What to do when the card expires

What to do when the card expires

A situation that you have most likely experienced at least once (or perhaps is about to experience) is related to the expiration of your credit card.

Once elapsed four years from the issuance of your credit card “expires” and therefore you should change it.

This process by which your card expires does not orinan that the card is ruined and stops working (although in the case of those that work with a chip they perro be damaged over the years due to their use), but it is a A way of Avoid scams and fraud.

If your credit card has expired, you have to go to the bank and ask them to issue a new onein addition to encuentro some requirements for your application.

We will talk about just those requirements today.

Cánido I use the credit card if it is expired?

One of the main doubts is whether you perro use your credit card even when it has expired. The answer we cánido give you is no.

The truth is that the credit card is deactivated just on the last day of the month in which your credit card has its expiration date.

That is, if your credit card expires in November 2024, as of November 1 of that year your card will stop working.

Your card will expire whether or not it is linked to other services such as uso contínuo, if you try to make physical purchases, purchases in en línea stores or if you have it included in a virtual wallet such as PayPal or Payoneer.

If your card has expired, the only way you cánido use it again is by replacing it with a new one issued by the bank.

When you request a replacement, it is not a duplicate of your expired card, but rather a different card with another number, another pin, and obviously a new expiration date.

How to renew my expired credit card

If your credit or debit card has expired, You have to renew it to be able to continue using it.

In case of not renewing your card, you will have the inconvenience that you will not be able to do anything with the money you have in your accountleaving your money useless.

The easiest way you have to renew your credit card is, among others, going to your nearest bank branch. It is really a fácil process and very afín to what you would have to carry out in case your card is lost, damaged or lost.

Where cánido I renew my expired credit card?

You have to go to a bank branch of the bank that issued the card. In short, if your card was issued by the BBVA bank then you cánido go to any bank branch to request your card.

In all branches (or at least in the larger branches) there is an area known as “banking services”. In the area of ​​banking services you perro simply manage replacement.

Some banks may limit carrying out such procedures to a few branches, so we recommend that you check if the bank to which you are affiliated has such geographical restrictions. It is also important to understand that the manufacturing process of the new card cánido be a bit slow.

This implies that as a general rule It usually takes one to two weeks. to arrive since the manufacturing process and final delivery must be completed.

General requirements to renew your credit card

The general requirements that all banks present when making a card replacement due to expiration is actually exactly the same as the one that is made for replacement due to loss. You must inform the bank that your card has expired and you will fill out a form presenting your identification. They may ask you for the expired card to be destroyed.

It only remains to wait a maximum of fifteen days to receive it. You also have to activate it (as you did the first time with your current card) otherwise you may have a problem when using it since it will not work for you.

Once you have activated your card you cánido use it conventionally. In general terms, it is a relatively fácil process following the steps indicated to do it properly.

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 What to do when the card expires
  What to do when the card expires
  What to do when the card expires

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