Which platforms allow you to pay with Bitcoin and

Which platforms allow you to pay with Bitcoin and

Bitcoin like other cryptocurrencies, are currently being used to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world. This operation is considered an advantage because there is no need to use banks as intermediaries to make a payment.

In addition, platforms with immediate, secure and transparent tools have been implemented, which is why the users of cryptocurrencies are increasing every day. Even large and small companies, industries, merchants are accepting payments with these digital currencies that have caused a great impact on the world economy.

5 Best platforms to pay with Bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies have expanded so much that certain platforms have accepted them, adapting its services to facilitate operations for the users who manage them. These platforms have designed their regulations and conditions to provide the different services efficiently, using advanced technologies that allow the usuario’s needs to be met.


This renowned Spanish en línea travel agency has a platform to provide the best deals on lodging, flights, car rental, among other services. It has a worldwide customer base that exceeds one million.

For some time I have decided to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for cheap flights. At the same time, on his website he dedicates an informative space about Bitcoin and its benefits. It also highlights the services that perro be purchased with the most habitual digital currency.


It is one of the leading markets specialized in digital games in the world, with an investment of around 20 million euros ensuring, guaranteeing en línea innovations. It also offers services related to programa licenses, en línea gaming cards, in total it provides services to more than 4 million new customers every year.

ratified that accepted Bitcoin payments partnering with the most significant corporate payment processor BitPay, which will be in charge of processing the Bitcoins. By accepting Bitcoin as a medium it will allow you to grow your customer base, many international buyers and sellers know the benefits of paying with cryptocurrencies.


Internet stores that use Shopify for their y también-commerce cánido accept Bitcoin payments, through the BitPay platform. In addition, he reported the integration of various functions in businesses that use Shopify, an en línea sales processor used by 1 million stores in the world.

By accepting cryptocurrency payments, it also gives you the option of running wonderful programa with features afín to a Bitcoin wallet. At the same time, it allows you to have real-time knowledge of the status of your payments, achieving greater control over transactions.


This renowned platform is used by millions of users around the world to create websites or weblogs en línea, offering excellent technological advantages. At the same time, it provides any number of plugins and themes to customize the websites from your servers.

Since three years ago notified that it accepted Bitcoin through BitPay accepting payments for plans and improvements in the quality of service. This decision has benefited everyone, because the inconvenience regarding payments made from anywhere in the world has decreased, since it does not need intermediaries.

So, regardless of where you are, you perro hire WordPress services and pay without intermediaries, simply in cryptocurrencies without problems.


This is one of the top en línea retail stores that its annual profit is equal to more than 1 billion dollars. It has stood out for offering its users an efficient service with excellent costs in the market.

It was one of the first internationally recognized retail stores in accept Bitcoin, being an example for others. Thanks to the installation of this innovation, the inhabitants of more than 100 countries in the world perro pay with cryptocurrencies on their international website.

Pay with Bitcoin on platforms step by step

each platform establishes its guidelines to cancel with Bitcoinshowever, the most common steps are listed below:

  • Entrar with nombre de usuario and password to the platform selected to use.

  • Scan the QR code on the wallet platform.

  • Indicate the origin to which it will be sent and the amount to be paid.

Noting that these steps may vary in order, and there may be others, but basically they are the same ones used by different platforms.

Every day that Bitcoin passes, the queen of cryptocurrencies It is introduced into different companies and industries that are engaged in different economic activities. Many of them have realized the multiple advantages that they bring to their businesses by incorporating them as means of payment.

The large number of users who manage them know that this is the case and demonstrated by seeing that internationally recognized companies are getting involved with them. We hope that the information shared will be of great help to carry out transactions with some of the wide range of cryptocurrencies that exist in the world.

Did you ever think that such well-known platforms would accept payments with Bitcoins?

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 Which platforms allow you to pay with Bitcoin and
  Which platforms allow you to pay with Bitcoin and
  Which platforms allow you to pay with Bitcoin and

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