Where to invest in cryptocurrencies en línea

Where to invest in cryptocurrencies en línea

Since 2009, cryptocurrencies are here to stay worldwide and gradually investors are interested in these digital currencies to multiply your income. More and more people want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but many want to know where to invest in cryptocurrencies en línea.

Since, hardly anyone risks investing their money in platforms that do not indicate security and confidence in the operations they intend to carry out. For this, different alternatives are presented that perro be trusted to invest in cryptocurrencies and obtain satisfactory results.

How to invest safely?

invest lies in place money or part of it in a project where the future objective is to obtain an economic benefit. This procedure used to be carried out in different industries, buying shares or investing in real estate, among others.

But, with the presence of cryptocurrencies, you cánido buy coins cheaply, wait for a while for them to appreciate, and then sell them. In this way, the profits will be obtained, but they do not ocasione dividends as the shares of a company do, therein lies the difference.

Said investment provides security, because each of the operations carried out are established in a single, detailed and transparent registry aparente to the public. This thanks to the blockchain technology that supports the work of the decentralized digital payment system. Which is not regulated by any banking body.

Broker VS Exchange

The Broker It is a person or financial company in charge of establishing operations between sellers and buyers, which receives a benefit for the service provided. Exchange also called platforms or exchange market that allows the negotiation between investors of digital currencies for fiat money, assets or other cryptocurrencies.

Similarity between the terms broker and cryptocurrency exchanges is that both act as mediators in purchase/sale operations. However, the difference Between the two lies in the fact that the broker sets the amount in the negotiation and in the exchange the amount is determined by the market.

It should be noted, the broker You are going to equipo the buy/sell price of cryptocurrencies based on market fluctuations at that time. In the exchangeparallel purchase/sale perro be made in two different markets, achieving benefits from cost discrepancies, this is called arbitrage possibility

3 Best Exchanges

Worldwide there are approximately more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges, this makes it difficult for the investor or usuario to escoge which one to use. Pointing out that there are exchanges for private use and others ideal for business accounts, where each investor chooses according to his needs.

Therefore, the characteristics of three Exchanges that are considered the best in the market will be detailed. For his part, Coinbase and Binance are designed for individuals and Kraken for business account.


It’s one of the most habitual exchanges in the world, used by millions of people, offers an excellent, secure service for buying/selling and safeguarding cryptocurrencies. For your convenience, it presents a commercial application with a variety of functions that are linked directly to bank accounts.

It is easy to use from the start and verification of accounts to the purchase/sale process. It supports traditional forms of payment such as transfers and credit cards. It has updated tools to form a very solid wallet. It offers products to institutional clients (large capitals) due to its great variety.

Some disadvantages are; It is not available in all countries, the verification process is usually tedious and high commissions compared to other Exchanges.


Despite its creation in 2017 Binance has earned the leadership among cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It has a variety of attractive products and services providing liquidity and high performance to millions of users. From the beginning it has offered a very powerful program that it still maintains.

In addition, many users prefer it for its ease of use and the various languages ​​in which you perro find it. Its list is made up of various altcoins, along with the ability to process buy/sell arrangements. It has experts in security and blockchain to protect the fortune of its clients.

Among its disadvantages are; its interfaz is of Asian design, it is usually overwhelming for some; as well as it cánido be distressing for beginners. However, by adapting it would no longer be a handicap.

To access binance press here.


It is one of the most secure and trusted applications in the world, the great advantage since its founding in 2011 has never been the prey of piratas informáticos. Perfect for business account Based in San Francisco (USA) offering servers in Japan and Europe, where the largest exchange volume is concentrated.

It has the capacity to handle 38 types of cryptocurrencies, agregado 6 different types of fiat currencies. According to the experiences of its clients, the creation of the company account is easy and fast with the appropriate legal requirements.

3 Best Brokers

Brokers are one primordial piece in purchase/sale transactions because they know the market and its mechanism, offering satisfactory alternatives to users. Currently there are countless brokers on the market so the best ones will sign up in this way you will identify if it satisfies your requirements.


In the market it has been working perfectly for more than two decades, has offices in more than 10 countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain. It espectáculos security and confidence by being regularized by major global institutions such as; the FCA as well as the CNMV.

In relation to commissions, it does not apply for the purchase/sale of cash shares and ETFs in the Spanish market. On the condition of a minimum order of 15 euros that its nominal value does not exceed 100,000 euros.

offers a free demo for 30 days to practice with the platform and be more sure before making the investment. It is ideal for investors with minimum amounts and who do not register a high volume of operations.


This famous broker over time reached store new regulations becoming one of the brokers in the global market with the largest regulatory entities.

They are distributed in different parts of the world such as; Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, among others. With the projection of expanding its services to other clients in the world.

It offers a usuario-friendly platform with various charting tools and advanced layout control with trailing-stops. The biggest disadvantage it is the mandatory use of leverage without the possibility of agreeing to it.


This broker is based in Cyprus to execute operations in Spain, regulated by the CNMV, FCA, ASIC and CySEC. The traders that make up this popular network specialize in markets Forexalso the opportunity to handle transactions with cryptocurrencies known as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Both client money and investor personal information are kept secure. The money in banks of first instance and the information is guarded with SSL encryption.

Currently the purchase/sale of Spanish shares It does not generate any commission, or anything for maintenance or custody of utilities.

It is important for both new and experienced investors to know the best places to invest safely and reliably. Remembering that every business has its risks in different proportions and that there are malicious people to take advantage of any usuario.

That’s why it’s worth it study carefully the different opportunities offered in this highly competitive market and thus benefit safely.

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 Where to invest in cryptocurrencies en línea
  Where to invest in cryptocurrencies en línea
  Where to invest in cryptocurrencies en línea

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