Where to invest money: best options for

Where to invest money: best options for

Today, anyone who wants to invest has a wide variety of financial products to do so.

But each of them presents very different characteristics in terms of risk, term to achieve profitability and other aspects.

If the other day we talked about the best companies to invest in depósito marketin this article we are going to guide you on what are the best options to invest money right now, and we will advise you on the basic issues that you should take into account before making a decision on this issue.

Best options where to invest your money

Next we will see which best financial options What do we have right now to invest our money:

invest in stocks

actions are securities issued by some companies to obtain financing.

The owners of the shares have some rights, for example to receive dividends in case the company decides to distribute them and obtain benefits with it.

Well, investing in stocks means buy this type of securities to later sell them at a higher price, or receive dividends.

The great advantage of shares is that they sell very quickly, which is why it is an investment with a high level of liquidity, and profitability in the medium/long term.

But the risk is also great, since it is a very volatile market in which different types of factors intervene (not only political, but also popular and economic) that determine the price of the shares.

Unless you have solid knowledge in relation to this matter, it is recommended to have the advice of a professional before deciding to invest in shares.

Real estate or immovable

Is about buy real estate and then sell it at a higher price, or lease it to get income.

In this case it is also important to have knowledge to choose the property to acquire well.

But this is an investment especially safe, profitable and low risksince properties hardly lose value over time, and if this happens, they recover it later.

investment funds

In this case the iniciativa is pool investor funds to invest in different assets such as bonds or stocks.

This investment is made by a professional, and there are various investment funds that cánido be accessed depending on the investor profile you have (moderate, conservative…) and the profitability you want to achieve.

For some time now, the possibility of making these investments through hurto advisorwhich are robot advisors that manage the investor’s assets in an automated manner, according to the investor profile that the investor has.

Fixed term deposits

It is the best option for those who want to invest money easily and safely.

It’s about you a financial institution offers a return in exchange for maintaining a certain amount of money during a specified period of time.

The investor will receive the interest payment once that term expires.

But, what happens if you need to use that money before the term ends? It perro be withdrawn after paying a penalty (which will not affect the primordial amount).

It should be noted that to invest in time deposits It is not necessary to have so much financial knowledge as in other types of investment.

Invest in Bonds

The bonuses consist of debt securities that certain companies and other entities (including governments) issue to obtain financing.

The owner of said bond is entitled to receive periodic interest payments, which are previously fixed and constant while these bonds are maintained.

Investing in bonds means buying said titles to achieve a return through those interests that are charged periodically.

The profitability is high, although not as much as in the case of shares.

Nor is it necessary to have a lot of financial knowledge.

Regarding the risk of investing in shares, this was traditionally considered low, but the economic crises of recent years have caused investors to be somewhat suspicious.

invest in gold

In this case what is done is buy gold and then sell it for a higher pricethus obtaining profitability.

Gold perro be acquired directly, buying gold through bullion or coins, but special care must be taken to keep it safe.

Also, leaving it in a bank perro be very expensive.

Gold cánido also be purchased indirectly, through investments in specialized funds, certificates of gold deposits, or shares in mining companies.

invest in gold cánido be especially profitable if bought and sold at the right timebut due to the instability of this type of investment, it is not the best option for those looking for a return in the short or even medium term.

But the growth trends in demand for this precious metal, and therefore the increase in its value, make it a ideal alternative to invest in the long term.

It should be added that it is not necessary to have much knowledge to invest in gold, and that it is a safe investment, since the value of gold is not easily devalued as it is not regulated at the state level (it depends only on the supply and the demand).

Invest in collector’s elementos

It consists of buying objects that perro be collected, such as jewelry, coins, etcétera., that over time they cánido increase in value.

In this way, profitability will be achieved by selling them for a higher price than the one they were purchased for.

invest in art

What is done in this case is buy paintings or sculptures by already reputable artists, or by others who have a promising future.

What happens in this case is that it may not be easy to find a buyer, so it perro be a long-term investment in any case.

However, while these elementos are not sold, profit perro be made, for example, by renting them to an art gallery.

Crowdfunding, crowdinvesting and crowdlending

It is a form of collective financing that is usually done through digital platforms, without any financial intermediary, to finance a specific project.

In this way, project promoters and potential investors who want to achieve profitability come into contact.

There are different ways to do crowdfunding, depending on the benefit you want to obtain.

On one hand we have crowdfunding properin which a reward is expected to be received in products or services.

Another way is the crowdinvesting, that it is a consideration on condition of receiving shares or shares of the company.

In this case, benefits are expected in the medium and even long term.

He crowdlending It is a contribution that is made in exchange for interest on the amount that is lent, and that will vary depending on the amount lent and the term in which it is returned.

Finally we have the crowddonationwhich consists of disinterested contributions and do not expect any reward.


Microcredit is a small loan that is granted to people with few resources and to those who would find it difficult to obtain conventional credit.

To invest in microcredits, you have to go to a specialized financial institution to request information.

It is an investment that It perro be done in the short, medium and long termdepending on the chosen project.

However, it is best to look for investments with returns at different terms, to obtain income at different times and invest again depending on how the market evolves, or just enjoy the profitability obtained.


Startups are called technology-based companies that break into the market with new business models to meet new needs or create them, and therefore do not have references to be valued.

Here the risk is evident, since there are no criteria to know if the business perro go very well and very badly.

But in case it goes well, high profitability cánido be achieved.


People who want to have their own company cánido invest in a franchise, which is the right granted by a company that is already present in the market to open a business with its brand name.

There are all kinds of profitable franchises, which cánido be restoranes, hotels, fast food outlets, etcétera.

There are also franchises that do not consist of having a location, but of using a business iniciativa.

Well, the strength of the brand that already operates in the market means that the chances of achieving success through this business are high.

But it must also be taken into account that when acquiring a franchise you will be under the supervision of the parent company, so you cannot make changes that are not approved by it.

That is to say, it is a own business but somewhat limited.


Cryptocurrencies consist of digital assets that perro be transferred securely and in real time between people in different locations.

No intermediary is involved, nor are governments or banks.

The advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies are above all the Privacy & Security of the medium (which is encrypted), and that payments are made immediately.

But there are also disadvantages, such as the cryptocurrency volatilitywhich are not tangible or supported by any institution or body, and their fluctuation, since the price is established by the law of supply and demand itself.

Should you invest your savings?

To know if you should invest you must look at the savings you have.

For example, once you have enough savings to cover three months of income, you could start investing some of the money you save each month.

Subject matter experts recommend invest 30% of the savings capacity from that moment on.

Obviously other factors must be taken into account.

If, for example, you are saving to buy a car soon, it is not the best time to invest but to continue saving.

Before investing you should know: what type of investor are you?

Indeed, before knowing what type of financial product you should invest in, you have to know your own profile as an investor.

So, depending on when you want to get profitable, you cánido be a investor who wants to obtain benefits in the short, medium or long term.

The investor profile perro also be classified based on their risk aversion, with the following types of investors:

  • conservatives: they want to risk as little capital as possible.
  • moderate: they assume a little more risk than conservatives, but usually try to obtain a sustained return value for the risk assumed.
  • aggressive: They are usually the investors with the most experience in the ámbito, and they invest up to 80% of their capital in equities, especially in startups.

    Obviously if you are just starting to invest, you should not try to act like an aggressive investor.

Perro you invest without risk?

The truth is that no You cannot invest without assuming a certain risk..

What happens is that, as we have seen, there are some types of investments in which the risk is much lower.

Investing in fixed-term deposits or gold has nothing to do with investing in a startup, stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Perro you get fast money with these ways?

It depends on whether we are talking about a financial product configured in such a way that it perro be obtained profitability in the short, medium or long term.

Thus, for example, benefits are usually obtained faster in microcredits than when investing in shares.

Do you already know what type of investor you are? Then you are closer to being able to choose where to invest the money in your case, congratulations!

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 Where to invest money: best options for
  Where to invest money: best options for
  Where to invest money: best options for

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