What to do if you don’t get paid on eBay?

What to do if you don’t get paid on eBay?

Platforms for buying and selling elementos en línea such as eBay They are living their golden age and it seems that it will never end as they are being used more and more.

The chances of buy or sell first and second hand products they are truly unlimited and transactions are usually completed easily and without any inconvenience.

However, it may happen that you sell an item and the buyer does not payeither you do not receive the product you paid for or it does not meet the promised characteristics.

To solve any of these inconveniences, this guide will help you step by step so that you know how to deal with these problems at the time of buy and sell on eBay.

What to do when a buyer doesn’t pay on eBay?

Usually, after performing a selling on eBaycompleting the transaction with the buyer is easy, but sometimes the situation may arise that the buyer I have not paid even the item you have purchased. If this happens, you cánido Cancel the order when they have elapsed 5 calendar days from the end of the ad.

If the advertisement corresponded to a single article with the option Buy it already!it will be automatically relisted, unless you have chosen not to.

Once a usuario validates the purchase of an item or wins a bid, eBay sends you correos electrónicos to remind you to pay for the order. If they still don’t, you cánido send them an invoice as an plus reminder.

If, once the invoice has been sent, the buyer still does not pay and they have passed more than 4 calendar days since the ad ended, cancel the order by selecting the button Cancel order and choose the option The buyer has not paid in the drop down menu.

How do you get your money back on eBay?

Yeah you did not receive an item you purchased and the expected delivery date has passed, as indicated by the tracking information, you perro open a request refund. The seller will be notified of what happened through a request. When you open a request, the seller will have 3 business days to offer you a solution.

If it does not answer you or you are not satisfied with the resolution, you cánido ask eBay for help. They will review your case to determine if you qualify for the money back program from eBay. If so and you paid vía PayPal, you will receive your money within 5 days.

If you used a different payment methodit is possible that your money will take a maximum of 30 days to arrive.

Steps to take when you don’t get paid or don’t receive the item on eBay

If there is something that characterizes eBay It is that it is a quite complete and safe page for its users. Thanks to this, it has taken a great boom in recent years due to its agility when solving problems that the usuario presents.

At the time of submitting a problem with a buy and sell operationthe steps to follow to solve the situation are the following.

Should I contact the buyer or seller?

eBay recommends against doing this, they will be in charge of communicating with him to try to resolve the situation and remind him that he must comply with the agreement. In case it is a payment, if you do not receive the payment, you cánido cancel the order 5 days after the end of the ad. If it was an item that you paid for and it does not arrive, you cánido ask for your money back.

Open a case in the resolution center.

If you have any problem with a purchase and sale operation on the page, you perro go to the section Resolution Centercomplete the corresponding forms and in minutes the customer service staff will be contacting you through the web to assist you in solving the problem.

eBay offer you a wide variety of services at your disposal to solve the situations that arise. And in some cases, you perro interact as mediator between both parties. Added to this, you cánido rest easy because, although your refund may be delayed in some cases, your money will be returned to the last penny.

Limited time in which you perro open a case.

The time to claim on eBay are 30 days after delivery time My dear that the seller gives you, that is, all sellers have this data just below the price of the product.

This type of problem usually appears when we buy a item from chinawhich usually has a delay in arrival longer than indicated in the sales listing. In these cases, it is best to pay for these elementos by PayPal Well, it is an independent platform and you have a protection system.

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 What to do if you don't get paid on eBay?
  What to do if you don't get paid on eBay?
  What to do if you don't get paid on eBay?

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