What is the job that pays you the most?

What is the job that pays you the most?

Although the covid-19 pandemic has generated a wave of unemployment and mutation of the tarea market worldwide, causing an increase in the demand for certain jobs to the detriment of others, there are several professions that remain as the best pay and sued over the years.

Health, technology and economy top the list.

So if you are looking to receive a high salary, it is likely that you will have to invest a few years of study in a profession in these areas.

So that you know what they are, we present the top 10 highest paid jobs worldwide.

Are the pays for the best jobs in the world the same everywhere?

In a globalized world dominated by capitalism, societies have a afín economic structure, regardless of their culture, customs and religion.

Various analyzes throughout the world have shown this.

Demand for certain professions and payment for them it is afín everywhere.

Although many of these professions have been taken for granted and are among the best known, future projections indicate that they will continue at the top and therefore very well paid.

Global top 10 of the most paid jobs in the world in 2023

These are the 10 jobs that, in general terms, are the best paid in the world.

Let’s see why…

director ejecutivo, the best paying profession in the world.

be the boss of a company and taking it down the path of success is not easy and it is likely that it will require many personal sacrifices to reach that top, but luckily it is very well paid, to the point of being the highest paying profession in the world.

While in countries like Canada or the United Kingdom their average salary is well over €200,000 a year, in Germany CEOs are above €300,000 and in the US the average salary is 365,000 euros per year.

Of course, such a high position of power requires skills, knowledge, experience and a character that allows you to stand out from the rest and accept all the responsibilities that the position entails.

Doctor, a noble and well paid profession

One of the most successful and highest paying careers of all time.

And it is that we will always need a doctor, or several.

Medicine in all its branches is usually in great demand.

The work of a doctor is escencial to save lives, take care of health and prevent diseases.

Although the situation in each country is different, a doctor is generally well paid.

The average income in this professional area in some places like the United States or Europe cánido amount to more than $200,000 a year.

Obviously, not everyone achieves this remuneration, since being a doctor implies a degree that requires many years of complex studies, practices, experiences, and specializations.

Petroleum engineer

Although we could say that everyone who studies engineering (of any type) has a guaranteed job position and a good salary, since it is a profession whose demand grows exponentially, the petroleum engineers they are at the top of the list.

This professional carries on his back the responsibility of carrying out tasks of study, project, calculation, construction, works management, installations and processes in all stages of: exploration, drilling, production, distillation, treatment, transport and storage of Petroleumgas and its derivatives.

Complex task right? Basically, the success of an oil venture that supplies the world with crude oil depends on its skills and knowledge.

That is why his annual salary cánido reach €170,000.

Dentist, a deserved fourth place

Another classic profession that continues to be one of the best paid in the world.

Those in charge of ensuring our oral health and solving any inconvenience that endangers our smile perro earn close to €190,000 per year.

This is largely due to the fact that dental treatments are very delicate and expensive and in most countries Health insurance does not cover this type of service..

But we must also not forget that the dental career is considered one of the most difficult due to the number of subjects and the diversity of contents to be studied.

To this we must add that The equipment to be able to practice this profession is extremely complex and expensive..

Programa developer

With digital technology ruling nearly every area of ​​our lives, programa developers They are living a golden age that seems to have no end and that is why more and more professionals in this area are required and with it the increase in their salary.

The programa They are everywhere and cover more and more fields in our life.

From performing fácil mathematical calculations and generating and storing documents to learning a language, reminding you of the day’s tasks, waking you up, scheduling bank operations, booking flights, managing clients or projects and much more.

Those who are capable of developing and improving all these types of programs cánido become earn up to 130,000 euros in a year.

Architect, imagination is worth the price

The career that allows you to display all your creativity and technique to create living spaces is not only one of the most beautiful and interesting careers, but it is also one of the best paid in the world.

Although his salary depends exclusively on the complexity of the works that he must design and direct, a architect You perro start making a big income even if you don’t have much experience.

But in general terms, an architect with a professional career perro earn an estimated income of about €105,000 per year.


If you love him finance world and the movement of the markets, this could be your career.

And if you also achieve a good performance, you cánido get to receive a juicy salary because stockbrokers are among the highest paid professionals in the world.

His work consists of the purchase and sale of securities, bonds and shares, acting as an intermediary between companies and investors.

He is also in charge of providing financial advice to those who wish to invest in the depósito market.

Currently many of them have also begun to operate in the crypto market attracting a new portfolio of clients.

In this way a good stockbroker also known as “broker“You cánido earn some €130,000 per year.

Law, laws are well paid

A traditional career, but one of great prestige, and although the world is full of lawyers and the income is very variable, for those who manage to gain a good reputation in the interpretation of the laws and rights in defense of citizens and companies, the income perro be around €90,000 per year.

However, it must be remembered that the study of the legal profession requires long hours of reading and analysis, as well as popular hours, and that experience and performance during the degree perro make a difference to progress in merit and income.


Surgeons are those doctors capable of prevent, diagnose and cure diseases by practicing surgery.

In order to receive a degree from a professional in this area, 6 years of intense studies are required, followed by a degree in Medicine and a specialization in Surgery.

But this makes them the highest paid healthcare professionals in the world with a salary that cánido reach a whopping €336,000 per year and although in the not too distant future they may be superseded by precision robotics, they still have a few years to go to continue profiting.

pilot and air traffic controller

The work of pilot It is today one of the best paid in the world.

Seeing everything from above and getting to know all the countries in the world is the dream of many, although we must not forget the intense and extensive training that it requires, the responsibility that it entails and the constant training that it demands.

He salary of €100,000 per year justify the effort.

But for pilots to successfully complete each flight, it takes a air traffic controller.

This occupation that is in high demand implies constant attention and the highest responsibility.

That is why those who dedicate themselves to this profession who does not require university studies Not even years and years of training cánido get to perceive a average salary of €105,000 per year.

How to get a well-paid position?

The fácil answer to this question is that in order to achieve a well-paid position it is necessary to have a high level of studies.

But sometimes, the number of degrees is not as important as the quality of that education received.

Higher-paid professionals often have a background in education.

institutions of academic excellence.

In a world of increasing competition, skilled jobs require people with the knowledge and skills to perform them efficiently.

But access to a well-paid position, studies must be accompanied by work experience.

In other words, access to high positions is usually the consequence of years of accumulated experience in different positions.

That is why those who wish to reach them must stand out above the average in terms of knowledge, skills and experience.

Well, although there are exceptions, high job positions demand highly trained professionals to exercise them.

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 What is the job that pays you the most?
  What is the job that pays you the most?
  What is the job that pays you the most?

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