When it is convenient to collect

When it is convenient to collect

Good morning friends! It’s been a few days since I wrote, something strange for me, but when these dates arrive, many of you will know that they are exam dates.

I have been wanting to write this articulo for a long time.

Today I am not going to talk about any new page.

if not of when it is convenient to charge of our different applications and pages in which we are registered.

This, although it seems not, is a very important point when it comes to earning money en línea, because it is that our effort is used in the best way that decision depends on.

Many times we get blind and collect the money in the aplicación on duty or on any page as soon as we reach the minimum.

Big mistake.

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If the page is verified and there are enough proofs of payment, it is habitual to wait a little longer and charge every month or after a couple of months.

This is more positive for our interests:

Clixsense for example.

One of the best and most proven PTC, paying since 2008.

It is not convenient for us to charge at the first exchange, since if we complete all the tasks, they will give us 16% more, always with respect to the amount we have in the account .

You cánido read it in their FAQ: Applications like Appbounty (you perro read the articulo I wrote here).

In this application, it is convenient to wait a little longer.

You will see:

  • 5000 coins you perro collect 2 dollars
  • 10000 coins you cánido collect 5 dollars
  • 19000 coins you perro collect 10 dollars
  • 36000 coins you perro collect 20 dollars

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The thing is clear right? It is this case when it is convenient to charge is quite clear.

Although we have to wait a little longer, it is convenient to wait until we reach 36,000 coins to collect 20 dollars.

In AppKarma the thing is the same:

  • 4000 Karma Points equals 3 dollars
  • 5500 Karma Points equals 5 dollars
  • 10000 karma points equals 10 dollars

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However, in my favorite application, CashPirate, it doesn’t matter when we get paid, since it’s not exponential, that is, the more points we get, we won’t get paid more, we will do it perhaps because we have a more “fit” amount.

In this image we will see it better:

And this is all friends, I hope this little reflection will help you, in future “deliveries” we will talk about new pages to earn money en línea, payment tests and everything related to this world.

Greetings friends!!

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 When it is convenient to collect
  When it is convenient to collect
  When it is convenient to collect

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