What to do if the Credit Card has been

What to do if the Credit Card has been

A credit card today is extremely important to all of us. That is why there are some interesting options related to the security of credit cards. One of these important measures (if not the most important of all) is the blocking of the card. Card blocking is a protection and security measure.

When a card is blocked, it becomes unusable, and you cannot carry out any type of transaction with it. You will not be able to withdraw money or deposit money using the card.

Nor will you be able to carry out any type of purchase transaction with it, it does not matter if you try to do it en línea or physically. Blocking should only be done in extreme situationseither theft or loss of the card.

The blocking may be accidental and You will have to perform a series of steps to unlock.

How to know if the credit card has been blocked?

Different things perro happen to find out if a card is blocked. The easiest way to know when a card is blocked is when you yourself call the bank and you say please block it due to some of the mentioned cases like misplacement.

However, it perro also be blocked by doing three incorrect attempts to access your card using your PIN number. That is why you have to be extremely careful when using ATMs.

Other ways to know if your card is temporarily blocked is making a purchase. If your purchase does not proceed but you have the right one available to make it, it is more than likely that your support is temporarily unusable.

Other options cánido be trying to use them at ATMs. They will inform you that the support is unusable due to a bank block.

Where to check if the credit card has been blocked?

The first option calling your bank. They are the ones in charge of managing your bank and credit account. Therefore, if you suspect that your credit card has been blocked, the ideal is to contact them through customer service.

It is important to mention that when you block a card, or when it blocks itself, Your bank usually notifies you in writing.

Therefore, check the correo electrónico that you provided to your bank so that they contact you in case you suspect that your credit card is blocked.

Another option is check your account within the mobile Aplicación that your bank provides you. It is likely that if your card is blocked, a small notification will appear within the application.

What to do if the credit card has been blocked by the bank?

card unlocking It depends a lot on the bank. In the case of a credit card, it falls exclusively on the amount of debt that is owed to the institution.

The recommended thing is call customer service, notify that your card has been blocked and provide the information requested. These data are usually:

  • Name of the account holder.
  • ID.
  • Card number / account number.
  • Approximate cómputo from the last time a purchase was made.
  • Access code (this is exclusive to those banks that use telephone passwords).

Alternatively they perro ask you the customer number, the amount of the last bank movement and the mobile phone number that is registered with the bank.

If the usuario’s identity is confirmed, the advisor will archivo a card reactivation report. Depending on bank policies, there may be a need to replace the card with a new one. In case of change of card, You must go to the nearest branch to pick it up.

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 What to do if the Credit Card has been
  What to do if the Credit Card has been
  What to do if the Credit Card has been

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