Which bank charges less commissions for POS?

Which bank charges less commissions for POS?

In Spain, the business engine is made up of self employed and SMEs, so banks focus on offering financial products that meet their needs.

Among them are the accounts with POS, an increasingly necessary tool among businessmen due to the increase in payments made with cards, which facilitate their work and increase sales.

However, this service may come with commissions which perro range from a few euros per month to a percentage of those billed.

That is why we have prepared this articulo with everything you need to know about the TVP and its commissions.

What is a POS?

A DVT either Point of Sale Terminal it’s a device that manages tasks related to sales in a businessand that, helped by a dataphone (the device that is used to pay with a card in a business), allows customers to be charged with a credit or debit card.

It also serves for print purchase tiques, control inventory and create reports that help business management.

That is in addition to being The replacement of cash registers fulfills various functions that help to carry out the organization of the business in a more efficient way.

Why does the bank charge commission for the use of terminals?

Banking entities usually charge commissions to their clients for the service they hire.

In the case of TVP, what the bank charges commission is in concept of rent you the device agregado the operating costs of the payment system.

Banks that charge less commissions for the use of POS in 2023

Here we present some of the Spanish banks that offer the best TVP service in terms of benefits and commissions.


CaixaBank through its Business Account allows obtaining a DVT but charges €100 to discharge although first 3 months are without commissions.

After that time, 0.5% is charged, but in addition, the Business Account offers other products and services, including financing lines, insurance for companies and individuals, savings solutions and subsidized products for employees.


BBVAone of the largest banking entities in Spain offers commission-free account with minimum requirements and easy to get being self-employed and a flat rate of €10 per month of commissions for billings up to €20,000.

After this amount, up to 1.1% is charged for excesses.

Santander Bank

Santander offer your new account ONE Companies, a product adapted to the new needs and challenges of SMEs and the Self-Employed.

It allows the contracting of POS, and Obtain bonuses in the payment of account maintenance commission.

TVP cost: €5/month (€60/year).

Sabadell Bank

This entity offers SMEs and the Self-Employed the Business Expansion Account, a comprehensive solution aimed at the growth of enterprises in the country.

For the contracting of the TVP is offered No commissions for the first 6 months.

After this time, 0.4% per operation or a flat fee is charged as long as the established annual billing limit is not exceeded.

Consejos to select the best POS

As we already saw, un TVP is key not only for billing but also for the management and organization of your business.

Therefore, it is essential to have a team that perfectly adapts to our needs.

Luckily, the market offers us a wide variety of models.

The first thing to consider is your hardware needs.

I orinan, equipment.

The basics of a TVP are the ticket printer and the scanner card; then you should check if you need new computers, or tabletas or barcode readers.

Not all businesses or SMEs have the same needs or the same budget, therefore the most advanced TVP on the market is not always necessary to operate, in addition this considerably raises its rental price.

For this it is necessary objectively compare equipment characteristics, what benefits it cánido bring to your business based on its cost.

In this sense it is very useful have references from other merchants that use the TVP in which you are interested to know how efficient its use is.

Last and not least, research the provider wellwhat are their commissions and conditions and how their assistance and articulo-sale service works.

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 Which bank charges less commissions for POS?
  Which bank charges less commissions for POS?
  Which bank charges less commissions for POS?

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