Where is it better to exchange money in Thailand?

Where is it better to exchange money in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most habitual destinations in Southeast Asia. This country is visited by a large number of tourists from other countries due to its fascinating natural landscapes, its temples full of mysticism and its highly varied and interesting culture. One of the first things that you have to solve if you escoge to travel to this country that is located in the Pacific Ocean is find where and how to exchange your local currency by thai bahts. This will allow you to exchange your currency for the habitual currency that allows us to move throughout the country in a natural way.

In this article we will focus specifically on the capital of Thailand: Bangkok. This is because it is the most important city in the country and the place where most international flights arrive. It is convenient to know where to exchange your currency for the Thai baht in a fairly fácil way to avoid scams and usury by people who only seek to take advantage of clueless tourists who do not know the local economy of the country.

Is it possible to change currency in Thailand WITHOUT commissions?

One of the first questions most tourists ask when visiting Thailand is Cánido monetary changes be made without paying an plus commission? This question is completely natural, since Thailand is a country that is adapted to tourism in a good way. There are many places where you cánido exchange your local currency for baht in Thailand. That you should keep in mind that there is always some kind of commission that has to be paid.

you always have to know what is the official exchange rate before arriving in the country. In this way you will always have an approximate of how good is the exchange rate that they will offer us in the different places of the country. If we do not have this government reference, they cánido easily take advantage of our ignorance and we will end up losing a large amount of money for it.

What is the best way to exchange currency in Thailand?

One of the first things you have to know is that you do not have to change your currency at the airport when you have just arrived in the country. It is even much easier to change your coins vía the Internet, since there are some specialized pages in which you simply select your coins and they will leave them at your doorstep without any type of additional commission and with a much higher exchange rate. more competitive than the country special.

Thailand is a country that is perfectly adapted to tourism. It is quite easy to change currencies in most tourist places. Ideally, the banknotes that we try to change are new euros, without any aparente damage. This is because otherwise the exchange house may refuse to change the ticket.

How much money to change to go to Thailand?

Although it may not seem like a fairly prudent amount of money to spend in Thailand, they are 1500 euros. Ideally, this amount would be broken down as follows:

  • 500 euros in lodging.
  • 400 euros in transportation (this includes plane tiques)
  • 300 euros in food
  • 40 euros in tiques
  • 170 euros in fun and leisure
  • 30 euros in coffee
  • The rest of the money to keep in case of emergencies.

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 Where is it better to exchange money in Thailand?
  Where is it better to exchange money in Thailand?
  Where is it better to exchange money in Thailand?

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