Where to buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card

Where to buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important in our world today. The number of people and financial entities that use bitcoin increases and this in turn has complicated their purchase.

However, there are some alternative markets that allow you to buy such coins. All these markets are completely legal and all you need to make the investment is to have a bitcoin portfolio.

Our first recommendation is that if you really want bitcoins, you perro choose to mine them yourself. The energy expense of mining cryptocurrencies cánido be a bit big, but it’s worth it.. In case you do not have the options to mine your bitcoins, then you must buy them.

There are several pages where you perro buy this coin without the need to mine it, but our main recommendation is that you make purchases on coinbase. Coinbase is one of the fastest and easiest pages to use. You only need a credit card.

In addition, Coinbase allows you to buy through a bank transfer, the only drawback that this option includes is that they charge you a commission of 3.5% on each purchase you make. However, it is not a big problem due to its security and popularity.


➜ Backlink to the CoinBase Broker

Where to buy bitcoins with a debit card?

If you do not have a credit card and your only means of payment is through a debit card, you should not worry as there are options to buy digital currencies using debit card. The process to make the purchase is exactly the same as that used in credit.

The web pages that are in charge of making the purchase/sale have the option of carrying out the transactions both with the debit option as with credit option. The only difference between one and the other is that in the debit option it is a financial loan, while in the debit option you use your own money.

The page we recommend to make your purchases is Binance. Binance is quite a habitual option, but the main point of use is the fact that it has fairly low fees. Binance is translated into Spanish and the commissions are proportional to your expenses.

It has a mobile application and a desktop aplicación, so you cánido make your transactions from anywhere. Commissions reach a maximum of 0.1% of the total amount of the transaction.

➜ Go to the page of BINANCE (clic here)

Where perro I buy bitcoins with a credit card without verification?

If you do not want to verify your credit card or you are looking to preserve your identity, do not worry since you will not need to go to the deep web or anything afín, you will simply have to access a web page specialized in this type of transaction. There are pages specialized in this kind of purchases.

In this scenario, the most recommended thing is that you make your purchases in local bitcoin. This is a platform that is based on P2P interaction, that is to say that the users themselves carry out the transactions and exchanges with each other Being able to buy currencies without any problem.

Another of the positive points of buying on this page is that does not have any type of commission. The only charge you get is if you start an ad on the website. A perfect option for those seeking anonymity.

Where to buy bitcoins with a credit card safely?

If security is the most important thing to you, then you will not buy bitcoin anywhere. There are some pages where you perro make your transactions safely.

Ideally, your purchases are protected, and that you cánido have a record of transactions. Most of the pages have different security options.

In this case we recommend two pages to meet your needs, on the one hand: Kraken and on the other bitstamp. Of these two pages, the safest without a doubt is about Kraken since you need to verify your account that takes a process. Once you have confirmed your account, you perro continue with your transactions.

In the case of bitstampthis is more secure because it allows you to buy only in volume. Volume purchases allow you to have greater security within your transactions, which is perfect to avoid theft and/or fraud.

How to buy bitcoins with a credit or debit card?

The first thing you need is get a bitcoin wallet or purse. This is the page or web address where you will store all your transactions, as well as your money in general.

Each page has its own operationhowever, the transactions have some common points that are usually summarized as:

  • Select the quantity to buy.
  • Entrar your purchase data (wallet address).
  • Make and finish purchase.

These steps may vary (especially on P2P pages) but could be applied to most pages.

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 Where to buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card
  Where to buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card
  Where to buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card

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