Where to invest money WITHOUT Risk?

Where to invest money WITHOUT Risk?

He money It is one of the most important things in today’s society.. Therefore it is completely natural to want to multiply it. One of the easiest ways to make money is to invest it. However, many people are afraid of investing their currencies because they consider that this cánido be dangerous, and they are partly right. The market is always changing, so you must be sure that, just as you perro lose a lot of money, you perro earn a lot of money in terms of the currencies that you have put into the market.

Despite this, there are some channels that we could consider safe. These channels are often habitual with people looking to take their first steps into the world of capital multiplication. In general, they are some low-risk markets that always present great profits, these markets, despite not being so habitual among high-level traders, perro ensure that you earn at least an initial capital that perro serve as a base to generate a greater income in the markets of greater risk in which in turn the profits are much greater.

How to invest my savings without risk leaving them in the bank

The fácil answer is that: yes you perro. However, don’t expect big returns on your savings. There are two different ways to make your money multiply if you escoge to leave it in a bank. On the one hand, there are conventional savings accounts, these savings accounts are the ones that any natural person perro open and have a monthly amount of interest. This monthly amount is what we could consider your profit. However, these accounts are characterized by having extremely low interest rates quite high penalties and also some other traps that make generating additional income practically impossible.

An example:

You open a savings account at your convenience bank. The requirements to open said account vary, but let’s say that for example the minimum amount for which you perro open an account is 25 euros. Once your account is open, they tell you that your monthly interest rate is 0.75% but that to start generating interest you have to deposit 50 euros into your savings account, in other words, you must have 50 euros so that you cánido generate the next month 0.37 euro cents.

But in addition to that, the bank charges you 5 euros for maintenance of your savings account and if your account falls below the initial amount of 25 euros it will charge you a fenezca. As you see there are a lot of small letters that perro harm you.

Is it a bad iniciativa to put your money in a bank?

No, because there are savings certificates. Savings certificates (also called fixed-term certificates) are one of the safest ways to turn your passive money into an asset.

It is afín to a savings account, in the sense that you give your money to the bank so that it manages it, the main difference is that you cannot touch your money until the fixed term. In general, you cánido escoge the amount of time you want to invest your money (usually between 1 and 60 months) and in general to open it you need a fairly large amount of money (with the minimum being 1,000 euros) but in the same way it has a much higher interest rate (topping out at 1.5%).

An example of this would be if you decided to open a fixed-term account with 10,000 euros at 1% interest for 13 months. At the end of the investment we would have a total of 3000 euros of monthly interest. Which is far superior to conventional savings accounts.

Is it possible to invest in the depósito market without risk?

A question that many people ask themselves continuously is whether there is the possibility of investing money in the depósito market without the need to run a great risk of going bankrupt.

This cánido be a bit tricky to answer really, because return and risk go hand in hand. In other words, you perro’t have one if you don’t have the other.. It is important to take this rule into account if you want to get the most out of the investments that are made, since otherwise there is a possibility that you are using your money inappropriately.

One of the safest ways to invest your money without running the risk of bankruptcy is to invest it in the so-called “investment funds” (also known as deposit funds). These funds have a main advantage and that is that the person (or the bank) that is in charge of managing these investments guarantees that the money that you have contributed to the identity will be returned to you within a certain period of time, and that you will also have a return (which compared to conventional savings accounts is usually much larger).

However, despite the fact that these funds seem to be a good way to convert your money into assets, the reality is that you have to be careful, because they have high commissions.

An example is the following:

You start an investment fund in which you are guaranteed a monetary return agregado 14% of all your money after one year.

At first it seems that it is a good offer, however, you have to deliver a commission of 5% of all your money as an “entry payment” and a series of smaller monthly commissions as a maintenance payment, for which you must be completely safe when placing your money in one of these sources, since there is a (minimum) possibility that your earnings are not what you consider necessary and that this may even harm you.

Best products to invest without risk and then sell them

If what you are looking for is a product with a minimum investment risk that leaves you a fairly good amount of profit, then your best option without a doubt is fixed-term investment securities. These products become your ideal opportunity to invest money, since they do not require a large commission to start and that you perro have a large number of fixed savings terms in different banks with different amounts that in the end will generate a large amount of additional income.

In addition to this, you perro get together with one or more people and even (although it is somewhat complex), get to create your own investment fund that is in charge of generating fixed-term investment titles.

In this way you cánido generate more profits by moving more money, which cánido then be distributed equally among all the participants in said operation, which continues to leave you a much larger profit margin than other afín operations (and which at the same time entails less risk than, for example, buying shares on a conventional depósito market in which there is a risk of loss of capital).

An example of the above would be the following:

You get together with three partners, and between the three of them they escoge to collect 30,000 euros. They escoge to buy a fixed-term savings bond at 4% monthly interest for 13 months.

From this title, 9,000 euros of interest are collected, which in turn are distributed as appropriate (either equally among all members because they all gave the same amount to make the initial deposit or equally among the three due to the fact that the initial capital that was formed did so unevenly).

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 Where to invest money WITHOUT Risk?
  Where to invest money WITHOUT Risk?
  Where to invest money WITHOUT Risk?

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