What to do when you don’t get paid an invoice?

What to do when you don’t get paid an invoice?

While an employed worker must wait until the end of the month to receive his pay, for self employed It is not so fácil, because they must emit bills for the services provided to their clients and in some cases they do not have the fortune to collect in a timely manner.

Although this uncomfortable situation is not usually a constant, there is always a moment in the life of every freelancer in which they have to face it. The causes perro be various and this is where doubts about How should you proceed to be able to collect them?.

That is why we have prepared this articulo for all the self-employed and what are the corresponding legal actions in a situation of non-payment of invoices.

How to claim an invoice to a customer?

If at the time of expiration you have not heard from the client, the first thing you should do is contact him either by phone or correo electrónico and know the reason why the payment has not yet been made.

If the reason is lack of liquidityan agreement perro be reached to divide the payment or even to obtain compensation in exchange for products or services offered by the client.

If we perro’t reach an agreement or the customer doesn’t respond to our attempts to contact them, you perro send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt referring to the unpaid invoice. In this way, as a self-employed person, you record that you have claimed the unpaid invoice.

The next step, in case you do not receive the payment of the invoice is to send a burofax to demand immediate payment or else will be undertaken legal actions. Both the certified letter and the burofax serve as proof before the judge that all the necessary legal steps have been followed to claim the payment.

Once the friendly claim channels have been exhausted, it is time for the justice come into play to achieve the collection of the debt. If the debt is less than €2,000, you perro undertake a monitoring procedure benefit from the free justice. In this case, it will be the court clerk himself who assesses the case and the judge who makes the decision.

If it exceeds this amount, it is mandatory that you go to court accompanied by a lawyer or a attorney. In the event that the debtor insists on non-payment, justice may proceed to seize his assets.

How long is there to claim payment of an invoice?

It is important to bring a exhaustive control of each invoice so that one that has not been collected is not overlooked for a long time. The times for the claim depend exclusively on what you have indicated when issuing the invoice.

It is very important to establish, in addition to the amount, the payment method and the period to pay it. If you do not indicate the due date, claiming the payment cánido become complicated.

The claim must be made before 3 years, since After this time, no type of claim is accepted by the courts.

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 What to do when you don't get paid an invoice?
  What to do when you don't get paid an invoice?
  What to do when you don't get paid an invoice?

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