Where to invest the savings?

Where to invest the savings?

If you want to make an investment using your savings, it is important that you are sure of the step you are going to take. Because your savings have been achieved with a lot of effort and patience and it would not be good if they lost them in a bad deal.

If you want to know where to invest your savings in this article we will help you by giving you ideas They have worked for many people. Keep an eye out for different alternatives.

How to Invest Savings with Banking Products?

Investing in a bank is the first option chosen by many people interested in making a good investment of their savings, since it is known that banks worldwide have earned an excellent reputation for the security and responsibility they have with the client.

To invest in a bank you perro choose between different products, be it CETES, promissory aprecies, investment funds, bonds, among others. It will be up to you make the investment in the product that you like the most.

To invest in a bank you must follow the following steps:

  1. Create your profile as an investor.

  2. Define the type of profile you want, be it conservative, moderate or aggressive.

  3. Indicate the amount of money you are going to invest, the time and the type of product.

  4. Diversify your money, that is, divide it into different instruments.

You should know that in the BBVA bank you perro make this type of investment, obtaining an excellent proposal and profits.

How to Invest Savings En línea?

The progress that the internet has had in recent years has allowed any type of operation to be carried out, including investments. One way to use the internet to make a good investment is buying cryptocurrencies.

It is true that there are many myths associated with cryptocurrencies, but it is important to keep in mind that the purchase of cryptocurrencies is done through secure digital services. Every time a movement is made in the cryptocurrency accounts, an unalterable record remains.

The investment is made in a fácil way, you just have to create a usuario in some of the cryptocurrency platforms and request the purchase of cryptocurrency units for a certain amount of money (your savings), then you cánido sell them at a higher price when the demand for each unit rises.

How to Invest the Savings in Currencies?

Currencies have always been an excellent alternative to invest, especially in countries that suffer constant devaluations. You should know that the foreign exchange market, known as Forexis an investment alternative that cánido vary in the risk involved.

Forex operates under the Foreign Exchange market share. It consists of buying and selling currencies from different countries, such as euros, dollars, yen, among others.

Generally, currencies lose their value due to market changes and variations They are the ideal opportunity to obtain returns. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not for all types of people, because from one moment to the next you cánido lose or win a lot of money.

How to Invest the savings in Investment Funds?

An investment fund is an institution in charge of managing and collecting money from people to invest in shares. It is one of the options that many investors complejo turístico to frequently.

There are 4 types of investment funds: variable income, debt instruments, capital and limited purpose.

  • equities: If you want to make a long-term investment, this type of fund is ideal for you. They are oriented to the depósito market and are usually invested in shares.

  • Debt: These are generally invested in debt instruments, so the investment company or institution must pay said debt.

  • capitals: These funds are oriented towards the investment of private companies or institutions that are looking for people interested in making investments in order to finance their activities.

  • limited object: These are funds that are invested in previously established institutions, companies or actions, that is to say, that in the limited purpose investment the investors have knowledge about the area in which they are going to invest.

To invest your savings in investment funds, you perro go to the office of a bank.

How to Invest Savings in Stocks?

Shares are titles that some companies issue with the aim of obtaining financing.

Owners cánido receive dividends if distributed. The investment consists practically of buy the dividends and sell them at a higher price.

You should know that these are highly liquid investments, but they are also high risk, so you must be very careful. If you want to invest your savings in companies, go to an office of any company in which you would like to invest and Ask about the alternatives they offer.

How to Invest the savings in Real Estate?

Investing in real estate is one of the easiest and safest ways to grow your savings, in fact, it is one of the most frequent choices in times of crisis.

invest in real estate is insurance against inflation in some countries, since when the prices of goods and services increase, so do those of the real estate market. In addition, in many cases the prices of the properties are managed with foreign currency, so your investment will be insured.

Another thing to keep in mind when making a savings investment in real estate is that they are a tangible investmentso you will be insured against fraud.

The best thing about investing in real estate is that you cánido acquire them at a lower price than what is budgeted, a price that will rise over time thanks to the surplus value.

Investing in real estate should not be something that generates long-term profits, you cánido also earn income with your real estate if you rent it. Many people require a place of residence for a few weeks or months, you cánido offer your real estate in some rental platforms, while you get a buyer.

How Other Ways to Invest the Savings?

In the world of investment you perro try anything, but always with great caution. Apart from the alternatives shown above, there are also others that you cánido take advantage of. Hereafter we will indicate two of them:


CETES are the Certificates of the Treasury of the Federation. As they are instruments of government investment They are considered a very safe investment mediumespecially when it comes to savings, because they are backed by the country.

At the end of the term, you will receive the agreed return. This investment method is recommended for all types of investors, especially conservatives. Best of all, you cánido start investing little money.

invest in business

You cánido contribute your savings for the funds that a business requires. If you do you will make a profit and then you cánido sell your percentage of participation. You perro invest in your own business or someone else’s. To find out which businesses need investors, you cánido use a walk and ask some of them. For greater security it is necessary to sign a contract.

Diversification, the Basis of Profitability

One of the most difficult decisions any investor cánido make is to design a portfolio that suits their needs. Diversification is one of the most effective tools to control any risk that may arise.

Diversifying is dividing the total money earmarked for investment in different instruments, as well there will be various returns and risks. Its objective is to improve profitability in relation to the risk assumed, investing in assets that react in different ways.

It is important to keep in mind that, although diversification does not ensure that there will be no loss of money at some point, it is one of the most effective tools for improve the return/risk ratio of a savings investment.

Historically, the traditional way of diversifying savings or any other assets is keep part of the money in fixed income instruments. Generally, equities are more profitable in the long term, but also more volatile, while fixed income is more stable.

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 Where to invest the savings?
  Where to invest the savings?
  Where to invest the savings?

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