WhatsApp or Wasap How do you write?

WhatsApp or Wasap How do you write?

whatWhatsApp or WhatsApp?

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What is the correct expression that should be in your texts?

Due to the great popularity of this application, many people have tended to abbreviate or misspell the word.

✅ Keep the following in mind:

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  • “WhatsApp” = is the valid way of writing the spelling, it refers to the application used by teléfonos inteligentes to send messages or calls.
  • “Wasap” = would be a misspelling to avoid.
  • WhatsApp It is a word that is born from the mixture between the English terms of “what’s up?” which means “what’s up?” or “how are you doing?” and “aplicación” of application to Spanish.

Here are some examples:

  • You do not have whatsapp?
  • I only use WhatsApp to talk to my friends.

Is it valid to use the expressions guasap, guasapear or wasap, wasapear?

Due to the immense approval that the WhatsApp application has had, many people have altered the original word to allude to the actions carried out within the aplicación.

“Wasap” or in its plural form “wasaps” refers to the act of sending messages, on the other hand, wasapear would be the exchange of messages with someone.

Here are some examples:

  • I am going to appear in the group to see who is going to come.
  • Send Enrique a wasap to let him know that we are arriving.

The variants of guasap and its plural form guasaps, as well as guasapear to allude to the exchange of messages, are “valid” possibilities imposed by people.

Likewise, these terms are not recommended because they distance themselves from the similarity with the original name of the brand.

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 WhatsApp or Wasap How do you write?
  WhatsApp or Wasap How do you write?
  WhatsApp or Wasap How do you write?

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