Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash

Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash

I know, you need cash right? In this article We will espectáculo you where to exchange the Mejoravit card for cash.

The main objective of the Mejoravit credit is to renovate your home and this was promoted by the card by Infonavit. Done the law done the snare. TRUE? Many of the beneficiaries try change that credit “not liquid” for cash and we have found some solutions to achieve it.

Below we share how to obtain Mejoravit credit in cash.

The main objective of this loan

First of all, you should know that there are two types of mejoravit credit: one for the renewal and another for the extension of the house that deserves it. It is important to know that the changes that are made should not affect the original structure of the house.

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Mejoravit credit in cash?

He Infonavit credit has grown through the organization Mejoravit so that everyone has the possibility of building or remodeling our houses. Although the cards offer creditmany of the beneficiaries prefer to have their cash to have better control.

And for such a “need” you perro find advertisements guy “You need money?” “Exchange your Mejoravit card for cash” either “Change of Mejoravit card for cash at the moment” both on the street or on the internet like these:

It acknowledges that it does not clearly reflect the real benefits and costs of money that other people and companies try to get at the expense of those in need.

For this reason, some organizations have begun to promote the “Mejoravit card for money”, withholding the exchange fee. Although this is perfectly legal, to date Mejoravit has not developed a strategy to avoid this, since customers continue to benefit from interest when they use cash to buy cash with the card.

This puts you in a situation where you have to make a ética decision about whether to use your card only to shop at the stores it offers. Mejoravit, or if you prefer to sell it for cash and use it wherever it is most convenient for you. And also a decision about whether it is worth the risk we take when we put our money in the hands of others. Whatever your decision, let me try to explain it in a more understandable way.

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Is it worth selling your Mejoravit card in 2022?

From a financial point of view, the answer is a clear “No“. Normally, the change Mejoravit cards for cash it is not free, but a commission of approximately 30% of the total value of the card is charged. That means that you only receive 70% of what you have paid, for example 7,000 pesos out of 10,000.

You may think that it is a small amount, but keep in mind that these credits are usually quite high, so 30% is much more than you think. Imagine that you get 150,000 and do the loan process for the highest amount of mejoravit. When you sell the card, you lose about 40,000 pesos.

So far you might think: “The loan of mejoravit does not give me cash and at least that way I get cash that I cánido use for everything, not just home renovations and additions.”

But that’s not all: you have to pay 30% of the cómputo in cash, in addition to the average interest rate of 17%. This means that you lose almost 50% of the total cómputo.

All of these payments orinan that you end up with less money available to build or remodel your home. We recommend that the applicant analyze very carefully whether exchanging their Mejoravit card for instant cash is the best option.

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  • Despite the above explanations, having access to cash and being able to manage our cómputo as we want opens many doors for us.
  • Since we don’t have to inform Mejoravit of the purchase, we cánido use the loan for things other than renovating the house.
  • If you still want to continue building your house, you are free to choose the facility where you want to buy the materials, and at a much cheaper price than in a store that deals with Mejoravit.
  • In the policy presented by Mejoravit in 2016, there are no obstacles or regulations that prevent the sale of cards. This is because the requirement is to spend money on building materials and tools, and as long as the person buying the card spends money on it, there is no problem.
  • It is clear that this situation is not what the company wants, so it is very likely that they will soon change the contract to prohibit the sale.


  • The disadvantages are evident, since the economic loss that we would have would be important, both for the interest of the loan and for the “commission”. There is also the risk of being deceived, since we cannot be absolutely sure that these assumptions issued for the “exchange” are completely legitimate or, at least, reliable.
  • In situations where this type of exchange does not work, there is usually no way to recover the money legally, since the sale of the card is prohibited and it cánido only be used to buy tools and materials for the construction or renovation of a house.

Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash?

Ok, you have read all the information and our opinion about the Mejoravit exchange for cash and you remain convinced to do so. Now you may be wondering where you cánido exchange your Mejoravit card for cash. Or rather, where cánido I change my Mejoravit card for cash What perro I spend on what I want?

You already know the economic damage caused by this conversion of Mejoravit to cash:

  • They will charge you a high commission, so you will lose money.
  • You will continue to pay interest on the Mejoravit loan.
  • they cánido fool you
  • If you are scammed, you cannot claim the money through the courts.

“Okey, but tell me where.” You perro find many Mejoravit card exchange offers by doing an Internet search on Image Search. There you will find ad results on different platforms, such as:

  • Fb
  • Youtube
  • Websites

You perro also search “Where cánido I exchange my Mejoravit card for money” directly on Fb or Youtube.

Where to get cash from Mejoravit
Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash in Monterrey

An alternative is to pay attention to signs that you perro find in the public roads.

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Poster: We exchange your Mejoravit card for cash on the street


We always recommend looking for references to the services, usually in the comments of the pages or platforms where they are advertised. However, you should always be careful, because these comments cánido be bought.

⚠️ We have nothing to do with these companies/people and we do not benefit from you using their services.

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 Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash
  Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash
  Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash

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