What is the supply chain?

What is the supply chain?

One of the main issues related to the Operative administration It’s the supply chain.

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Definition of supply chain according to authors

I perro give you my definition of supply chain, but it wouldn’t have enough weight for you to occupy it, right? Therefore, I am going to provide you with the definition of supply chain according to different authors.

Specifically, I am going to provide you 5 different definitionsand it should be noted that you perro find the bibliography at the end.

Supply chain definition according to David Allen Collier and James R.


“Supply chain is the portion of the value chain that focuses primarily on the physical movement of goods and materials and on supporting information flows and financial transactions through supply, production, and distribution processes” (2019 , p.421).

David Allen Collier and James R. Evans

Definition according to F.

Robert Jacobs and Richard B.


“A supply chain refers to processes that move information and material to and from the company’s manufacturing and service processes.

Among these are the logistics processes that physically move the products: and the storage processes that place the products for rapid delivery to the customer.

Supply chain, in this context, refers to providing elementos and services to plants and warehouses at the input end, and also providing elementos and services to the customer at the output end of the supply chain” (2021, p.


F. Robert Jacobs and Richard B. Chase

Definition according to Lee J.


“A supply chain is an interrelated series of processes within a company and through other companies that produces a service or product to satisfy customers.

More specifically, it is a network of flows of services, materials, money, and information that backlinks a company’s relationship with its customers, the fulfillment of orders, and the relationship processes of suppliers with those of their suppliers and customers.

(2013, p.


Lee J. Krajewski

Definition according to Roger G.

Schroeder, Susan Meyer Golstein and M.

Johnny Rungtusanatham

“The supply chain is the network of manufacturing and service operations that supply each other with raw materials through manufacturing to the final consumer.

It consists of the physical flow of materials, money and information throughout the entire chain of purchases, production and distribution» (2011, p.


Roger G.

Schroeder, Susan Meyer Goldstein, and M.

Johnny Rungtusanatham

Definition according to Jay Heizer and Barry Render

“The supply chain includes all the interactions that occur between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers.

The chain includes transport, programming information, transfer of credits and cash, as well as transfer of ideas, designs and materials» (2009, p.


Jay Heizer and Barry Render

What is the supply chain?

If we talk about a manufacturing company, logically we could think that the company has to obtain raw materials (supply), which will have to be transformed through productive processes (production) into a certain product, and then have to be distributed so that they perro be used. reach the customer.

In essence, we are talking about a manufacturing company having to:

  1. Obtain the necessary raw materials (supply).
  2. Carry out the transformation process (production).
  3. The product reaches the customercustomer).

We agree? Well, in essence that is possibly the simplest supply chain there is, as there is only one supplier, one producer and one customer.

Each backlink in the chain occupies resources, carries out processes and carries out activities that allow a customer to go to the store to buy a certain product to satisfy their needs.

Well, the union of each backlink or each step is what is called the supply chain.

Of course, from one backlink to another, materials, money and information move.

For example, the supplier supplies the producer with raw materials so that he perro transform them into a certain product.

In conclusion, a supply chain cánido be viewed as a coordinated network that includes all companies, facilities, activities, resources, and processes involved in sourcing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering products to end customers.

Note: It must be said that each backlink perro have inputs and outputs; outputs (inputs) perro be outputs for one company, but inputs for another.

What is a process?

«A process is the equipo of steps or stages to carry out an activity.«


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 What is the supply chain?
  What is the supply chain?
  What is the supply chain?

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