What to sell on Wallapop to Earn Money?

What to sell on Wallapop to Earn Money?

if you seek to know how to sell and grow on Wallapop, what steps to follow and how to solve your doubts. You are in the right place. Through this article you will learn everything you need about Wallapop to sell all those things you no longer need and in this way get some plus money, which never hurts.

The things that sell the most on Wallapop

In mid-2019, Wallapop published a report where it revealed the best-selling second-hand products on its platform, products related to the home, fashion and electronics, headed transactions between users.

The reason is fácil, people tend to buy things that have more to do with their functionality than with their use. In this sense, chairs, tables and furniture, and many more, are bought for their condition and image rather than for their time of use.

As for fashion, the situation is afín, especially when it comes to gala dresses that, on occasions, women have worn only a couple of times.

For the month of April 2019, sales in the fashion section led the platform, exceeding more than 200,000 sales.

So, if you have any piece of furniture, clothing or appliance that you don’t need, in Wallapop surely there is someone who does!

Some of the things that are sold the most in Wallapop are:

  • Shoes.
  • sofas.
  • Baby clothes (Especially those of the first months that are lost so quickly!).
  • Bikes.
  • Teléfonos inteligentes.
  • televisions.
  • Books.
  • Clothing accessories (earrings, necklaces, watches, etcétera.).

If what you are looking to sell is not on this list, no problem, upload your product to the platform and you will be surprised by the number of people, it has already happened to many users.

Tricks to sell faster on Wallapop

Now, you may have difficulties selling a product. Competition is plentiful and the product may not be right positioned.

We do not promise you magic recipes, but if you want to sell more and better with Wallapop, these consejos will be of great help:

Locate yourself in a strategic place

Remember that Wallapop works with geolocationIf you are in a remote place, people will not buy from you because you will not appear within their search “radius”.

So locate your profile in the best place (as long as you cánido travel there to finalize the sale): if you live in a town, register in the city, it’s that fácil.

Use good photos

And although it is logical, many users lose sight of this, thinking that it is not important. Always always take some good picturesGood lighting and presentation. people do scroll faster than you imagine, so if you don’t capture attention with the image you present you will lose them.

Use good texts

The description of your product and the way you present it also impact your potential buyers, launch a hook from the beginning and don’t waste a single word.

ask yourself this question: How perro I present this product as an irreprimible offer?

Maybe you cánido ask about Copywriting and look for examples of good sales related to your product, think about what are the benefits that your client will acquire if they make the purchase and present these benefits attractively.

Equipo good prices

Equipo prices that benefit you and your potential customers, see how much the new product is worth and, even if it hurts, discount 40 or 50% of the price. Keep in mind that when people buy second-hand products, the price is a very important aspecto.

To get an iniciativa of ​​how much you perro offer, you perro also search for the product that other users sell and verify what prices are handled within Wallapop.

Once you make a sale, request a recommendation

If you have made sales, try to grow through them with the recommendations of your customers, this will generate more trust to other users and you will be able to grow within the platform.

Make shipments

You perro reach more people and grow in abundance on this platform if you go beyond the limits of the geographical area. While it is true that Wallapop was created with another iniciativa in mind, it does not orinan that you are limited to this iniciativa. The reality is that there is a notable number of users who make various sales in this way.

Wallapop has wallapay, a secure en línea payment system that works through its application. In this application there is the option to pay and send the products with your delivery service.

Here we leave you a nice vídeo of how Wallapay works:

Take advantage of the hours with the most en línea traffic

Articulo strategically, at times when there are more people connected: breakfast, lunch and, especially, dinner times. Locate yourself in that range of hours and you will acquire greater visibility.

The days are also important, think: when do people have the most time to look for that product they need so much? Logically in their days freeTherefore, take advantage of weekends and holidays.

Does Wallapop charge a commission for selling?

In the case of using Wallapay, there is a commission to pay that ranges between €0.99 and €6.99 depending on the cost of the product you are selling (Wallapay has a limit of €500).

By example: if you sell a €35 product, you will only have to pay €0.99 and if you sell a €500 product, you will have to pay that €6.99. What exists between these values ​​will vary according to its price. In this case, this commission is paid by the buyer and not by the seller.

The transactions made in person They do not charge commissions for users, this is one of the things that makes this platform so wonderful.

How product shipments work

As we have previously mentioned, the Wallapay aplicación has an integrated shipment, these shipments have a fixed cost of €2.99 assumed by the buyer given the case. To have this option it is necessary to cancel the product through the application.

In the event that both parties wish to carry out the transaction outside the application, they perro talk and reach an agreement, using some type of delivery system of their choice.


In the article that I backlink to you below, you perro learn how to use wallapop in 2023.

But if you prefer not to go and see it on vídeo, here it is:

Perro you sell on Wallapop from your computer?

Officially, Wallapop works only as an application, that is, you must use it as an Android or iOS application. Now, if you find it absolutely necessary to use it from your computer, you perro take a shortcut…

It is about using a emulatorfor example, bluestackswhich allows you to “emulate” the Android operating system from your computer and thus use this and other mobile applications.

Once you have the emulator running, you just have to use it as if it were running on a móvil inteligente.

We have come this far, we hope we have answered all your questions about Wallapop, and, above all, that you have already decided to sell those things that have no function in your home.

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 What to sell on Wallapop to Earn Money?
  What to sell on Wallapop to Earn Money?
  What to sell on Wallapop to Earn Money?

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