What to do when you get paid with a bill

What to do when you get paid with a bill

When we constantly handle cash, one of the risks is staying or paying with a counterfeit bill. It is that the counterfeit banknotes business continues to boom everywhere, even in Europe where they have come to find more than 450,000 counterfeit banknotes which were withdrawn from circulation by the European Central Bank.

The most counterfeited bills are those of 5, 10, 20 and up to 50 euros which are those with the greatest circulation and which are few reviewed by people.

Although companies and banks have systems in place to identify them, there are times when even these systems perro fail and that ticket could end up in your hands. If this is so, these are the steps you have to follow.

How to identify a counterfeit bill?

The ideal is always to have a counterfeit bill descubridor and in this way save yourself the headache of checking each ticket. But in case you cannot count on one, it is important to learn to distinguish it on your own.

First of all, you should know that the banknotes are made from cotton fiber, therefore, their surface should be rough to the touch and resistant when touched. Even if you pay attention or run your fingernail gently you will be able to notice the relief printing system which is used in the graphic characters and the figure on the obverse.

Also remember that banknotes have other distinctive features that are not usually seen with the naked eye. The first is the watermark that indicates the value of the ticket and that is received gradually, the second is what is called match reasonwhich is when looking from both sides they form the number of the bill.

And the third and most obvious, the security thread embedded in the paper and which cánido be seen in the central part and the dots, which in the lower value banknotes perro be seen in the band on the right side.

in bills of 5, 10 and 20 euros the image of the holographic band on the right changes when turned, from the value of the banknote to the euro symbol. While in those of 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros the image of the hologram changes when it is rotated, it becomes the representation of a door or a window, with some concentric circles in the background and microtexts.

Where cánido you change a counterfeit bill?

In case of having received a ticket that does not pass the aforementioned tests, it is the duty of the citizen Present that bill at any of the Banco de España branches or send it directly by certified e-e correo electrónico to the National Analysis Center.

It also perro go to any bank to ensure its authenticity. The bank is obliged to retain all banknotes that it believes may be counterfeit; will send it to the National Analysis Center of the Bank of Spain for evaluation.

In any of the cases, you cánido request a receipt and provide personal data, since if the ticket turns out to be true, they will be returned to the citizen in your checking account.

What to do when they pay us a counterfeit bill?

Although the probability of receiving a counterfeit bill It is remote, since it is estimated that there are 17 counterfeit bills for every true million, even so, you must be careful when making cash transactions.

If you manage to detect at the moment that you are receiving a counterfeit bill, you should inform the other party and not accept it. In case you have detected the counterfeit in a subsequent review, you must follow the steps that we detailed above.

If you notice that the number of counterfeit bills is noticeable, it is recommended archivo a complaint with the police so that the bodies and security forces of the State are aware of the situation.

Consejos to prevent being given counterfeit bills.

Here are some consejos you perro follow to avoid falling for the counterfeit bill scam.

Do not change tiques to unknown or unreliable people.

On many occasions, the way that counterfeiters put that counterfeit money into circulation is through ticket exchanges on public roadswith the excuse of offering “change”, that is, low-denomination bills to make minor purchases.

These scammers perro get a high-denomination legal bill in exchange for several counterfeit bills of a few euros.

Do not receive large sums of money on paper.

This is of escencial importance, especially among transactions between individuals. While it is often tempting to carry large sums of cash, it is also often the opportunity for counterfeit banknotes to go unnoticed.

It is advisable to do this type of operation using transactions or have the presence of a notary.

Buy a counterfeit descubridor.

If you manage a constant flow of cash for work reasons, it is best to have a counterfeit descubridor that is approved by the CE. All these devices have a 3-year warranty and programa updates are free.

In this way, in a matter of seconds it will be possible to fully verify if it is a scam and, if so, report counterfeit bills.

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 What to do when you get paid with a bill
  What to do when you get paid with a bill
  What to do when you get paid with a bill

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