Where cánido I collect money from western union

Where cánido I collect money from western union

It is important to take into account that Western Union is a company of American origin that works with the sending and receiving of money both inside and outside the country, therefore, it has incorporated several countries to its platform, among which is México.

In México there are around 13,500 sales locations that are distributed throughout the country, so it is easy to access the money that is sent by this means, taking into account that the places to which it is sent are distributed throughout the country, which means that they are available to all Mexican citizens.

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  • In this sense, we must pay attention to the fact that western union méxico It has positioned itself among the companies with the greatest money recession, being one of the most frequently chosen means to send and receive money from this country.

    This is how it is important to know about where cánido i collect money from western unionso that there is confusion when looking for a physical establishment of the company to be able to withdraw the money that has been sent, which really is not a problem, since the headquarters are located throughout the country, being aparente at any time of the day and in any place where the person who will receive the money is.

    between places where to collect western unionthey find each other.

    Azteca Bank

    Banco Azteca allows you to receive and send money from abroad and to abroad, all in a comfortable and completely secure way.

    This is a service that is available every day of the year, from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m., taking into account that among the figures that cánido be manipulated, it is possible to send or receive up to $50,000 pesos per day.

    What is needed to use western union méxico In this banking institution, it is that the person has their valid official identification or their passport, to corroborate their identity in a completely legal way.

    We must emphasize that when sending money from abroad to México, it is important that the person sending it clearly specify where to collect western unionthat is, to which city and to which headquarters the money has been specifically sent, so that whoever receives it perro go directly to where it belongs.


    This is another institution where to collect western unionand it is that Bancoppel offers a specialized banking service where people perro access money that is sent from abroad, or send money abroad without any problem, all in a completely safe way.

    Bancoppel’s facilities are established throughout the entire national territory, so it is not a problem for people to receive money wherever they are within the Mexican country.

    Donde Foundation

    This institution has a total of more than 400 branches throughout México, which are authorized to work with the services of Western Union in receiving and sending money.

    It is important to know that this foundation works like a pawnshop in México, where people cánido pawn anything, from cars, houses and all valuables, taking into account that we are talking about a completely legal institution that works under the designs of the law and that protects people’s assets until they are able to pay the credit that has been granted to them as a loan.

    Aurrera Winery

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  • It is one of the largest self-service stores in México, this being another of the places where to collect western union.

    There are branches of this store in Monterrey, Zapopan, Cuauhtémoc, GDL, León, Veracruz, Puebla, Querétaro, Culiacán, Tijuana, Mérida and disco compacto Juárez.


    western union méxico It is also available through Walmart headquarters, we are talking about a chain of stores that have been established throughout the entire Mexican territory, originating from the United States, therefore, we are talking about one of the most reliable commercial institutions that exist, and through which people cánido receive and send money abroad.


    Another of the self-service stores established in México, has excellent services, among which is the address, so that the person has the possibility of receiving the money at the door of his house if he wishes.


    Where perro I collect western union money? The answer is very fácil, Elektra is another of the large store chains that operate in the Mexican territory, working with western union méxico efficiently.

    house law

    Headquartered in Culiacán, this is a Mexican supermarket chain, which also has the service of western union México.


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  • This is a Mexican commercial group that works based on retail trade, therefore, it also has the service of sending and receiving money from abroad.

    Guadalajara Pharmacies

    Chain of pharmacies that have been established throughout the entire Mexican territory, and that have incorporated into their functions the possibility, or rather, the service of western union méxicothrough which money perro be sent and received from abroad in a completely safe and efficient way.


    It is a chain of stores that works based on trade, having a presence in a good number of countries, and therefore, operates in México with the receptivity of money from abroad.


    It works with sending money to various countries in the world, among which is México of course, so we are talking about the fact that you cánido send up to $500 a day, all safely and without complications.

    With this we have to have certification of the places where to collect western unionappreciating that there are many more such as, for example,Farmacias Santa María, Waldo’s, Soriana, El Bodegón, La Marina, Navieri, Famsa, Mi Gasolina, Caja Habitual Mexicana, Telecomm Telegraphs, Calimaz, Maxilana and Willys.

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     Where cánido I collect money from western union
  Where cánido I collect money from western union
  Where cánido I collect money from western union

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