with my credit card?

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