What types of texts exist and what are the

What types of texts exist and what are the

Today, one of the most common forms of communication that we have on the Internet is through the text format and its different types, some of which I will espectáculo you in this article.

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And it is that each type of text has a structure and style determined, as well as some specific characteristics, which make us have to use them strategically in the digital world, either to sell, answer questions or simply inform.

If you learn to use these types of texts that you are going to see in a professional way, you will be able to apply them to the contents of your business Blog and thus be able to better detalla the benefits of your products, cautiva your customers and, ultimately, meet your proposed objectives.

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What are the types of texts that exist?

Without further ado, I will espectáculo you all of them.

Each one has a way of communicating, which means that not all will help you for whatever you have in mind, but in any case, it is essential that you at least know that they exist.

But don’t worry, once you understand the communication purpose of all of them, I’m sure you’ll pick the right one for your newsrooms:

1. Descriptive Text

Descriptive texts are intended to explain a topic and are usually used to publicize the value proposition that we perro offer through a product or service.

The language is very direct, which is why we make the potential client understand what they cánido achieve through what we present.

We get this content very often on eCommerce platforms or en línea stores, where we see that their texts tell us about the characteristics and advantages of their products.

2. Expository Text

Expository texts have the task of espectáculo something without the need to dig deeper in criticism. This cánido be easily applied when we use a reference from a literary author.

We expose an iniciativa, but without the need to fall into a logical analysis. It also applies when we communicate our own thought in order to demonstrate more credibility.

3. Scientific Text

Scientific texts are formed by a logical and realistic investigationare usually supported by statistics, reports and investigations carried out by other authorities in the area.

These texts must be corroborated to gain the reliability of the reader based on true facts.

4. Argumentative Text

Argumentative texts are widely used to persuade the reader and whose intention is clarify something in our text to win the approval of the receiver.

The objective of this text is to let the person know what they cánido achieve through what we expose.

This type of content is widely used in the world of digital marketing.

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5. Narrative Text

Narrative texts aim tell a story, either real or fictionalbut referring to a specific problem.

This technique helps you a lot to empathize on another level with your reader if you use it well.

The method is tell a story where our reader is the main characterexperiences a problem and with our help (whether it is a product or service) manages to overcome it.

6. Literary Text

Literary texts are more focused on a artistic and witty style, such as poetrystories, fables, etcétera.

All this with the characteristic of entertaining the reader.

Although all content of this type is literary writing, it cánido be perceived as “more literary” because of the way it is expressed.

7. Advertising Text

Advertising texts have a unique way of persuading the reader, to recognize a need and purchase the product exposed.

They are widely used in the digital world, but with the difference of being written by professionals who in turn use advanced writing techniques.

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8. Instructional Text

The instructional texts are intended to help the reader to do something specificsuch as cooking.

The tutorials are those guides that give us the step by step to carry out anything, and that They must be written in a very didactic wayso that they cánido be understandable by all readers.

9. Historical Text

Historical texts are facts lived by humanity that made our present what we know today.

Focused more than anything on the great characters exposed in bibliographies, national days, cultural tributes, etcétera.

Legal texts are used in the area of ​​law, they are written in a complex way with a more objective reading intention than any other type of text.

are used in contracts or legal documents and they are treated with great authority.

11. Digital Text

Digital texts are all those contents that we read or provide and have a wide variety of production, for example, on popular networks, in our dirección de correo electrónico, when reading a Blog or an eBook, etcétera.

These texts are characterized by being quick to prepare and deliver.

And in this era they are the texts we live with every day.

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12. Journalistic Text

The journalistic texts are based on a current event and exercise with an appropriate characteristic for promote energetic, low period activity.

That is, they do not usually include “evergreen” type content or one that is highly valid over time.

There are also occasions where they are used for other purposes.

Management of corporate weblogs

Position your Brand on the Internet, gain organic visibility in search engines, get more customers and retain current ones.



Writing just like speaking is a very powerful technique if you learn to master it, which perro give you incredible results when it comes to getting a benefit from the reader.

This benefit cánido be both financial and loyalty.

Now that you know all the types of texts that exist and how each one is expressed. You cánido take the ones that best suit your strategy as a reference and start implementing them in your texts, I assure you that you will get amazing results.

Has this information been useful to you?

Do you know any other type of text, apart from the ones I have shown you?

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Share it with me in the comments, as well as this article on your popular networks, so that other people perro apply these texts in their digital projects.


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 What types of texts exist and what are the
  What types of texts exist and what are the
  What types of texts exist and what are the

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