Where to dump rubble near me | The Guide

Where to dump rubble near me | The Guide

whatWondering what to do with old concrete, rubble, or asphalt from projects like removing a driveway? Or a remodel? By now, you may have discovered that getting rid of concrete, asphalt, and other construction debris or materials isn’t as fácil as leaving it on the sidewalk.

We’ve broken down all of your options for debris removal and recycling here in the United States, as well as pricing information to help you find the best disposal solution for your project.

Concrete and Asphalt Removal Options

1. Rent a Roll Off garbage container

This is a quick and affordable way to get rid of concrete, asphalt, and other heavy construction debris like bricks. Roll off waste containers perro typically handle between 3 and 12 truckloads of material, providing an efficient disposal solution for jobs of any size. You cánido equipo up delivery when it’s convenient for you and keep your dumpster rental for a weekend or longer to work at your own pace. Simply load the bin while you clean and schedule your pickup once you’re done to get rid of concrete and asphalt fast.

BenefitsThings to Consider
No need to be home for delivery or pickup. Ideal for large amounts of debris.
A low upfront fee is provided before your rental arrives. You will load your own materials.
It offers a guaranteed and programmed removal of your concrete and asphalt. Dumpster sizes and weight limits may vary depending on your location.

You cánido rent a roll off dumpster with the Budget Dumpster company or with the VM company. [Ambas disponibles a nivel nacional]

2. Check Craigslist or Freecycle

Classified ads are a good place to get rid of broken asphalt and concrete, as contractors and DIYers cánido reuse old materials for new projects. Check the section «Wanted» or create your own ad to have someone dispose of your concrete and other building materials for you.

Even if you perro’t sell the materials for a profit, you cánido list the concrete or asphalt for free, as long as the buyer picks it up.

BenefitsThings to consider
Free concrete removal option. It is not a guaranteed removal option.
It allows to recycle the concrete. Not ideal for large amounts of debris.
Debris removal time is up to the buyer.

3. Leaving a “free” sign stuck in the rubble

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a buyer en línea, you perro always try getting rid of the rubble and concrete for free with a sign at the end of your driveway. This is ideal if your property is near a road where passers-by perro easily see your offer. If you live in a subdivision with a homeowners association, make sure you are allowed to leave your debris outside before doing so.

BenefitsThings to Consider
Free concrete removal option. It is not a guaranteed removal option.
Very little plus work involved. Leave debris outside indefinitely.
Not ideal for removing asphalt and concrete on job sites or in public areas.

4. Hire a junk removal company

Some garbage removal companies will take construction debris, such as concrete and asphalt. The company will schedule a pickup window and dispatch their team, who will determine the price of transportation upon arrival. From there, they will load their materials and transport them. However, this may not be the right option for all jobs. Learn which projects are best for garbage collection services before using one for your concrete and asphalt removal needs.

BenefitsThings to consider
Heavy lifting is done for you. The price is subject to increase upon arrival.
Offers scheduled removal of your concrete or asphalt. You must be present for debris pickup.
Usually limited to 2 tons of debris.

5. Dispose of it yourself

whatYou have time and a van? You cánido dispose of concrete and asphalt yourself by driving it to the nearest landfill or transfer station. If you’re wondering where to pour concrete for free, some county landfills offer free dump days several times a year for local residents. If you escoge to pour concrete yourself, always check beforehand to make sure your local facility is open to the public and perro accept your materials.

BenefitsThings to Consider
Guaranteed removal option. Requires access to a truck.
Allows you to work at your own pace. The nearest landfill cánido be a long way away.
May require multiple trips.

How much does concrete and asphalt and debris removal cost?

The cost to dispose of concrete and asphalt depends on the amount of debris you are looking to remove and the method you choose.

For example, junk removal services often use bed load pricing structures for heavy construction debris like concrete. This means that you cánido only stack your materials about 1-1 1/2 feet high in your approximately 80 square foot trucks, allowing you to remove up to 2 tons for about $600.

In contrast, a 10-yard dumpster rental perro typically haul up to 10 tons of concrete at an average cost of $531. That means dumpster rental is often the most cost-effective option for disposing of large amounts of concrete or asphalt from larger projects, such as removing a driveway or replacing the sidewalk. To put it in perspective, a estándar 16 x 40 foot two car driveway cánido weigh about 8 tons, so you would have to make 4 trips with the garbage removal service instead of having a dumpster delivered direct. to your home.

Costs of Various Concrete Removal Options

Elimination Option Cost
Cost to Rent a 10 Yard Mixed Heavy Dumpster $531 on average, with prices ranging from $319 to $875.
Cost of a junk removal service About $235 for a quarter bed to $600 for a full bed.
Cost of pouring concrete yourself It costs between $32 and $40 per ton at most landfills. This does not include the cost of a truck rental, gasoline, and time spent transporting the materials.

Asphalt and concrete recycling options

If you’re wondering what to do with your old concrete or asphalt and would like to put your materials to good use, here are some options for recycling:

1. Take it to a concrete or landscaping supplier

Many of these suppliers gladly accept old concrete or asphalt. You cánido usually drop off your rubble at your facility, where it will be crushed and recycled into a new mix of concrete and concrete aggregates. This cánido be used as gravel and a base layer for paved surfaces such as roads and aparcamiento lots. Do an en línea search to find the best concrete recycling providers near you.

2. Call an asphalt milling service

For asphalt driveway removal, you perro call in asphalt milling professionals who will remove the top layer of asphalt and recycle it into new paving materials. The cost of asphalt milling is typically between $10 and $20 per ton.

3. Use it in your own garden

You perro also use recycled concrete, in blocks or chunks, in your garden. The cinder blocks perro be incorporated into a DIY fire pit or painted and used as a receptacle to plant the flowers. If you’ve broken up the concrete, you cánido use the jagged chunks to create a stone path through your mulch or to line your walkways.

4. Create a retaining wall or fence privacy

Wire cages called gabions cánido be filled with cinder blocks or broken concrete to create retaining walls. Gabions are typically used for construction and engineering, but perro also be used in patio gardens as privacy fencing. You cánido buy gabion baskets at most home supply stores or create your own using steel mesh and tie wire.

Concrete Debris Removal Frequently Asked Questions

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 Where to dump rubble near me |  The Guide
  Where to dump rubble near me |  The Guide
  Where to dump rubble near me |  The Guide

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