Where are there Cryptocurrency ATMs in

Where are there Cryptocurrency ATMs in

Fortunately, Spain cánido be said to be one of the countries with the most ATMs with functions that include the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, this means that people perro carry out operations with Bitcoin quickly and reliably. Surely you have not yet seen any ATM of this type, but we are going to espectáculo you in where are there cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain and how to use them.

How do cryptocurrency ATMs work in Spain?

A ATM With functions for cryptocurrencies, it looks like any other ATM, except that these devices allow you to perform two operations: buy or sell cryptocurrencywhich in most cases is Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin with an ATM

The bitcoin purchase It is very fácil through an ATM, contrary to what you may think. This takes place in three easy steps after which you will have Bitcoins in your personal wallet:

  • Verify on the cashier screen what is the rate of the day regarding the purchase of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrencyif this rate suits you, entrar the amount in euros that you want to buy in Bitcoin.
  • He ATM will ask you to entrar a Bitcoin address to which to send the net amount you have purchased, make sure to write it correctly, respecting its upper and lower case letters.
  • When the address is confirmed to exist and the purchase order is executed the ATM automatically sends the cryptocurrency to your wallet.

Before performing this operation you must have created a wallet in the cryptocurrency you wish to buy. If, for example, the cryptocurrency ATM gives you the option to buy Ethereum, you will not be able to entrar your Bitcoin wallet address (or vice versa).

You will need to create an Ethereum wallet address first since the addresses of the different cryptocurrencies are not coincidente with each other and you could lose the deposited funds if you send to an incorrect address.

Sale of Bitcoin through ATM

With a ATM of cryptocurrencies you will also be able to sell Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies. To carry out this transaction first it is necessary to register on the electronic ATM platform so that he cánido send a confirmation text message when he wants to carry out sales operations, although some ATMs simply provide a receipt address where you must send your BTC.

The detailed steps are the following:

  • If you want to sell you will have to select the option “Sell” after reviewing the rate at which BTC or other cryptocurrencies are being purchased. After this, if you have registered in the ATM buying and selling network a text message will be sent to your mobilewhich contains a code that you must entrar at the ATM to continue.
  • If the ATM does not ask for this verification or you have already done it, then you will be shown a QR code, barcode or the wallet address where to send your cryptocurrency to the ATM. The simplest thing would be to scan with your mobile the code that the cashier espectáculos you in order to send the funds with the aplicación you use to store your cryptocurrencies.
  • It will take a few minutes until the ATM confirms the sending of the cryptocurrency, in this case the Bitcoin, after which the transfer will be confirmed and the cashier will issue the money in cash.

Where are there crypto ATMs in Spain?

Throughout Spain there are approximately 80 cryptocurrency ATMs distributed around the main cities.

In Barcelona alone there are more than 20 ATMs of this type, followed by La capital de españawith more than 10, Malaga and Majorca with 8 and in Seville and Valencia you cánido find 5 crypto ATMs. Other cities that have some ATMs of this type are Marbellawith three cashiers and adeje and Murcia with two units.

Due to COVID-19, the expansion of the cryptocurrency market has experienced a constant expansion in Spain as people sought payment alternatives with which they did not have to leave home. In addition, the immediacy of transactions makes it possible to make payments quickly in commercial establishmentsso little by little they are becoming commonplace in the Spanish market.

It is expected that the number of these cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain will constantly increase, since more and more people carry out transactions in Bitcoin, Tether, ethereum among other cryptocurrencies. The addresses of some cryptocurrency ATMs in the main Spanish cities are the following:

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ATMs in La capital de españa

In La capital de españa there are many ATMs of this type and you perro find some of the most central ones in:

  • Diego de León, Plaza de Toros number 26.
  • Cruz del Sur, The Star number 1.
  • Miss Engracia at Alonso Cano number 36.
  • Recorrido la Castellana Shopping Center number 200.
  • Cartagena street number 26.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ATMs in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities with the most Bitcoin ATMs In Spain, you perro find ATMs of this type in these locations:

  • Spanya Square railway station.
  • Rio de Janeiro Avenue, 42, Heron City Shopping Center.
  • Galileu, Sants number 11.
  • Arc de Triomphe in calle Sant Pere mes Baix number 65.

Other ways to find Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain

If you are in another city or these addresses are not very close to you, you perro always search for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin ATMs in Spain through search services as they are Coin ATM Radar and bitbasewhich are Bitcoin ATM search engines among other cryptos with constantly updated information.

Now you know how cryptocurrency ATMs work and where you perro find them.

Tell us about your experience. Does this method of depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies give you confidence or have you already used it? We read you in comments.

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 Where are there Cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Where are there Cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Where are there Cryptocurrency ATMs in

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