What is the future of cryptocurrencies?

What is the future of cryptocurrencies?

Currently, there has been a boom in cryptocurrencies in the financial ámbito, since its birth they have been noticed changes in the world economy. Despite the time in the market, some experts distrust its seriousness based on the decentralized system and the lack of regulatory institutions.

Let’s remember cryptocurrencies were born in 2008 when a strong financial crisis was faced with the devaluation of currencies in different countries, hitting investments and capital. When the Bitcoin virtual currency that works on the internet arrived, a change in the economy was noticed, even though it was contrary to the conventional system.

Despite the complexity of the market and the distrust of certain experts, it is envision a great future in which cryptocurrencies prevail. Of course, it takes time to consolidate and thus gain confidence in the majority of people in the world.

Is it a temporary situation?

It must be taken into account that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, indicating that anything cánido vary, being difficult to predict a future. But, based on the rise of cryptocurrencies and investors, it perro be understood that this situation is not temporary, on the contrary, it will last for a long time.

If companies continue to entrar the world of cryptocurrencies, it is possible that sooner rather than later we will all do operations with these virtual currencies. Therefore, it is necessary to be very attentive and very well informed about the operation of such assets to be prevented and documented.

Are cryptocurrencies a bubble?

According to the opinion of various recognized experts, they maintain that at some undefined moment the cryptocurrency bubble will burst, leaving only failures and losses. Kevin Werbach, professor at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania maintains that in the short term the cryptocurrency bubble will burst.

He continues arguing that being in a bubble, it is not possible to think clearly, and there is no ability to recognize that at some point they will hit rock bottom. In addition, he is an expert in blockchain, technology that supports cryptocurrency and ensures that it is a very immature system to predominate over time.

Are cryptocurrencies a scam?

Despite the fact that there are more virtues than defects in cryptocurrencies, some consider it a scam for various reasons. For his decentralized payment The responsibility for its issuance does not fall on any authority, nor does the registry of its operations.

Even the urgency in which transactions are verified along with the ease of acquisition, such circumstances are considered a model of delinquency. These reasons lead one to think of the execution of a pyramid-style scam. According to the panorama seen by some, it is up to everyone to evaluate the situation.

Will cryptocurrencies replace FIAT money?

Larry Fink, exposes that cryptocurrencies they perro be transform into a large asset classfor its potential. But, thinking that they are going to replace the traditional currency is difficult for now. Well, you have to give yourself some time to see how everything unfolds.

Although, according to Satoshi Nakamoto’s own words, the purpose of cryptocurrencies is to replace fiat money at some point. To which, some economists like Brian Westburyconsiders that even if the multitudes acquire Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, a total substitution is unlikely to occur.

Persecution of governments and central banks

Some time ago, the renowned economist from New York University Nouriel Roubini, referred to Bitcoin in the worst way. Likewise, Andrew Bailey Governor of the Bank of England warned whoever buys them should prepare to lose their money.

In the last year, the cryptocurrency market has grown and will continue to expand, but neither the government, banks nor any institution cánido regulate them. They simply run on decentralized technology or blockchain without any institution to approve them.

However, for the protection of information regarding money operations They use cryptography. With that autonomy that characterizes it, it is impossible for governments and central banks to control them, much less govern them.

The future of cryptocurrencies according to a holistic visión

For those who defend cryptocurrencies, they are sure that their expansion cannot be stopped. Furthermore, it is not a long-term investment medium, but rather a paradigm shift in the global monetary system. Obviously, it will move the economic, political and financial world.

Possibly, a change is approaching in the world as the internet did, now it is the turn of cryptocurrencies. Where the birth of a new stage in history will be seen: the money development.

Therefore, in the future the money that central banks print will have no value compared to the technological innovation called cryptocurrencies.

First of all, what has been said above, it cánido be said that everyone defends their position and visualize the future from your point of view. For some, cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies have been a lifeline against economic crises presented by different causes.

For others, they are an organized scam, where investors will lose their money because there is no way to control and regulate operations. Because its decentralized form and supported by cryptography gives them autonomy in their operation.

What future do you see for cryptocurrencies?

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 What is the future of cryptocurrencies?
  What is the future of cryptocurrencies?
  What is the future of cryptocurrencies?

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