What is Wix, what is it for, and how to create your

What is Wix, what is it for, and how to create your

I have always wanted to create my own en línea store or my blog to earn money en línea, but the biggest obstacle I found was that I didn’t know anything about creating web pages nor computer codes.

When I began to investigate how to do it, everywhere they always said the same thing: that I needed a domain and a hosting to start, and that he had to pay for it.

I was not willing to pay when I didn’t have enough money for it and not knowing if it would really work.

But after two weeks I found a vídeo on YouTube where they talked about Wix.

In the vídeo they said that you could start an en línea store no need to pay for a plan and without any investment.

That was just what I was looking for and when I googled the name, I noticed that Wix is ​​very habitual. So I didn’t think too much about it and decided to sign up to make my own en línea store and blog with them.

Therefore, if you have also heard about Wix, but do not really know what it is and what it is for, Here I will tell you everything you need to know, and my experience after more than a year using it.

What is Wix and what is it for? Here are ALL the answers

what is and what is it for Wix?

Wix It is a platform where you cánido create your own website, blog or en línea store without paying anything up front thanks to its hundreds of templates for each type of website.

But the best thing about Wix is ​​that you will not need to know anything about web design to create your own page.

Many other en línea companies of this type will give you accommodation on the Internet to start your blog or page, but it will be necessary for you to know at least the basics of web design or even a bit about adding and editing code to customize your site en línea.

On the other hand, with Wix it is much simpler: after registering, you only have to choose what type of page you want to make, select a beautiful template that you like, and to customize it you only have to clic on the element you want to add (for example, an image, a text, a contact form) and nothing else.

With Wix you perro, in addition to creating the one you like, do it in a matter of hours or in less than 2 or 3 days due to how easy and fast it is.

In order to create your page You just have to register, answer a couple of questions with your preferences and start creating.

If you don’t want to start creating a page from scratch because you don’t know how to lay out or add the elements, all you have to do is choose a template of your preference and you even have the option of having Wix create a web page for you with just one clic.

But if you are someone with a bit of experience and you prefer to make one from scratch and with just a base, you cánido choose one of the blank options that it only espectáculos you a distribution that you could use for your page.

In Wix you will find from images, backgrounds, vídeos, buttons, applications and everything you need to design your web page, your blog or your en línea store.

In order to create one, you necessarily need a domain that you normally need to buy, but Wix gives you one for free so you cánido start.

Basically, on the platform you cánido create a web page without investing anything and you don’t need to know anything about design since it’s perfect for beginners if that’s your case.

As works Wix?

The first thing you need to do in Wix to be able to create your website is to register and create your own account.

To do this, you only have to add an dirección de correo electrónico and a password so that you perro entrar later. That’s all!

If you wish, you cánido also fill your information automatically with two other options that Wix gives you, continue with Fb or Google plus.

When you have your account ready, you simply have to answer a couple of questions so that the platform cánido help you in the process and at the end of them, you select a template to start designing.

You do not have to choose one immediately, you perro take as long as you like to choose the most suitable for the iniciativa you have in mind and if you do not have something in mind, you cánido choose Wix ADI option that will create a web page for you in seconds.

The operation in general is very basic since you cánido do everything with just clicking a couple of times and write when strictly necessary or you want to add some text.

When you choose a template or if you decided to let Wix create one for you, you will entrar the editor where you cánido modify any element that is in the template.

The best thing is that all the tools are at a glance and divided into 3 different menus so you perro find what you need quickly and without getting confused.

Wix is ​​quite easy to use and it doesn’t have any loss, even if you are a caveman in creating web pages just like I was before.

Everything there is available for your use and you perro access the image bank from Wix no problem.

You cánido create the web page you want without any restrictions and with all the support you need in terms of SEO positioning, hosting and domain.

That types of web pages perro you create in Wix?

in wix You cánido create all kinds of web pages that you want to do: weblogs, web pages on any subject you like, en línea stores to sell your products, portfolios to espectáculo your images (if you are a photographer, for example) or to espectáculo your work (for example if you editar photos with Photoshop, do web design…).

The most habitual web pages to build are en línea stores and weblogs of any kind, but also you cánido create promotional sites and help you get more customers.

Of course, if you have a business, company or business, and you just want to create one to reach more audiences and grow, you perro do it too!

In Wix nothing and nobody it will tell you what you cánido create and what you cánido’t.

Regardless of what you escoge to do, you will have all the tools at your disposal.

me so far I have created 3 web pages total:

  1. Store on-line.
  2. Blog.
  3. Briefcase.

I had no problems creating any of them and to be honest, I was surprised that, despite being different themes and style of pages, it would still be so easy to create them.

The publisher remained the same, so there were already more points because I did not have to decipher or familiarize myself with new tools.

Also, I didn’t pay for any of the 3, except for my en línea store later when I started to really earn income with her and because in part, I decided to hire a plan to further optimize it.

My three pages have nothing in common more than they are websites, but each has a different theme and therefore a different purpose.

My store is logically to sell, but my blog, although I monetize it, is based more than anything to share my ideas and experiences in a specific area.

On the other hand, my portfolio is to be able to present it to possible collaborators or when I am interested in getting a job that will bring me other benefits besides money.

You cánido do the same as me: have multiple web pages at the same time and on what you want since in Wix it is possible!

whatever iniciativa you have, as long as you want to capture it on a page and design it without restrictions, you just have to start; nothing is going to stop you.

Don’t think your iniciativa is too bizarre or it wouldn’t fit as I’ve seen many sites that just work for send invitations or announce an event.

Of course, there are also businesses, personal projects and you have no iniciativa how many different web pages you may come across.

In Wix you cánido make and create whatever you want without having to worry about money, design and you cánido try it to find out whether it is profitable or not.

As sign up for Wix to create a website for free

1. Go to the official Wix page

Signing up for Wix is ​​very fácil.

The first thing you should do is visit the page by clicking on the backlink I leave you here below ⬇:

Once you are on the Wix page, clic on the orange button “Start now” as you see in the image below.

2. Complete the form

The information they ask you to register is very basic: you only need write your correo electrónico and a password.

If you want to make it even easier to start your session without having to remember the password You cánido use the “Continue with Fb” or “Continue with Google plus” options.

However, I recommend that you create an account apart from your popular network and the Google plus service for added security.

Agregado, it won’t take you a minute fill in the 4 fields and thus create your account.

when you do this, just clic on “Sign Up” and you will have created your Wix account.

you don’t need to do no verification to be able to use it and create your website.

You will immediately be logged in and perro start whenever you want.

3. Start creating your website

That’s all you need to do to sign up for Wix. you cánido start now to create your page!

After you answer a couple of questions that will not take you any time, you will have access to all Wix tools and templates.

You just have to choose one and it will send you directly to the editor so you cánido start modifying and designing it to your liking.

Before you start creating, put the page you want to create into perspective and if you cánido’t finish it the same day you start, don’t worry, you perro save all the changes as many times as you want and continue later.

From personal experience, I know that it won’t take you more than two days to finish it, but just remember dedicate all the time that you think is necessary and even have fun in the process.

Here you perro see this step-by-step tutorial I wrote so you perro create your own website, en línea store and blog: Wix Tutorial.

How to create your FREE page in just 4 steps.

Advantages of using Wix to create a website

Wix It has many advantages, but the main ones are that you don’t have to pay at the beginning to have your own page, you don’t need to know ANYTHING about design website or codes to customize your website, and anyone perro have a website with Wix in a matter of minutes.

When I was looking to create my own en línea store, I came across several platforms where I could do it.

Of course, The first one I thought of is WordPress, but the truth is that you couldn’t afford the prices it had and I didn’t want to do it either because I wanted to try it first before investing in it.

When I ran into Wix I have to admit that that was what convinced me instantly: that I didn’t have to pay ANYTHING to create a website.

That is why I consider that the greatest advantage of all is that you do not have to invest and it allows you to test freely and no time limit how it turns out to create it and if it is profitable in the future.

The next advantage is undoubtedly how easy it is to create a website with her.

I have some computer knowledge and with my curiosity, I learned to use various programs, but I am sure that at the beginning I did not have the ability to design a page.

So it’s been a huge help that with Wix, I didn’t need to have any knowledge or previous experience creating it.

Not all of us are designers and much less we know about codes, so, if you are a beginner, you will have no problem creating it.

In fact, it will be both easy and fast and normally anyone would think it would take weeks to design one.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who have in mind to create an en línea store, Wix allows you to accept many payment methods.

There are other platforms where you perro create your en línea store, but they only allow you to accept a couple of payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards, and That limits your customers a lot to be able to buy your products, and it perro affect your sales since there are buyers who will prefer to pay you by other means.

However, with Wix you cánido accept many methods besides PayPal and cards, such as Bank transfers, payments through Western Union, cash on delivery, check, Neteller…

Finally, it is not necessary create a blog with Wix or any other website from scratch and with complicated codes.

You perro choose between more than 100 templates and if you don’t know what you are looking for on your page, simply clic to Wix ADI design your website for you.

In short, Wix has all these advantages:

You don’t have to invest or pay to be able to create your web page and know if it will work or not

✅ If you are a beginner, you cánido design and create your page easily with Wix without knowing anything about web design or complex codes

✅ You perro add multiple payment methods in case you create an en línea store

It has more than 100 templates where to choose and you cánido create a page with just one clic using Wix ADI

✅ Registration is free and comes with domain including

Types templates in Wix to create your page

in wix You perro find any type of template you want depending on the type of page you are going to create, such as:

  • Templates for pages about travel (weblogs, travel agencies)
  • Templates for sites about health and welfare
  • Templates for fitness pages (for example, exercise weblogs, web pages to promote a gym…)
  • template for sites beauty and fashion (like a blog about makeup or clothes, en línea stores to sell beauty products…)
  • Templates to promote your business
  • Portfolios to espectáculo your photography and design work

Depending on the web page you want to create, Wix places you originally in a section where you cánido find specific templates for it.

But if none of them convinces you, always you perro go to the rest of the categories and choose one of your preference.

For example, if you want make a page about restoranes and food, you cánido go to a specific category for it or you cánido even choose the template from some other.

Everything in Wix templates cánido be edited, so you don’t have to worry if a color doesn’t go well with the background you want, if you want to make a change to the home page button or any other detail you want to include, remove or change.

Wix has a total of 16 categories which are usually subdivided into 4 others and expands the number of templates to choose from.

Besides, allows you to choose a more consistent to what you have in mind for the design of your page.

In Myself case, my blog has an 80s style from a template that fascinated me and that, in fact, I did not find in the first section that I reviewed.

I found it in the music category and although my blog has nothing to do with it, I made the changes to keep the style and adapt it to my theme.

My store is in black and white, totally different from the style of my blog, and the portfolio that I created last, relies mostly on images and slideshows with a photo template I chose.

You perro find the template you want and if you like one that doesn’t include elements you need or want, always remember that you cánido add them manually just by dragging them from the editor menu.

The options are many and I’m sure you’ll find the right one for you.

How much does it cost One page in Wix?

The Wix service is completely free. as I have told you before both to create your page and to publish it on the Internet.

But in exchange for this, Wix will place ads on your website or blog.

For a web page that has mostly personal purposes and not at all business or administrative, there is no problem in displaying multiple ads while users browse it.

But if you want to promote your business or do not want your website to have advertising in several corners of your page, you perro always hire a plan of those offered by Wix.

While having a free account gives you everything you need to get started, in the future you will lack things such as bandwidth and storage on your website.

If you have a free account will have some limitations as a bandwidth up to 500 MB while with any of the plans you perro have from 1 GB onwards.

With web storage it is exactly the same.

As for the domain, although it is free, you will have a mark that will indicate that your website has been created with Wix, while by having a premium plan you cánido customize it to your liking.

Other options such as Google plus Analytics, Favicon and installation they are not included when you use Wix for free.

While Wix’s free plan has some limits When you start, all you need is a good hosting and a website that allows you to create your page without any problem.

It is not mandatory that you contract any plan in the future, except if you escoge to create an en línea store and you start making steady profits with it.

Wix premium plans go from $4 to $24.50 per month.

All premium plans include creating unlimited pages and the use of the templates in their entirety, just as if you were free users.

They also allow you to customize your domain and connect it.

However, the cheapest plan It is the only one like the free one, you will have a Wix mark on it.

Other benefits like Favicon, advertising coupons, premium support and newsletters are included in several of the plans, but they really don’t do much unless you are a large company.

Wix plans are: Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP.

whatWho perro use Wix to create a website?

Anyone who wants to create a web page cánido use Wix to do it.

However, the platform It is mainly aimed at beginners.

What makes other platforms complicated (besides the fact that you have to pay and invest in them) is that you need to have knowledge in codes and failing that, if you don’t have it, it will cost you twice as much to create your web page.

Wix is ​​perfect for people who they have no iniciativa about algorithms or source codes to which they must entrar to be able to configure more advanced options.

Wix takes care of all that and you only have to dedicate yourself to naming your page, designing with just removing and adding elements.

Finally, articulo it when it’s ready.

On the other hand, no matter what type of person you are, you cánido freely use their services by just create your account with the data what they ask you

You do not have to meet any requirements, You just have to have desire, motivation and an iniciativa to be able to create a web page in Wix.

I think the only people who may be a bit limited when using Wix are those with an experience and extensive knowledge in web design.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a pro at creating them, you cánido still do it with Wix and it’ll be like playing tag with your friends as a kid, but it’s not all that great. if you are looking for access to very advanced options like the source code.

Since the page takes care of it, there is no way you cánido get into it, so if you want to get in, then I recommend you think better and see yes Wix is really what you are looking for to create your website.

However, both people with or without experience they cánido use it, as I told you before.

So don’t feel limited And if you want to start NOW, go for it!

Nothing stops you because you don’t have to worry about being a “suitable” usuario to use Wix. Just let your imagination fly and create the page of your dreams.

Is Wix reliable? this is my experience staff

The first time I started use Wix It was thanks to a estrella de youtube that I follow where he mentioned in one of his vídeos that he had opened his first en línea store with this platform in an easy way.

I always I had the desire to undertake to have something that was mine and did not have to depend on someone else.

More than once it crossed my mind to make a physical store and sell several products that I had been selling for a long time by sharing it with friends and acquaintances, but that was getting out of hand. out of my budget by a lot.

When I saw that there was an opportunity to create an en línea store, I thought about it a bit because I understood that even so, I had to pay for it.

My surprise was that with the Wix platform that they presented in the vídeo, the estrella de youtube I could have created it without need to invest or pay something for registration.

That motivated me a lot and i decided to give it a try before he thought about it too much.

Of course, I informed myself before jumping on the platform and creating my account, but all the comments I found they were super positive And that finished clearing up all my doubts.

From the beginning everything was very fácil. The registration did not take me more than 1 minute and answering the questions to equipo my preferences was much shorter than I thought.

For me, I decided to choose a template and thus be able to customize the entire design of my store more to my liking.

There is a lot of variety and for each category I visited, I fell in love with more than one and in the end, I didn’t know which one to escoge on.

After weeding out options, I settled on an 80s-style one and by investing part of that day and the next, I had already launched my en línea store.

I was really surprised that it was so fast and easy, even more than what I had read and seen in some vídeos and comments which I checked before signing up.

At the beginning I did not invest or pay anything, but when I started making profit from selling my products, I had to pay a commission for Wix services.

However, I was not obliged to contract any plan and I did it only because I wanted to after a few months.

Since I made the store, I have grown and my sales increase over the weeks.

For my blog, everything was too much easier because I was already familiar in the page operation and it is that in truth, it is not difficult to use it.

I started this web page several months ago after creating my store as a more personal project.

I would have done it sooner if it weren’t because I made the mistake of believing that I had to pay for it when with wix I could also do it totally free and have both at the same time.

Since I already had experience with one, It wasn’t hard to design and get used to it.

Which did work even better than I already thought, is SEO positioning that Wix offers since after two months it had managed to monetize it and it began to be a constant source of income.

I have not created my portfolio for purposes of generating income, but I was certainly pleased with the template I chose to present my work and already created web pages: my en línea store and blog.

I created the en línea store a little over a year ago and my blog just 7 months ago, as well as my monthly portfolio of the latter.

From beginning to end it has been a satisfactory experience and I have not had problems to be able to create and manage some of them.

If you want to create your own web page, be it an en línea store, blog, portfolio, design or whatever you want, Wix is ​​the perfect platform for you to do it.

Have you already created your website with Wix? Tell me below in the comments about what you’ve done and your experience so far.

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 What is Wix, what is it for, and how to create your
  What is Wix, what is it for, and how to create your
  What is Wix, what is it for, and how to create your

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