Where to exchange money in Krakow?

Where to exchange money in Krakow?

Krakow, located in Poland, is one of the main tourist destinations for the majority of European citizens. This is because it is becoming easier to take a plane to the main Polish cities such as Krakow thanks to the large number of low-budget airlines such as Ryanair, which have greatly facilitated the transit of tourists.

One of the first things that must be solved before starting our trip to Poland is where and how to change the currency. This is because even though Poland is part of the European Union, they do not use the euro.

How in all countries there are a large number of different exchange houses both at the airport and at train stations. This is because tourists arrive in the country without local currency and they must exchange their currency for the local currency in order to reach their destination. Krakow is an especially habitual destination, so it is completely habitual to find places where you perro exchange your money for the local currency.

Is it possible to exchange currency in Krakow without commissions?

One of the first things you have to know is that whatever you do do not change at airports or train stations, they are not suitable places.

➜ These places have a much lower exchange rate than conventional places. There are a large number of places to go to change your coins, these places are known as Kantores. Ideally, at the airport you only take out the amount of money necessary to get to the place where you will stay, and after that you go to a kantor to change the rest of the money.

➜ In the kantores the exchange prices are often more competitive than the government prices and are found on basically every corner of Krakow. The easiest way to recognize a Kantor is that They have quite aparente signs with white or blue tones. Most of these Kantores are located in the central market square of Krakow.

Where is it better to exchange money in Krakow?

A pretty good alternative to exchange money in Krakow is change it en línea. This, like many other destinations, has an advantage and that is that you will not arrive in the country without the necessary money to be able to make basic purchases within it, but you will have the possibility of moving freely and you will not be limited to a specific budget in foreign currency.

Most of these pages charge you a 0% commission and many times they have competitive exchange rates.

In addition to this option, you also find the previously mentioned option of the Kantores, which are undoubtedly the most profitable in terms of the amount of money that will be given to you for each of your euros, added to the fact that practically They are found in all the iconic places of Krakow.

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 Where to exchange money in Krakow?
  Where to exchange money in Krakow?
  Where to exchange money in Krakow?

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