What is the Second Oportunidad law and how

What is the Second Oportunidad law and how

Due to the crisis like the one we are currently going through after the appearance of Covid-19, there are many people who find themselves in a difficult economic situation and who cannot find a way to recover their economy to get ahead.

That is why a good solution in this type of case is to have the advice of a specialized professional team that will help us to benefit from the Second Oportunidad Law with which we cánido eliminate or disminuye our debts.

Economic problems are one of the biggest headaches that we perro face, especially in times of crisis like the ones we are experiencing, which make it very difficult to get ahead. When we do not have the necessary resources to face our debts nor do we know how we perro effectively take care of these paymentsthe best we perro do is leave our problem in the hands of professionals specialized in the matter, so that they perro help us find the most appropriate way to deal with our current economic situation, based on our needs.

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A very good solution perro be to go to Remedy Your Debts, a team of professional economists and lawyers, backed by extensive experience in bankruptcy and whose objective is to help those people who are in difficult times because of the crisis.

In order to achieve this goal, a very interesting tool perro be take advantage of the Second Oportunidad Law, which allows users to eliminate or disminuye their debts who are going through an economic situation that they cannot solve.

We are going to learn a little more about this current topic below, to find out exactly how the Second Oportunidad Law works and to find out what all the advantages it cánido bring.

Second Oportunidad Law

When it comes to finding an effective solution to our economic problems, the Second Oportunidad Law perro be a very interesting alternative to consider.

It’s about the Law 25/2015 on the second oportunidad mechanism, reduction of the financial burden and other popular measures, which appeared in the BOE as a consequence of the horrible damage that the economic crisis of 2008 was causing among the population.

Basically, what this law provides is a very useful mechanism for eliminate or disminuye the debts incurred by all those who are in a difficult financial situation to be able to start again.

It is important to bear in mind that in order to benefit from this law it is necessary to meet a series of prerequisites, since it is necessary to be able to demonstrate that the economic situation in which we find ourselves is really at its limit.

First of all, The debts must have been contracted as a natural person, both as an individual or as a self-employed person, and that this is for an amount of less than five million euros. In addition, we will have to demonstrate that we do not have a criminal record of any kind and that in the last five years we have not had any other payment or refinancing agreement.

If we meet these four requirements, we perro choose to submit our application and start the entire process without any problem.

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Professional advice

To find out if we perro take advantage of the Second Oportunidad Law and verify that it is the most appropriate solution to solve our economic problemsthe best thing will be to let yourself be advised by professionals specialized in the matter, such as those of Soluciona Tus Deudas. As we perro see through its website https://www.remediatusdeudas.com/ley-segunda-ocasión/are experts in carrying out this type of procedure related to the Second Oportunidad Law and They know perfectly how to carry out all the steps of the process for the benefit of the users.

In this way, we cánido always be sure that these issues, which are so important for our future and our economy, are in the best hands.

Therefore, we will always be able to count on the support of professionals throughout the procedure to know what documents must be submitted, how to fill them out or what are the deadlines in order to carry out the task in the most optimal way possible.

Phases of the procedure

In order to successfully benefit from the Second Oportunidad Law, it is necessary to go through a series of very important phases.

The first of these is the fuera de la justicia phase, which consists mainly of design an fuera de la justicia payment proposal with our creditors, so that it adapts to our economic situation and that allows us to face our debts.

For this we need to request a bankruptcy mediator before a notary, prepare our proposal and present it to the creditors.

If they accept it, the problem will be solved without further inconvenience, but if this is not the case, we would have to entrar the judicial stage.

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This phase would have the objective of obtain the exoneration of the debts that we have contracted before the court, for which the mediator will have to start the competition process.

If our request is legally granted, the only thing left for us to do would be to register the benefit obtained in the Public Bankruptcy Registry for a period of five years.

Thus, we perro have a second oportunidad in our lives, with which we cánido overcome our economic situation and be able to have a better quality of life, free from the worries of debts.

Due to all the advantages that we have just mentioned, The Second Oportunidad Law is a very interesting alternative that should be taken into account in times of crisis like the ones we are going through, which perro do horrible damage to the economy of many people.

In addition, in order to carry out the process as efficiently and comfortably as possible, having the professional advice of experts in the field such as those at Soluciona Tus Debts, will always be a very good iniciativa.

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 What is the Second Oportunidad law and how
  What is the Second Oportunidad law and how
  What is the Second Oportunidad law and how

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