Where to find Cryptocurrency ATMs in

Where to find Cryptocurrency ATMs in

A little over a decade ago, the world did not expect the arrival of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general at the financial level. In fact, during 2010 a young man bought about 2 pizzas with 10,000BTC, an amount that today would be approximately 150 million dollars. Of course, the impact of cryptocurrencies has reached Latin America in general, including Argentina.

We are going to explain how to use the ATMs coincidente with this technology and where to find cryptocurrency ATMs in Argentina so that you cánido start saving, buying and selling with this type of digital money.

What firms have Cryptocurrency ATMs in Argentina?

In Argentina, a network of Bitcoin ATMs that is highly recognized at the Latin American level operates, being AthenaBitcoin which currently has more than 40 ATMs installed in Colombia and 14 throughout Argentina. With these ATMs you perro carry out purchase and sale transactions between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

AthenaBitcoin is a company with very good opinions from users since the process for buying and selling Bitcoins usually takes no more than 20 minutes and it cánido be done in the place where the ATM is located.

So if you realize that the money in Argentine pesos that you have in your bank account will not be enough for the task you have to carry out, and you do not want to return home to sell your Bitcoin in your wallet, you perro do this process while you’re away.

Through this interactive map that the Athena Bitcoin portal offers us you perro quickly identify which is the closest cryptocurrency ATM to you.

How is the Bitcoin market regulated in Argentina?

Currently, the issue of regulation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general in Argentina is in its infancy, since there is only one law that mentions virtual currencies, and it is the Resolution No. 300/2014 imposed by the FIU.

This resolution establishes that some natural persons such as Argentine companies will have to “submit to monitoring by the authorities and report their monthly transactions in case of accepting virtual currencies as a means of payment.”

This resolution allows the money laundering scenario in the country to be complicated and also provides transparency to the purchase and sale transactions of any cryptoactive.

Each transaction is also required to have a digital signature that while Bitcoin transactions are signed, this type of signature is not secure enough for the estándares of the Argentine Government. However, these digital signatures could serve as part of a more legally elaborated signature to endorse a cryptocurrency transfer.

Nor has a tax payment mechanism been established in Argentina that allows companies that receive payments through this means to declare their transactions from cryptocurrencies. ANDThis does not orinan that Bitcoin transactions are above current tax laws.but there is a “legal hole” in this matter at the moment.

What is the price of Cryptocurrencies in Argentina?

The price of Bitcoin worldwide is the same since it is a decentralized virtual currency, that is one of its great advantages below the immediacy with which it cánido be transferred from one wallet to another.

Now, it is possible to exchange fractions of Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies for the national currency of almost every country in the world, so the mechanism to know how much of your country’s currency will be paid to you if you sell cryptocurrencies is very easy to estimate, we present a method with the one you perro quickly know the price of cryptocurrencies in Argentina:

Visit websites that allow you to know the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in general, a website with extensive experience on the subject is CoinMarketCap.

  • If you notice that Bitcoin has a price at that moment of, for example, about 10 thousand dollars for each unit, you should write down said amount.
  • If you want to buy, for example, about 5 thousand Argentine pesos in Bitcoin first you must convert that amount to dollars to know how much it would be equivalent to in Bitcoins later. Check the website of the Central Bank of Argentina (or in Google plus) the exchange rate of the Argentine peso against the dollar, as of today, while this article is being written, the value of the Argentine peso against the dollar is 0.013 cents for each peso.
  • Multiply the value of the peso in dollars by the number of pesos you want to buyin the previous example if a peso has a value of 0.013 dollars, then 5000 Argentine pesos are 63.26USD (0.013 x 5000).
  • Divide the resulting dollar figure by the total value of one Bitcoin, that is, 63.26 / 10,000 (dummy value as it varies a lot on a weekly basis), the result would be 0.006326BTC, the amount of Bitcoin that you will buy with 5,000 Argentine pesos, which in turn is 63.26 dollars with a Bitcoin value of 10,000USD.

Value of Bitcoin in Argentina

The value of Bitcoin has fluctuated wildly upwards over the years. We saw a Bitcoin with a value of more than 20 thousand dollars during the end of 2018 and from more than 15 thousand during the last months of 2020what would be 1,580,754 Argentine pesos in the case of the end of 2018 and 1,185,565 for the end of 2020.

Value of Ethereum in Artentina

Ethereum (ETH) is the second most habitual cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market. This currency has another type of data encryption, which makes it easier to obtain through mining, therefore has had values ​​ranging from 200 to 450USDwhich in Argentine pesos are 15,800 to 35,566.

Value of Litecoin in Argentina

Litecoin is a currency that is easy to mine and the LTC unit has a much lower value than the Ethereum and Bitcoin units. Litecoin’s value has fluctuated wildly over the years, hovering between $40 and $60. A Litecoin in this price range cánido have a value in Argentine pesos between 3,161 and 4,845 ARS.

Value of Bitcoin Cash in Argentina

Bitcoin Cash was created to make it possible to trade entire units of Bitcoin without costing as much as the “king cryptocurrency” BTC. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has maintained a value between 200 and 270 dollars (15,800 to 21,340ARS) over time, so it perro be said that it is a bit more stable than Bitcoin.

What is the Ripio Cryptocurrency Broker in Argentina?

Brokers are companies that are dedicated to buying and selling different financial assets, so it cánido be said that They work in a afín way to a currency exchange house.. In Argentina there is a broker that has adopted cryptocurrencies to offer buying and selling services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin between themselves or between Argentine pesos or dollars.

That is, through Ripio Broker you cánido buy Litecoin with Argentine pesos in cash, sell your Bitcoin and in exchange receive dollars in cash, Argentine pesos in your bank account, the corresponding amount of Bitcoin Cash, among other operations.

This broker works like most, the purchase price is slightly below the current price of each cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency selling prices are above the current price of a certain cryptocurrency.

To comply with Argentine laws this broker demands at the time of carrying out any operation that the person identifies with their real data, identity document and a photograph to register on the platform.

So far all the information so you know where to find cryptocurrency ATMs in Argentina, how to use them and how to know the price of cryptocurrencies in Argentine pesos.

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 Where to find Cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Where to find Cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Where to find Cryptocurrency ATMs in

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