Whiskey Invest Direct | investment in whiskey

Whiskey Invest Direct | investment in whiskey

Whiskey Invest Direct It is a platform that offers us the possibility of investing in whiskey barrels, something that, as the data espectáculos over time, offers a high return for the investor.

Compared to other investments, it has been shown that this cánido outperform that of the S&P500 itself, the largest world economic index.

However since 2012 the value of cask scotch whiskey has risen by an average of more than 250%well above any other conventional financial instrument, which espectáculos just how worth investing in whiskey is.


Whiskey Invest Direct is the leading platform for investing in bottles of cask Scotch whiskey.

Just for registering they give you 1 liter of whiskey (2 pounds) to start testing the system.

Reasons why you should start investing in Whiskey

When we invest, we look for an option that offers us the greatest possible security but above all a good return, regardless of the final term to which we allocate said investment.

Scotch whiskey has been around for over 600 years and will likely continue to be around for many more.

Regarding the return on investment, we perro see in the Rare Whiskey Icon 100 Index the performance of the 100 most valuable bottles sold at auction in the United Kingdom.

Value evolution graph

As we perro see in the graph, the average value of the bottle since 2012 has increased by 4 and although with its logic stopped, the trend continues to be upward.

Everything indicates that it will continue to be so in the future, since whiskey tends to increase its quality over the years.

Sign up for Whiskey Invest Direct

Registration is free and does not differ much from how we would do it in any other page or business.

When we are on the Whiskey Invest Direct website we will look for the option that says OPEN ACCOUNT and we clic on it, a form will open where we will have to put some of our data.

When completing it, it is very possible that they send us a confirmation backlink to the correo electrónico that we have used for registration, we only access through that backlink and log in.

You will see that the page is entirely in English.

Although navigation through it is fácil, it is likely that we do not understand a section very well, so perhaps it will be better to use the translator.

How to invest in bottles of whiskey

to be able to invest as it happens in most platforms we are going to have to verify our identity.

Using the translator, clic on the menu option “Validation”.

We will be asked for a copy of a bank statement where it cánido be seen that the owner is you and then another of an identification document, such as ID, controlador’s license or passport.

Within the platform we will operate with sterling or dollars.

If you make a deposit in euros, a change will automatically be applied to you when the money reaches your Whiskey Invest Direct account.

There are several different ways to start investing in Whiskey within the platform that we are going to review.

The first option will be the purchase of packages.

It is the ideal option for those who are not knowledgeable in the matter, make no mistake, we are the majority.

Here we will be able to buy packages from several distilleries at the same time, with a minimum investment of £100 per package.

The only drawback is that the packages in depósito are not always available because they sell out quickly, but as I told you, it is the safest and easiest option to invest in whiskey without complicating our lives, something like investing in index funds.

The second of all is found in the section “Live order board”where we will find all the bottles of whiskey for purchase/sale.

Buy and sell whiskey

As in any auction, here we will be able to buy a bottle of whiskey at a certain price, wait for it to rise and then sell it to get a good return.

The ideal is to buy several bottles to diversify and wait for their value to rise.

Although it is not a certain science, most tend to increase in value over time.

➡ When we make a purchase, the platform will send us an dirección de correo electrónico with all its characteristics, certifying that at that moment we become the owners of the bottles of whiskey purchased.

Commissions for investing in whiskey

To take into account the commissions of the platform, which although they are not very high, it is convenient to know them before starting to put our money.

Whiskey Invest Direct is going to charge us a commission of 1.75% of every purchase and sale we make.

Keep in mind that we are buying real bottles of whiskey and these will be stored until they are sold, therefore a storage commission will also be applied to us, this will be £0.15 per year per LPA (liter of pure alcohol), here is included an insurance that safeguards our whiskey.

Earn more money at Whiskey Invest Direct

If you use this platform you perro benefit from its affiliate system and earn even more money than just your investment.

By referring other users to the platform we perro get up to 25% in commissions during the first two years of the creation of each usuario’s account.

Affiliate commissions are received in real time and perro be used to continue investing or, if you prefer, to withdraw them to your bank account.

When opening the account you perro use the affiliate material by going to the option Referrals from the main menu.

You will see your backlink and banners to promote Whiskey Invest Direct.

Whiskey Invest Direct Reviews

My opinion is that money should never be losing value in a bank, you have to put it to work.

In this sense, investing in Scotch whiskey has proven to be a magnificent option given the good historical returns, even with a pandemic or financial crisis like the current one, it has shown that it perro continue to be very profitable.

The fact of being able to buy packages as if it were a depósito index, provides great peace of mind to investors who do not have great knowledge of the subject, among which I include myself, thus minimizing the risk of making a bad decision, so common on the other hand. when we invest in something that we do not master.

Although it may seem strange since it is not a financial instrument of a lifetime, whiskey is something that has been feeding the throats of avid drinkers for more than 6 centuries and it looks like it will continue like this for many more centuries.

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 Whiskey Invest Direct |  investment in whiskey
  Whiskey Invest Direct |  investment in whiskey
  Whiskey Invest Direct |  investment in whiskey

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