Where to exchange money in Budapest WITHOUT

Where to exchange money in Budapest WITHOUT

Budapest It is the capital city of Hungary, and one of the things Hungary is best known for is its tourism. This amazing country is one of the most habitual tourist destinations found in Europe.

A large number of flights connect European countries with this country, which is why it is one of the fastest growing tourist routes in recent years.

However, they have a big problem: Hungary does not use the euro as its currency, but emplees another currency: The guilders. Therefore, when considering going on a trip, if what you are looking for is to exchange euros for florins, the reality is that it is an extremely fácil procedure.

In all countries (although this time we will focus specifically on Hungary and especially on Budapest) there are a large number of currency exchange sites.

The reason why we will focus on Budapest is because it is the capital, since it is the place where tourists travel the most and where most of the proyectos land because the Budapest airport is located there. One of the first things you should keep in mind when you want change euro by guilders is consult the official change.

You must take into account the official government change since generally in the places where you will make the changes they will do it at rates slightly below the official government rateeither. If you know the official rate, you perro also know if you are not losing a lot of money, since there are places where the difference cánido be very large.

Where is it better to exchange money in Budapest?

As in many other cities, in Budapest there are a lot of different places where you perro exchange money. The first place in which we find that money perro be exchanged is in the airport.

It is the most habitual thing: we arrive at the destination basically without a penny in the local currency and since it is the most comfortable option we go to the exchange office or use the ATMs that are in the terminal. This is the worst way everand you will surely lose a lot of money.

The exchange rate inside the airports is extremely low, often 10% lower than the official exchange rate. Besides that, Budapest airport does not have that many ATMs and the few that exist were made for tourists, for which they had high commissions.

The best iniciativa you cánido have is to get a little money at this airport, only what is necessary to get to the place where we will stay and make the first payments.

Best place to change money Budapest

One of the best places where you cánido Changing currencies in Budapest is through exchange houses.. These places are scattered throughout the city.

➡️ The best thing is to stay away from tourist places, because in these places the exchange houses tend to have a negative rate. In places far from the tourist block, they generally do not charge you any commission or fee.

The change, although it is not usually bad, logically some money is lost.

➡️ Another more comfortable option that exists and is ideal for when the only currency we have left is the euro, for which we urgently need to exchange money. The best option you have is to go around the city and when you need money look for an exchange house and only process a small amount of money.

How is the currency exchange in Budapest?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the currency exchange if you plan to visit Budapest has to be done yes or yes. Although you perro buy many things with a card, it is necessary to carry metallic money.

Train tiques, restoranes, hotels and tiques to cultural sites cánido be paid for by card. However, cash is important to make minor payments, such as buying souvenirs, paying tolls, and much more.

Besides that one of the most important things to keep in mind is never exchange currency with your national bank. If it has branches in Hungary, never make currency exchanges at your bank, because usually this bank makes the change at a rate that only favors them, and causes you a lot of inconvenience.

It is also important to know that, although in many places they accept euros, the change to forints is much lower (for example, if one euro is the equivalent of 312 forints, then you will only be paid 275 forints if you do not change the currency).

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 Where to exchange money in Budapest WITHOUT
  Where to exchange money in Budapest WITHOUT
  Where to exchange money in Budapest WITHOUT

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