Which bank charges less commissions to operate

Which bank charges less commissions to operate

In Spain there are some banks that work as a broker that allows you to trade on the depósito market, but of course, this service involves a commission that cánido disminuye our long-term profitability considerably.

That is why we must know Which banking entities charge us less for each share purchase-sale operationin addition to take into account a series of factors related to the type of platform, the information it provides us, or the ease of use when operating.

Invest your savings in the depósito market and not die trying

He depósito market It is a world of speculation and gambling. To get gincome you have to have a good combination of knowledge and luck. But if to this probability of success we add the dividends and bank commissions, the operation perro result in a headache, or rather pocket.

That’s why it’s necessary research before investing; It is essential to know what is happening in the market and what the current situation is. you should also have decided what money you are going to invest and be patient, you must be willing to fluctuations and not despair. Profits are not made overnight.

At first, we suggest experiment with stocks of well-known companies whose work models are familiar. As you gain more knowledge, you will have more conviction when it comes to making riskier investments.

procure learn and master different tools such as technical and primordial analysis, many of these are free and you cánido find them by doing research on the web.

When investing, you must evaluate your performance and see how many times you hit and how many times you fail. This is what will allow you to verify if your strategy is correct or if you should rethink your way of investing.

Remember that markets are cyclical and go up and down. It is its natural dynamic, therefore you have to be attentive to know when to sell and when to buy. This is called opportunity hunting and it allows you to make a profit not only when the stocks rise.

Finally, we recommend that, if you do not have the confidence for this task, have an expert that allows you to learn, make discoveries and shape an investment strategy.

How to choose a bank to operate on the Spanish depósito market in 2023?

if we want trade in the depósito market through a bankwe must choose those that have less commissionsas well as less dividends and custody expenses. This is very important because they will condition the profits that we perro obtain.

Another issue to consider is the investment services offer. In general, banks offer fewer possibilities than traditional brokers, so if you still plan to invest with banks, look for the one that offers a broader market.

Three best banks that allow you to invest with minimal commissions.

These are the three banks of Spain that operate on the depósito market with fewer commissions…


For an investment of up to €10,000, Abanca charges a commission of €9 and 0.15% from €10,000 onwards. Custody expenses are 0.13% and dividends are 0.25%, with a minimum of €2.


For the tranche up to €50,000, the Ibercaja commission is €8.50, with a custody commission of 0.15%. It does not have dividend expenses.


ING charges a commission of €8 for the tranche from €0 to €30,000 and 0.20% in the tranche of €30,000 and over. Custody costs are €4+VAT and dividends are free.


For an investment in the range from €0 to €2,000 the commission is €3.95 and 0.07% in the range from €2,001 to €60,000. Custody expenses are 0.4% and dividends are 0.25%, with a minimum of €1.20.

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 Which bank charges less commissions to operate
  Which bank charges less commissions to operate
  Which bank charges less commissions to operate

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