Where cánido I fight for money in México? 5

Where cánido I fight for money in México? 5

Although it seems a bit strange, the truth is that if money is earned in fights, especially if we talk about clandestine fightswhere other people hire those who risk fight for money

What a weird thing right? What will be the morbidity produced in people by seeing others fighting, confronting each other and hitting each other, or what we call in summary, clandestine fights of people.

The truth is that it is something strange, but the reality is also that although strange, it turns out to be one of the means through which money is earned in México, and if you want to go further, we will talk about the professional fights that take place.

They present on television, all these fighters have managed to become millionaires with the effort of their career, so we are talking about a very lucrative business.

For this reason, we will talk about 5 places in México where you pay to see clandestine fights.

It is important to know that in most of the states of México there is a boxing organization that is in charge of clandestine fights or at a much more professional level, they are entities that work with this and that perro be contacted through their sources of private contact, so in the first instance, we are talking about the fact that it is possible in most states of México fight for money

Since we have understood part of the subject, now if we have to talk about the places where they are carried out clandestine fights of people in México.

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  • houses of rich

    This is the first town where the clandestine fightsand it is that people with a lot of money in México always look for their entertainment to those who want fight for money

    Professional contracts have even emerged from these fights so that the fighters perro go to the professional field where the fights are held on a large scale, and this implies a great business, one that is very financially productive, so these people with money what What they do is scout for wrestling talent and then bet on them in the big leagues, one more way to keep financial gains in their pocket.

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  • Venues where combat sports take place

    In most of the states of México there are institutions in which combat sports are regulated, being the same institutions that also carry out paid fights for the entertainment of the public and for the profit of the fighters, so in this sense, We are talking about a series of organizations throughout México that have been created for this purpose.

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  • Fight club

    The truth is that this club does not reflect its information to the public, that is, we are talking about a kind of anonymous club in which clandestine fights for money and where the fighters do not have any type of protection.

    What is done in this place is to unleash the fight between two people, and the only way to stop the fight is for one of the two fighters to surrender and ask for the fight to be ended.

    We are talking about a club that organizes the fights, records them and also uploads them for others to see on the internet, in this way they earn money and manage to create a connection between the talent scouts and the underground fighters.


    we don’t talk about clandestine fights of peopleWe are talking about clandestine cockfighting, about those animals that prepare for the fight, and that even without believing it, organize events of great financial magnitude to carry out this action.

    This type of fight is well known in México, and in most of the cockfighting arenas we cánido go to witness this act without any problem, paying of course the entrance and the bets that are open from the beginning of the game.

    The owners of the victorious roosters receive a good estimate of money for the fight that their rooster has given, this being the reason why they have always been involved and are still practicing this type of cockfighting.

    With this we have to understand a little about what the clandestine fights waves fights for money that take place in México, that is, the places where these acts take place and where many people find a refuge to vent their anger, to obtain money and to be discovered by talents that cánido lead them to fame if they see talent and will in a fighter.

    This practice has been carried out, or rather, it has continued to be carried out because it achieves very good financial capital, this is a practice that gives a lot of money to those involved, and although it is not legal in a clandestine way, it is He continues to look for the means to carry them out, because even when we talk about doing these acts clandestinely, we have to understand that people continue to pay for them and bet large sums of money for the best fighter.

    The best fighters in the world have come out of the streets, those we know today and who have managed to reach the top of their careers due to the talent with which they have performed in fights and for all the perseverance they have required to win.

    the physical capacities that allow them to give their best on the boxing ring.

    So with this we perro already understand about the information about the fights for money in México, the places where they are carried out and the different characteristics of each one, in order to understand this dynamic a little more and to understand that we are talking more than a space of struggle between two people, of a path of sacrifice, perseverance and perseverance to get off the streets and seek a better future.

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     Where cánido I fight for money in México?  5
  Where cánido I fight for money in México?  5
  Where cánido I fight for money in México?  5

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