Which banks are those that do not charge commissions

Which banks are those that do not charge commissions

Having to pay for the services that you have access to is something that is done frequently.

However, there will be times when you will not have to pay.

one of these happens when opening or maintaining a bank account.

Of course, this only happens in some banks, so you will have to know how to choose.

In this article we will espectáculo you the reasons why some banks charge commission.

You will also be able to see which banks do not, depending on the service they offer.

Why do Banks Charge Maintenance Fees?

The maintenance fee is basically what you The bank charges for providing the service.

Especially in relation to some specific services, such as taking care of the money that you deposit in the entity, keeping the records up to date, delivering any document that you require, etcétera.

The amounts in commission that you must pay could vary from one entity to another, especially when it is due to the withdrawal or deposit of money, but most of the time the amount will be between 150 and 250 dollars a yearapproximately.

Are There Banks That Do Not Charge Savings Account Maintenance Fees?

Although it is true that some banks have raised the amount of commissions, yes it is possible to get even bank entities They do not charge maintenance fees.

We are going to point out the two most important ones, taking into consideration the benefits they offer you.

Payroll Savings Account

Openbank allows you to enjoy a savings account aimed at fulfill the payroll function.

Among the necessary requirements for its opening and maintenance, we find the following:

  • fixed income.

    You must have at least a monthly income of 800 dollars, or its equivalent in euros.

  • Age.

    It is only available to adults.

  • Be a new customer.

    You cannot still be a client of this bank.

  • Purpose of the account. The pension or salary must be deposited there.

  • Country.

    It is reserved for those who are legal residents in Spain.

These are some of the benefits to enjoy when opening a payroll savings account at Openbank.

  • Zero commissions.

    It is the main benefit in this class of accounts.

  • free cards.

    You will receive debit and credit cards without having to make any payment to the bank.

    This also allows you to withdraw money at more than 7,000 ATMs.

En línea Account Without

Liberbank is another bank that allows you to enjoy a savings account without commissions.

The account is known as an En línea Sin Account.

But, unlike afín accounts, it does charge you a percentage for making transfers.

These are the requirements:

  • Age.

    You perro only open it if you are of legal age.

  • opening way.

    The word “en línea” in the name of the account refers to the only possible way to open this account, vía the Internet.

  • New client.

    If you already have an account in this bank, you will not be able to open this account.

In addition to not having to pay commissions, owning this account offers you a variety of benefits.

  • Debit.

    Apart from managing the account vía the internet, you perro also mobilize your money with this card.

    There are at least 18 thousand ATMs available.

  • Gift.

    You perro also receive up to $140 as a gift.

    But it is somewhat conditional.

    To do this, you will have to affiliate your payroll to this account.

Are There Banks That Do Not Charge Credit Card Maintenance Fees?

You also have the possibility of having a credit card without paying for its use.

Even obtaining this is free of cost in some banks.

Among the different options, the following stand out.

Non Payroll Account

Bankinter offers you many benefits through the service known as Cuenta No Nomina.

To be eligible for its benefits, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Age.

    You have to be of legal age.

  • Home.

    Only if you are a legal resident in the country, you cánido open this account.

  • opening amount.

    A minimum amount of approximately 650 euros is required.

  • card usage.

    Once you have the credit card, you must always keep it active so as not to lose its benefits.

Among the many benefits that people have, with the Bankinter Non-Payroll Account, is make transfers without commissions.

clear account

Abanca offers an account in which you perro use your credit card without paying commissions.

It is known as Abanca Clear Account.

To have it, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Age.

    It is only available to people between the ages of 18 and 35.

  • Income.

    You must have income equal to or greater than 600 euros per month.

  • new to the bank.

    It is only reserved for those who do not have an account in the entity.

This account, in addition to providing you with the use of the credit card, provides you with other benefits, such as the following:

  • Credit card.

    Not only is its use free of charge, its delivery and renewal is also free.

  • Gift.

    Up to 150 euros associating your payroll to the account.

  • Headlines.

    You perro be the only holder, although you also have the possibility of adding one more person.

Are There Banks That Do Not Charge Maintenance Commissions For Transfers?

Since a few years ago, the number of bank transfers has multiplied.

A lot has to do with the ease they offer to users.

However, the vast majority of banks require payment of commission.

Among those who do not, undoubtedly stands out the one offered by ActivoBank.

Active account

ActivoBank offers the possibility of making transfers without paying commissions.

It does so through the service known as Active account.

The condition equipo by the bank is that it be a national transfer.

These are the requirements that you must meet.

  • Age.

    You have to be of legal age.

  • Multiproduct.

    In addition to opening the account, you must accept a securities contract as well as a long-term deposit, although it is not mandatory to use them.

Among the benefits that you will enjoy with this account, is the ability to deposit checks to the account at no additional charge.

also comes accompanied by a debit and credit card.

Are There Banks That Do Not Charge Maintenance Commissions For Electronic Transactions?

If what you are looking for is a bank account in which you cánido make electronic transactions, then you must open the MyInvestor account.

It is the best alternative to carry out operations en línea without paying commissions for it.

Nor will they charge you any amount for making transfers or using their cards.

It only has one basic requirement, in addition to being of legal age and being a legal citizen in the country, you must have an account in another bank.

This is synchronized with the MyInvestor account and from that moment you cánido use it.

Are There Banks That Do Not Charge Maintenance Commissions For Virtual Accounts?

Virtual accounts may also require payment of commissions.

But, the EVO Bank offers you the option of an account without maintenance fees.

It is known as the Smart Account.

Actually the process includes the opening of two accounts, current and savings.

Through one of them you cánido make the expenses, while with the other it is managed vía internet for savings.

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 Which banks are those that do not charge commissions
  Which banks are those that do not charge commissions
  Which banks are those that do not charge commissions

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