Where are Cryptocurrency ATMs in

Where are Cryptocurrency ATMs in

He Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies, it is being a reliable alternative for thousands of young entrepreneurs (and not so young) both to save and invest in the medium and long term. Not counting the possibility of cryptocurrency trading and instant payment with cryptocurrencies regardless of where you are in the world. We are going to teach you in where are cryptocurrency ATMs in the United States and which companies manage them.

Firms and cities of Cryptocurrency ATMs in the United States

At the time this article is written, they are already 3,900 Cryptocurrency ATMs successfully installed in the United Stateswhich are more than half installed worldwide, since there are 6,380 in total, but they are constantly expanding.

It is habitual that in Latin American countries with not so much presence of these ATMs, their installation constitutes a monopoly for a company, as is the case with Athena crypto ATMs. But, in the United States the situation is completely different, since it would be very difficult for a single company to cover the entire area of ​​this country.

In the US, the firms in charge of installing cryptocurrency ATMs are bitcoin america, bitcoindepot, bit stop and there is also a strong presence of ATMs Athena.

❯❯❯ The first of these firms, bitcoin americait is a company that was born thanks to the success of the incursion of Bitcoin into the world economy. This company is entirely dedicated to carrying out operations with Bitcoin. The novelty of this signature is that each transaction includes the date and time it was executed, thus allowing unparalleled transparency.

This company is fully regulated by the United States Government in its financial affairs, so every person to use their ATMs or web services to buy and sell Bitcoin you must register first with your identification to proceed to operate.

Something unique in the cryptocurrency ATMs of bitcoin america the thing is make it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through Paypal and credit card, no matter that the amount you are going to buy is less than 100USD. According to the company, it is to make BTC trading more maleable, making it possible for anyone to buy this digital currency.

Finally, Athena It allows you to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies, being a quick process, although it requires registration at the same ATM. Once you are registered in a minute you will have made your transaction.

❯❯❯ But other companies like bitcoindepot They are not left behind since the operating system of their ATMs he is extremely fast and agilemaking it one of the preferred methods for buying and selling this digital currency (they only work with Bitcoin).

Where to find crypto ATMs in the United States

In the United States there are thousands of ATMs to make all kinds of movements with cryptocurrencies. Naming several places where you cánido find one becomes somewhat useless since this ATM that we recommend may be thousands of kilometers from you if you are in this country.

For this reason tools like Coin ATM Radar They cánido be extremely useful, since depending on the address you entrar, this application will indicate which is the closest cryptocurrency ATM to you.

What is the price of Bitcoin in the US?

The price of Bitcoin is normally expressed in dollars since the technology that gave rise to it is American. A Bitcoin has a highly volatile pricewhich means that this week it perro have a value of 15 thousand dollars and next week this price perro go down to 10 thousand and even less (or more).

The price of Bitcoin over the years has fluctuated in the following ranges:

  • 2015: the price of Bitcoin rose from the 200 to the 504USD.
  • 2016: the price of Bitcoin was between the 450 and 979USD.
  • 2017: during 2017 the price of Bitcoin had an impressive rise from 750 to 19,783USD, which is one of its all-time highs.
  • 2018: during 2018 bitcoin had a low volatility, its price being between the 3,300 and 6,300USD.
  • 2019: during 2019 Bitcoin had high prices between 5,500 and a little more than 8,000USD per unit.
  • 2020: During 2010 the trend of 2019 was repeated, but with less volatility, placing the value of BTC among the 8,000 and 15,000 later this year.

How to buy cryptocurrencies in the United States?

In the United States there are dozens of options to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, some cheaper than others, as well as safe, so we are going to explain how to buy Bitcoin with two very habitual options:

Buy Bitcoin through 7-Eleven stores

7-Eleven stores are distributed throughout the United States and now offer the option to buy Bitcoin. Buying exclusively this cryptocurrency is as fácil as request the service, supply the QR code of your wallet and pay in cash the amount of Bitcoin to buy including the commission for the service. There are currently 8,000 7-Eleven stores in the States.

Buy Bitcoin through CVS Pharmacy

The CVS Pharmacy chain of pharmacies is also included in the agreement that allows large chain stores such as 7-Eleven to sell Bitcoin, in fact, CVS pharmacies They have about 9 thousand branches in the United Statesso it offers greater comfort when wanting to buy Bitcoin with cash.

LocalBitcoin Platform

At LocalBitcoin you perro buy Bitcoin not only with cash (prior agreement with the merchant so that you go to the place of business) but you will also be able to buy Bitcoin with electronic wallets such as PayPal, Payonner either Uphold In addition to many other methods such as through other cryptocurrencies or Gift Cards of different services, to name just two.

What forecast is there for Bitcoin in the USA?

The United States has been implementing laws to regulate Bitcoin for several years now, however, the measures to be implemented are not difficult to develop throughout the territory of this country since each US state has its own laws governing digital or intangible assets.

Currently, buying and selling Bitcoin in the United States is perfectly legal since the State has named this currency as a “currency convertible intangible digital asset”, which is why it is accepted as a “digital value” within the USA.

Currently, different banks and business systems are evolving to accept Bitcoin as another value, even if it is not tangible. In fact, according to several surveys, Bitcoin is gradually displacing gold as a savings value, since it young people prefer to buy Bitcoin.

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies are the new digital currencies, no big commissions by immediate transfer, without import the country to which they are sent and it is a highly secure payment method.

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 Where are Cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Where are Cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Where are Cryptocurrency ATMs in

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