Where perro you weigh yourself for free? list of 10

Where perro you weigh yourself for free? list of 10

There are many reasons why you may need to weigh yourself, and it may not be practical to invest in a personal scale for your home.

You may need to know your weight to know if you weigh enough to donate blood.

Whatever the reason, when you’re looking for a place with a layover that you perro use for free, a number of companies offer this, and many likely have locations near you.

We list these places below.

Please note that these are general suggestions.

There is no way to know if an individual location has a scale available for public use – we recommend that you call ahead or visit the intended location to confirm that it has a scale.

What we recommend

We recommend visiting your nearest pharmacy, supermarket or department store for the best oportunidad of finding a scale that you perro use for free.

Pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens have patient-use scales that are often available to the public, and superstores (like Objetivo and Walmart) and department stores (like Dillard’s and Macy’s) They may have scale models in the housewares section that customers perro try for free.

Places like gyms also have scales you cánido use in the privacy of a locker room, and you perro visit several times a week, but you’ll need to pay for a gym membership to take advantage of the scales.

The list

The following locations have layovers available for use at little or no cost.

Usage requirements are usually not strict, but we have listed some helpful consejos for each location.

We also have information on the best way to track the layovers once you get there.

We’ve sorted the list starting with the places most likely to have accessible layovers, as well as those most likely to be free.



  • Usage requirements: None; These are free and you perro use them whenever the store is open.

    Pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS, and even grocery stores with pharmacies, like Walmart and Objetivo, often have free blood pressure machines.

    Newer models of these machines have a seat that functions as a ladder.

  • How to find them: To locate your nearest pharmacy, do a quick Google plus search for “pharmacies near me«.

    Inside the store, blood pressure machines are often near the pharmacy counter.


  • Usage requirements: None; Supermarkets that sell household scales often have floor models available for testing.
  • How to find them: Locate your nearest grocery store (such as Objetivo, Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond) and go to the home/bathroom section.


Department stores

  • Usage requirements: None; Department stores that sell household scales often have floor models available for customers to try.
  • How to find them: Locate your nearest department store (such as Dillard’s, JCPenney, Sears, or Macy’s) and go to the home or bath section.


Grocery stores

  • Usage requirements: The retro-style scales you’ll sometimes find in grocery stores often cost a quarter or two to use; however, some, such as those at Publix grocery stores, are free.
  • How to find them: To locate a grocery store near you, do a quick Google plus search for “grocery stores near me«.

    If a grocery store has a scale, it’s likely near the front entrance of the store.


Fitness centers

  • Usage requirements: To access everything a gym has to offer, including their scales, you’ll need to have a membership.

    However, you cánido ask for a tour and try the scale while you check out the locker room.

    It doesn’t hurt to stop and ask if you cánido weigh yourself quickly.

  • How to find them: To locate a gym near you, search for “fitness centers near me» in your favorite search engine.

    Inside a gym, you’ll likely find a scale in the bathroom/locker room.


Student Health Centers and Nursing Office

  • Usage requirements: If you’re in grade school, middle school, high school, or college, your nurse’s office or student health center likely has a scale.

    If you have no other reason to stop, you cánido simply ask the nurse if you cánido weigh yourself.

  • How to find them: If you are in elementary, middle, or high school, please go to the nurse’s office.

    If you’re in college, go to the nurse’s office or student health center.


Pet stores

  • Usage requirements: While pet store scales are for weighing animals, there are no rules against weighing yourself on such a scale, as long as it’s in an area that’s accessible to the public (and not in a restricted section, like the grooming area).

    or the veterinary area).

  • How to find them: To locate your nearest pet store (such as Petco or PetSmart), do a quick Google plus search for “pet stores near me«.



  • Usage requirements: Many hotels have bathroom scales in each individual room.

    While it’s not free to stay in a hotel, the scales in the bathrooms are free for guests to use.

    You perro take advantage of this free service the next time you book a ride.

  • How to find them: If your hotel room has a scale, it will be in the bathroom inside your room.

    You perro call your intended hotel prior to booking to confirm if you have layovers.


Hospitals and clinics

  • Usage requirements: Hospitals and clinics will often weigh you as part of the admission process.

    While you’ll need to have an appointment or the reason for your visit (which will likely result in you paying at least a copay), you perro take note of your weight during your next checkup.

  • How to find: To locate a nearby hospital or clinic, do a quick Google plus search for “medical clinics near me«.


Public toilets

  • Usage requirements: Some public restrooms in malls, movie theaters, and gas stations have scales for public use.

    Truck stops are likely your best bet – they usually offer additional services like showers, laundry, and scales along with restrooms.

  • How to find them: The next time you’re in a public restroom, look for a scale near the entrance.

    Availability will vary widely by location.

Places without scales or scales

If you’re still looking for a place to control your weight, you’re unlikely to find one at the following establishments:

  • pubs
  • Clothes shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Concert halls
  • hairdressers
  • Libraries
  • museums
  • nail salons
  • Restoranes

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 Where perro you weigh yourself for free?  list of 10
  Where perro you weigh yourself for free?  list of 10
  Where perro you weigh yourself for free?  list of 10

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