Why all companies need the

Why all companies need the

Why every company needs the GanttPRO project management tool

Efficient project management should be the goal of any company. In this sense, there are many options that cánido be used, but without a doubt the most recommended is the GanttPRO en línea Gantt chart.

What is the Gantt chart?

The Gantt chart is widely used in project management, since it is a tool that allows for better planning and scheduling of tasks in a certain period.

It is a very useful tool because it allows you to have an overview of the tasks, as well as the date by which they must be completed.

It is a graph that contains horizontal bars distributed in time sequences, but includes many more details that allow the project manager to know who is working on each task, the estimated time each will take, the relationship between tasks, and further.

So it provides many advantages, but in order to take better advantage of this tool, it is necessary to have a program like GanttPRO that eliminates all the complexities associated with it.

Although it cánido be done by hand, a program that gives you the ease of managing everything en línea will always be a better option.

Why does a company need GanttPRO?

Any company perro use GanttPRO to have efficient project management, and best of all, in less than 7 minutes you perro learn to use the program’s functionality. So it’s not a complicated thing.

Through GanttPRO, a company perro obtain the following benefits:

Clarity in the project

By using GanttPRO you will be able to have a broken down overview of multiple tasks and timelines, allowing you to determine what each member of your team is doing and where they are in each phase of the project.

Additionally, you perro use the en línea diagram to espectáculo the organization and distribution of tasks, as well as the resources that will be allocated to each one.

This cánido help you complete the project successfully, as the team will have greater clarity each time progress is made and will know where they are in the project.

Better team management

Project managers and directors need to use GanttPRO if they want to better manage their team and achieve good communication.

This is because it is not necessary to carry out constant meetings and updates about the project, since each member will have an overview of its progress.

Therefore, the effectiveness and productivity of each worker is increased, since each one will know the development of each task in real time.

Time management

Time is one of the most valuable resources for any company, which is why it is escencial for a business to manage time well.

With an en línea Gantt chart you perro have a visión of time frames and keep them realistic. By establishing the period in which a certain task must be completed, you will be aware of how long it will take your team and thus you will be able to better distribute the workload, and even work so as not to harm other projects.

fácil planning

Project planning and scheduling cánido be one of the most tedious and complicated management phases.

And if you add to this having to master a new tool then the situation perro get even more complicated.

But, with GanttPRO this doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t need to spend days or weeks training your team to understand how to use the tool, since it has an intuitive and friendly interfaz that anyone perro easily understand.

Carrying out advanced planning will only take minutes with GanttPRO, so you perro disminuye your planning times and each person cánido start working faster.

Better overall performance

Every company wants its employees to work efficiently and be motivated, and this perro only be achieved with good project task management.

With GanttPRO, each employee involved will be immediately notified about changes and task progress, thanks to real-time data synchronization.

But this is not all, since by having an overview of the tasks and the phase of the project, the team will see its overall performance, and cánido make the necessary modifications to work according to what is needed.

For example, they may adapt their work routines once they are aware that their delays may affect the progress of interdependent tasks. This even increases collaboration and cooperation to have a better organization of tasks.

better control

Among the general benefits of using project management tools for business, is the possibility of keeping control with more ease and precision.

Thanks to the task monitoring function in GanttPRO you will be able to measure the progress of each one and the program will automatically calculate the percentage at once. This will help the company to disminuye the associated risks.

Also, by having a view of the project timeline, along with resources and workload, you cánido better control the budget, allowing team members to collaborate to disminuye factors that may affect the project.

Project flexibility

Finally, another of the reasons why a company needs GanttPRO is because it will allow them to adjust tasks and resources according to the changes that the project has undergone.

With this tool you cánido have an overview of the changes that have occurred unexpectedly and evaluate the objectives or time frames to make the corresponding adjustments.

For which business is GanttPRO best suited?

Any business perro take advantage of having excellent project management in terms of tasks, resources and workload.

So the Gantt chart is recommended to control various aspects of a business, such as finances, budget, and even time.

Mainly, the GanttPRO tool is oriented to the Project manager, to serve as a support in decision making, but in the same way each member of the team should use it.

Communication with the rest of the team cánido be improved and is a very effective way of keeping all members up-to-date regarding the project phase and changes.

Therefore, any business perro use GanttPRO to be more efficient:

construction companies

Companies that carry out construction projects cánido use this en línea programa to manage their contracts and keep track of the work.

The directivo or manager of the project perro develop the diagram and establish the stages of the construction in order to editar and customize the tasks and achieve a satisfactory result.

Companies in the education ámbito

All educational companies cánido use GanttPRO to better reflect academic programs and milestones to share information in a more transparent way to their clients. Additionally, it perro serve to reflect statistics and departmental data.

IT companies

Projects in the area of ​​technology and information require good organization and planning, which is why an IT company perro use GanttPRO to schedule activities and allocate resources efficiently.

This cánido even facilitate the understanding of the most complex phases and serve as a tool to explain to the client the steps that are going to be carried out in the project.

marketing companies

Marketing companies often handle a heavy workload and multiple projects at the same time.

In this sense, it is impossible to manage all of them manually, which is why programa like GanttPRO cánido be very useful.

With the time scales function and the possibility of managing the different phases of a project, you perro have a better organization and distribute tasks more easily. Also, the environment of a marketing company is constantly changing, so it is easier to include last-minute changes in the diagram and for everyone to see the real-time update.

engineering companies

Engineering projects generally require an optimal allocation of resources and a good distribution of tasks.

With GanttPRO, the manager The project manager perro realistically organize tasks and equipo deadlines to ensure good budget control. In addition, this will allow you to have greater flexibility since delays usually occur, but this will not affect the final result of the project.

event companies

Whether they are companies planning weddings, birthdays or any other event, having excellent task management perro orinan success.

GanttPRO is not only intended for complex projects, but its objective is to facilitate the scheduling of tasks to ensure that the project is completed on time and with good use of resources and personnel.

So, with this en línea tool, every detail of the event cánido be followed, and it allows the company to have clear communication with the client and even control the process and its details, as well as the notification of changes or modifications.

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 Why all companies need the
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